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Crunchyroll Sports Matsuri: Kuroko's Basketball Fanfic contest ~ ! WINNERS PICKED

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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 2/7/14

Alright guys, after days of poring though everyone's masterpieces, we (finally!)managed to narrow down our top winners! Our resident Kuroko fan and expert Loveless100 went through all of them and gave her thoughts and comments on her favorites.

1st Place: ShawnHacaga - Midorima's Dog Days
My sides were hurting from laughing too much; poor Midorima

2nd Place: Daikiboo - Entry
This was adorable; I had all of the feels after reading this one!

3rd Place: craig3r - Entry
Simply random and fun; See you at the Doggy Cup!

Congratulations to our top 3 winners! We will be PM-ing you guys shortly, so please keep an eye out on your inboxes!

In addition, we also had several runner-ups to whom we just had to make an honorable mention to the following entries:

Sixx7 - A Promise to a Teammate
NudistBeach - Entry
AzuresShade - Entry
GayAsianBoy - Kuroko's Sweet Revenge

Again, a big thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope you had as much fun writing as we had reading!

Hey guys!

SailorBee here, and welcome back to Crunchyroll's Sports Matsuri ♫

We've collected prizes from five of our FAVORITE anime revolving around SPORTS and we're ready to give them away to you!

It's times to hit the court, with our second sports contest ~ !!! This time we want you to ....

Yes, it's true...


The Rules are simple...

Your amazing work of fiction must be 1000 words or less.

We're asking for PG or below rated stories. (We reserve the right to remove entries we deem inappropriate)

Number 2 (Kuroko's puppy) has to appear somewhere in the story.

After we read all your amazing work, we will be giving the cutest Kuroko no Basukeeeee prizes to three lucky writers!

First Place will receive,

A KnB Calendar, the cutest bag ever, and the sweetest little Kagami you ever did SEE (all pictured below)

You actually can't see the calendar because we don't want to open it......

SECOND PLACE GETS, One Calendar and One bag,


You have until JANUARY 29, 2014, 11:59PM PST to submit your entries.

How do you submit? Post your stories in this thread !!!

Good luck my little Basketball stars ~ ! My little Miracles!

Also, please enjoy our very own Shotanime's special Kuroko review and message!
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
What day do they need to be submitted by?
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The story begins with Kuroko # 2 wanting to beat the Generation of Miracles.After the crushing defeat by Seirin against Touou Academy. Coach Riko Aida decides their official mascot Kuroko-Nii become the new phantom 6th dog of the team. As they headout for the Winter Cup. Kuroko-Nii demonstrates his new move: The dog poop ball where he steals the ball from the opposing team and replaces it with his poop allowing Kagami and the team to score on a bunch of baskets Seirin becomes the best in Japan with Kuroko-Nii the MVP
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
One day Kagami and Kuroko go to the park to play some basketball. Kagami thought that he would get to spend the whole day with only Kuroko. He was wrong. Kuroko brought #2 along with. Kagami was affraid of #2. The entire time Kagami tried to calm down and act like it didn't bother him, but it didn't work. #2 sensed his fear and started to chase him around the park. While that was happening Kuroko was laughing so hard he was starting to cry. Kagami thought it was adorable, so he let #2 chase him just to see Kuroko's laughing face. Kagami thought it was going to be a bad day with #2, but it turned out to be a really good day after all.
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
Kuroko’s Basketball Fancfic:
Kagami’s unused technique
While practicing with kuroko, Kagami begins to get into his groove and starts showing his usual abilities. That is until number 2 steps on the court and gets in the way of kagami causing him to jump in the air and avoid number 2 but what kuroko notices is that while jumping, kagami places his right arm high with the ball in his right hand and performs the rarely used but effective move sky hook. Kagami then berates number 2 for getting in his way but kuroko congratulates number 2 for helping kagami perform a new technique. Confused, kagami asks what he did. After kuroko explains, kagami just says that he did what felt natural at the moment. He does however remember that a tall NBA player performed the same move but his skills were beyond even the generation of miracles. Some called him a legend. After Kagami explains the history behind the sky hook, Kuroko fists bumps kagami and number 2 just jumps on kuroko’s shoulders. He then asks kagami if he will utilize that technique in future basketball games. Kagami scratches his head and says probably not. He then pets number 2’s head and says that technique is something he will keep in his bag of tricks. They walk home together and the sky hook is never performed again.
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
"Oi-! You-! Sit still already!"

Twitching an irate Kagami stood in the doorway, cluching onto the small Seirin uniform he had been handed only earlier. It was beyond him why Kuroko had given him the task of dressing the dog up, he hated them... even if he was, just a bit, a cute puppy.

