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Welcome to Manga Oasis, my name is Anthony and I am the creator of this group. I love manga and am currently creating my very own. I like all genres except yuri cuz I need at least one male protagonist, a love story without a guy is not interesting to me cuz guys always do the cool or funny-stupid stuff and it makes me laugh XD ...'Kay bye now
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hey~ ppl im coolgirlz56 my nicknames r Neko and NatCat i shall not tell u my name my favourite colour is purple and im the Otaku Queen, i <3 cats and dogs but im TERRIFIED of SPIDERS, i LOVE cookiez and cake but mainly cookiez (be nice and i might give u some ) and my favourite anime guys r Rin Okumura, Grey Fullbuster, Shizuo Heiwajima, Izaya Orihara, Edward Elric, and many more also HARRY STYLES IS MINE SO BACK OFF >:D =^_^=
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Hello all! Name is Steven, but I will go by Wolfe, my nickname. I'm a fan of Anime and Manga and watch/read nearly (actually possibly every) all genre's. Yes that includes the usually shunned Yaoi and Yuri.

This is the first group i've joined that I actually have done anything in, so hope to have some fun.
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Ello there, I mostly go by the name of Tsumi on here. Or you may call me Isuzu or Frey. I'm a huge fan of Manga and my collection is much larger than my Anime collection >.< .
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