Anime comedies: Your favorites & least favorites.
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Posted 1/18/14 , edited 1/19/14
I figure if we posts lists of our yeas & nays, we can look for people with similar tastes to our own in comedy & use their unfamiliar suggestions as a sign that we should probably check them out.

My recommendadtions:
*Azumanga Daioh. (Rule 63 Cramortie High).
*Boku Patalliro. (BL).
*Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (Bludgeoning Angel) (Don't bother with BTDc 2; it got a genre swap & is horrible).
*Chou Gals! (Super Gals).
*Colorful. (The proper way to make ecchi funny).
*Dead Leaves.
*Diatron 5 (So bad it's good).
*DiGi Charat.(The Panyo Panyo version sucks; stick with the original).
*Dragon Half. (The manga is way longer).
*Excel Saga. (The manga sucked, but the anime rocks).
*Full Metal Panic Fumoffu.
*Gokudo: Swordsman Extraordinaire.
*Gokusen. (Cramortie High meets GTO).
*Great Teacher Onizuka.
*Happy Lesson (Puts the "do not want" in Unwanted Harem).
*High Score.
*Jungle wa Istumo Hale Nochi Goo. (Hare + Guu, Jungle Guu).
*Juubei-Chan: Secret of the Lovely Eye Patch (JC 2 is very disconnected from the original, I hate acknowledging that it even exists).
*Kingyo Chuuihou. (Goldfish Warning).
*Magical Play. (Cancelled & never finished, which is a damn shame).
*Master of Mosquiton 99. (Not to be confused with the alternate universe OAV).
*Original Dirty Pair. (DP Flash was a disappointing, but has some good episodes).
*Orphan Revenge. (The prequel SSO was surprisingly boring & unfunny).
*Ouran High School Host Club (Was smart to stop where it did, because the comedy died in the manga beyond this point).
*Photon: The Idiot Adventures. (Hilarious with a so-bad-it's-funny dubb).
*Sakigake! Kuromati Koukou. (Cramortie High).
*School Rumble.
*Space Thunder Kids. (So bad it's good).
*Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman. (English version is much funnier).
*Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Perfect Girl Evolution aka The Wallflower).
*Yugioh Abridged. (The only abridged series to be both funny & have good voice acting).

I was told they were funny, but I wasn't impressed:
*Golden Boy. (Too much ecchi just crosses the line & goes too far).
*Lucky*Star. (Did not laugh once).
*Furi-Kuri (Too aggressively ecchi, too mindfucky, too disjointed).
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Posted 1/19/14 , edited 1/19/14
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