Chaos; Head (Visual Novel -SPOILERS)
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Yo! I wasn't sure whether to post this under Gaming or Anime, since it's a Visual Novel so I thought I would stick with the Anime section, if that was a mistake then I'm sorry! I would have posted in another thread but most Chaos;Head threads are several years old now.

As the title suggests this post will be laced with spoilers so if you are looking to play this game and don't want aspects of the story ruined then please....*Shoos you away!* Right :3

So I recently did something which breaks from the norm and decided to play a Visual Novel. I knew from the get go that C;H was by no means the best VN out there to start off with and that it received rather mixed reviews as well. Regardless, I finished it but I found that the story left me a little (actually A LOT) confused and some of the events in the early chapters have already started to become a tad hazy. My hope is that you kind folks can help me make sense of the chaos. (I got endings A and AA, I refrained from ending B as the general impression of it was that it was the Bad Ending, I avoid stuff like this like the plague).

I'll be writing this with whatever pops into my head so apologies if my questions cause you to ping pong back and forth with regards to the story. (English is not first my language so forgive the grammar).

- As you get a decent portion through the game you learn that this equation: "fun10xint40=Ir2", was essentially what began this whole path towards NOZOMI and it's aims to control people's perceptions (What they see, feel and perceive) and was instrumental in completing NOAH II. The story states that Takumi as a child doodled this equation on one of his drawings, but I can't seem to find an explanation as to how and why Takumi wrote the equation in the first place. What is it ever explained in detail any where within the VN? (Or the Anime?).

- What was the purpose of the "New-Gen" murders? Although I never finished with the "Ending B", I've read that it goes into greater detail as to how the killings were done. However, was there a clear motive for these disturbing murders? (To test the effectiveness of NOAH II or to have the public exposed to the murders through media? Did it effect it the GE rate?) I know that Hazuki and Suwa were the "Evil Twins" and performed the killings together but aside from that the murders have me confused.

- Hazuki (Grim) and Suwa: I liked both of these characters....until they were revealed to be utterly insane. From what I've gathered Hazuki and Suwa were childhood lovers and part of the "Church of Divine Light" and that this Church had ties to NOZOMI. Does the VN at any point explain anything about the church? I'm trying to wrap my head around why Hazuki used her own unborn child in the "Pregnant Man" murder. Also, why did Hazuki assume the role of Grim and communicate with Takumi in the first place? To keep tabs on him? To fuel his delusions even further and push him over the edge?

- The Origins of Takumi's Delusions: Throughout the course of the game our protagonist is mentally attacked by his delusions (Though some are funny as hell). However, what are the origins and purpose of these delusions? Shogun (Real Takumi) and Sena both mentioned that Gigalomaniacs with "Broken Hearts" (Those who have under gone intense trauma) or those under extreme emotions can enter the correct mental state and be able to call forth their own Di-Sword. Shogun did repeatedly state that he needed Takumi to "Awaken" so the question, who is responsible for the Delusions? Shogun? Suwa/Hazuki(Grim)? Takumi himself or is it a mix of everyone?

- Di-Sword's and "Errors": Can someone please explain the Di-Sword's to me. A lot of the concepts put forward by Sena about the Di-Swords just went over my head (I remember something about how the states of perception can be classed as 1, 0 or -1, and that Gigalomaniacs can use the D-Sword as a "Short-Cut" to...gah I forget) . I understand why these weapons can only be perceived by certain individuals and that they can only be given solid form under specific conditions. However, the techno-babble aside was there any true logical/scientific explanation put forward about these weapons? Why they were specifically swords? Their actual purpose (Aside from them looking SEXUALLY pleasing to the eyes)?

- Shogun (Real Takumi) why did he create such a flawed version of himself?: If I'm not mistaken the original Takumi was revealed to suffer from a disease that appears to have accelerated the aging process of his body (This was triggered due to him using his abilities as a Gigalomaniac I assume. Sena mentioned the negatives of creating "Errors" and reminded Kozue to not call forth her D-Sword unless warranted), as a result his body was frail and unable to do much. He was aware of NOAH II and constructed the Delusion-Takumi as a means to stop NOAH II from activating. My memories hazy on this but I believe Shogun did state that creating the Delusion-Takumi resulted in him falling into a coma as it pushed his abilities as a Gigalomaniac to the edge and as a result the Takumi he constructed was...flawed?

- Ending B, what is the difference?: I'm aware that to get this ending you need to select specific Delusion Triggers. From what I've read many folks have reported that going through this route reveals more about Suwa, Hazuki and how the New-Gen murders took place. I've also read that the final part of chapter 10 plays out differently but from there I find the details lacking. (I know there's a vid on youtube that shows the ending, but I avoid viewing bad ends as it tends to ruin the ending I've experienced, can someone give a breakdown of how Ending B plays out?).

*Sigh*, can't believe that took an hour to type. It was hard getting my thoughts together. I don't expect to get an answer for EVERYTHING but if you kind folks can help dispel my confusion I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you :3
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Hmm the fish aren't biting :(

There's a Pristine Turkey Skull for anyone who can shed some light on some of the questions I've asked. Thank you
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The purpose of the New-Gen murders was to "awaken" Nishijou Takumi and gather his CODE for Noah II.

In Ending B you, as Takumi, experience all of the New-Gen murders as each of the victims. Noah II gets launched and Nishijou puts himself in his last delusion before he gets mercy-killed by Rimi.
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