SPOILER ALERT... mobile suit gundam 00 a wakening of the trailblazer
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Posted 1/18/14 , edited 1/18/14
A quick back ground on me, 34 yrs old male who grew up with force five, robotech, & no dub no sub DBZ movies. I love gundam, I love watching things blow up in space. i love every individual element of this movie, but when put those elements together i get a thrilling sci fi epic that fails to deliver on the one thing i demand from a movie with the word gundam in the title. WHERE WAS THE DEFINETIVE BATTLE WITH THE ENEMY MECHA? is it just me who thinks watching the gundams fly around firing missiles and lasers lookin' pretty isn't enough?have f-91 and char's counter attack spoiled this much? even endless waltz had its moment we've all been waiting for. it seems inconsequential whether or not the gundams are used to solve this problem. like any mecha would do.

question for the forum is am i being too hard on this film? because it only fails on a gundam level, everything else works. but it's like remaking the firm starring matt murdock (aka daredevil the man with no fear) just not what i want or expect from a gundam movie 6 out of ten...
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