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Posted 1/21/14 , edited 1/21/14
First off I would just like to say I am not one who typically creates or even really replies to posts. I know there are other Dark Souls threads but this is a very specific question/observation in the world of Dark Souls.
I wanted to get some feed back from the Dark Souls players out there on a question that has been biting at me. I have played and beat Demon Souls twice, new game then new game plus. I am still on my first play through of Dark Souls and I have just now unlocked the sun gates after pledging allegiance with Gwynevere.
My question is, is it OK to want to play Dark Souls 2 in offline mode? Given some of the news we have got on the new game that your world can be invaded if you are a hallow, and how much emphasis there is on being non-hallow with your life blood taking a hit each time you die till it hits 50%? I don't mind my world being invaded every now and then, the Cat covenant made sure of that any time I got near the woods, but I don't have much time to be playing games and it has taken me 8 months and 35hrs + to get where I am in Dark Souls as of now. (I don't use wiki when I play the game on the first pass).
I would just like to be able to play the game without worrying every second that I am going to be invaded right before or after a boss and have some 50,000 souls taken.
Please go easy on me/this post. I know the Dark Souls fan base can be rather.. passionate for the game; and I know why, it is a very alluring game.
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