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Posted 6/24/07 , edited 6/24/07
anime that i've watched:
Shuffle (AWESOME)
Crescent love (pretty good)
Soul Link (pretty good)
3x3 eyes (very good)
saiunkoku monogatari (pretty good)
mamoru-kun ni megami no shukufuku wo (awesome and funny) +not over yet+
naruto (pretty good)
Naruto Shippuuden (pretty good) +not over yet+
mahou sensei negima (pretty good and hilarious)
negima!? (good and hilarious) +not over yet+
Ouran High School Club (good)
Ruroni Kensin (sad and good)
Zero no Tsukaima (good and funny)
3x3 eyes seima densetsu (pretty good)
beating angel dokuro-chan (random and hilarious)
chobits (awesome)
Fruits Basket (awesome)
Final Approach (good)
Full Metal Alchemist (awesome)
Hand Maid May (good)
Inukami (HILARIOUS and ecchi)
Inuyasha (awesome and funny)
Kamisama Kazoku (awesome and funny)
Princess Mononoke (awesome)
Rizelmine (hilarious and good)
Spirited Away (good)
Bottle Fairy (Random and funny and kawaii)
Azumanga Daioh (Hilarious and Awesome)
Hellsing (Freakin Sweet!)
Grave of Fireflies (Saddest anime ever)
Ah!! my goddess (all of it) (Awesome!) +not over yet+
Fate stay night (awesome and sad)
maburaho (ecchi and hilarious)
Elemental Gelade (pretty good)
Busou Renkin (Awesome)
Karen (Pretty good)
Rozen maiden (pretty good)
Pretear (pretty good)
REC (good)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (chaotic and awesome) +not over yet+
Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu (all of it) (random and hilarious)
Full moon wo sagashite (awesome)
Wind: A breath of heart (good)
bleach (Awesome) +not over yet+
Hayate no Gotoku! (hilarious) +not over yet+
Kanon '06 (Very Sad and Awesome)
Magikano (good and hilarious)
Shakugan no Shana (Awesome!) +not over yet+
Dai Mahou Touga OVA (hilarious)
Kekkaishi (pretty good) +not over yet+
Midori No Hibi (hilarious)
Onegai Teacher (Very good and Hilarious)
Onegai Twins (Very good and Hilarious)
thats my list...whew. they were all awesome shows/movies.

onegai twins is a spinoff of onegai teacher, so watch onegai teacher first*

PM me if you want a recemmendation on any of the shows u see here, i can help u a bit with what u will think is good or not.

Out of all of those, i'd have to say my favorite anime is Fate/Stay Night. GO ARCHER AND SABER!!!
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Posted 6/24/07 , edited 6/24/07
I remember someone made a thread like this before, but it got locked. I dunno if this thread will be an exception...

There is a thread, though, where you can say the number of series you've completed watching, and another thread that asks how many animes you've watched (not necessarily completing them).
Posted 6/24/07 , edited 6/24/07

I can't remember all the anime's i've seen... (or im just to lazy)
The best: Naruto, Bleach, Death-note, Elfen-lied...
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