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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/22/14
"You've come a long way, haven't you? Such a pity you had to wind up like this, stuck in here where angels and devils roam. Limbo is what they call it. Can you even remember yourself? What you were before all of this? If you can't you end up like me..Nothing more than a voice without a body. Not able to interact but with those similar to yourself...I advise you to look in a mirror, and remember everything...."


(I am aware of how mundane it is, modify it if you wish.PS; we don't need an entire life story, just make one REALLY big event leading to a major change if possible..Amnesia cases are FROWNED upon and will be less likely to get admittance.)

Physical Description:
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Posted 1/31/14 , edited 1/31/14
(sorry for the really late Application but I went on camp and my phone was taken away from me... no lies >.< )

Name:Rose Thomason~

Gender: Female


Age: 20

Physical Description: Rose has long black hair and bright orange eyes. She has a very pale skin colour, pink cheeks and not to mention long pearl white wings on her back -.^

Back-story: Rose is an orphan who lives with her grandmother because her parents were murdered by a devil right in front of her eyes when she was very young. She has been brought up in a very dangerous area which trained her in many ways that an assassin would be train in. She used to see a psychologist everyday of her life up until she was 17 which gave her a very quiet and shy personality.

Special ability: She is able to read minds and hide her presence.

Weapons: Daggers - her daggers are normally kept in her boots (if she is wearing boots) but if not then on her back ,hidden by her wings

(hope it's long enough XD)
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