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Posted 1/19/14 , edited 1/19/14
I would like to see a chat feature implemented somewhat like facebooks chat service, only available between buddies. The forum is a good place to talk about anime, but sometimes you just want to talk to a single person and writing things in each others guestbooks back and forth is a little sloppy.

Friend in Forum: "Hey, you like this show?"

Me: "Yeah, you want to talk about it some more?"

Friend in Forum: "Sure!"

Me: *invites to private chat*

I don't mean webcam or anything like that, just a simple back and forth chat. I think it would be fun.

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Posted 4/20/14 , edited 4/21/14
im totally with you man, it would be great to have a private chat option, PMs are fun and all, but you have to refresh the page to see weather or not youve gotten a reply, which can really slow down the flow of a conversation.
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Posted 12/6/14 , edited 12/6/14
i also think groups should have this making full group discussions much easier and more immediate feedback
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Posted 12/6/14 , edited 12/7/14
I think this would be a great addition, but in my opinion I think this should replace the GB feature. Many people already use the GB as a means of exactly what your talking about. But, the thing is-is that this isn't really private, or a chatroom-esc speed of communication and more. The GB is seemingly designed to be more of a commenting area, per say. But, I do not see many using this feature as that, instead it is more used as a peer to peer communication. If they turned the gb into this kinda private chatroom thing, I think this would be beneficial to many users on this site. But, it's just my take on this
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