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Favorite anime out of the big 3?
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Posted 12/12/15 , edited 12/13/15
I would have to say Bleach

Naruto was great, though it seemed to have lost its edge/momentum hallways through Shippuden
(also need to mention how uninteresting the current main antagonist is)

One Piece was pretty enjoyable to watch, but I became annoyed with the story-line.

I must say however, Bleach has its shortcomings as well. It suffered pretty badly from filler arcs
(although, I did really enjoy one-two of them. A reason I picked this show over Naruto). It also becomes more ridiculous/delusional as it progresses (Naruto is ludicrously delusional).

Although, the "Big Three" all suffer greatly since at some point, the producers became more focused keeping the audience as opposed to the story. (at very least, One Piece and Bleach will meet some story/plot-line ends and begin with new ones).

Too bad this poll only had the great three. If Hunter x Hunter was a choice, I would have picked that one (you can count the fillers on your fingers and the story-line is very engaging through almost all of it).
Posted 12/12/15 , edited 12/13/15
One Piece
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Posted 1/25/17 , edited 1/25/17
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