Bright blue eyes started right up at him, as if mocking him. With every step Kagami made, Number Two skirted to the side as if it was some game. "I'm not playing with you, just let me put this on you!" snapped the red haired basketball player. He wanted to get to playing and this was getting nowhere fast.

Barking cheerfully Number two dashed between his legs and so began the race. Even if the dog had gotten a head start Kagami had his long legs and practiced reflexes to aid him, but the result was in the puppies favor.

Around and around they went, racing around the gym with all the others watching blandly.

"... should we help?"
"Maybe we should, Kagami looks rather pissed..."
Smiling with her usual aura Riko gave the final comment, "Leave it to him, after all... it's his punishment~" She beamed and although flowers and hearts floated around her an icy widn passed through the team. "H-haaa...." they breathed stepping back to preserve their safety.

At last Kagami had Number Two Cornered and with one fell swoop he scooped the puppy up and carried him back to the locker room. "Stay here!" Kagami ordered as he turned to pick up the jersey once more. To his relief he seemed to have at least gotten some grain of respect and so with out much fuss (though Kagami tried his best to avoid much contact despite the act of dressing the dog up) Number Two found himself dressed up to match the team. Turning around in little circles to study his appearance Number two soon gave his own nod of approval. "Woof-!" He yipped cheerfully, tail wagging to further display his joy. With a small sigh Kagami allowed a weary smile cross his face.

"I guess this is fine... Welcome to the team, Number Two."
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
He can feel unknown eyes burning a hole in to the side of his face. The knowing sensation of an unabashed stare makes the hairs on the back of Kagami's neck stand up. He whips his head around, snarling in the direction of the peering gaze, but there's no one around. He's alone on the court. He idly dribbles the ball; listening to the light slap of the rubber against the worn tar. It echoes against the buildings surrounding him on either side. He still feels the persistent eyes, bristling against his skin and distracting his mind. He can't practice with some perv around watching his every movement. Sure, he's used to being surrounded by crowds of people, but he can see them... Well, most of them.

His eyes scan the empty windows. Someone has to be leering at him from the other side of the mirrored glass. He quickly snaps his head upwards, staring at the endless rows and columns of apartments, but sees no sudden movement; no rustled curtains, no retreating figures. The unsettling feeling of being watched burrows in the pit of his stomach. What if it's some weirdo who's waiting for the right time to pounce out of the bushes and--he sees a black blur out of the corner of his eye. Kagami jumps back reflexively, throwing his basketball at the dashing shadow in defense. It misses its target and slams in to the chain linked fence separating him from the road. He lands on all fours like a cat, ready to strike at the unwelcome intruder.

In his crouching position he's face to face with Number 2, his large, blue, unblinking eyes meeting his. While Kagami is poised like a tiger ready to pounce, Number 2 is sitting down firmly on the concrete, head slightly cocked, seemingly confused at his heightened, paranoid stance. Flustered, Kagami stands up and brushes himself off, clearing his throat before jogging to collect the ball. Number 2 follows him and barks a bit when he retrieves it, startling Kagami yet again.

"Stupid dog!” Kagami yelps out of fear, residual adrenaline still coursing through his system. As he takes practice shots under the watchful gaze of Number 2 he idly wonders if dogs can even blink.
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
Here's my story :D

Title: The Surprise Visit

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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
It was back in America, when Kagami was younger, was the day he found a homeless dog that was abandoned near the basketball courts. Kagami was playing by himself, practicing to become the best around, so nothing could ever bring him down, when he spotted the dog. He was sick and frail after being left and abandoned. When Kagami was shooting basketballs, the dog was looking at him with a deep gaze of astonishment. Kagami was shooting like a pro until one of his shots hit the backboard and missed. Until the dog started to run and jump at the basketball, shooting the missed shot into the hoop, just like an AirBud. Kagami was so amazed at the skill the dog had, even if it was a miracle. Kagami threw the ball up into the air for the dog to shoot the baskets, and one by one, the dog was making all of the baskets. Kagami was having fun with a new basketball friend and they played and laughed. They played until the night, where Kagami left the ball in the dog's hands until tommarrow, so they can play again.
During the rest of the week, Kagami was busy with other life problems, that he couldn't go play basketball. The next day, he saw a crowd of people standing around the basketball field. When Kagami went to see, he saw the dog, lying down, lifeless, next to the basketball. Kagami started to cry that he lost one of his best friends because he grew attached to the airbud like dog. A man approached Kagami and told him, "I saw the dog. He was waiting next to this basketball. He died with a smile though.". Kagami was so traumatized by this experience, that he pushed it away and suppressed his memories of his time with the dog. This is why he doesn't like dogs.
One day, now in Japan, after one of the basketball practices everyone went to the locker rooms, except for Kagami, who wanted to keep practicing shots. He was practicing shots until he missed one and it went off of the backboard... Until Kuroko Number 2, starts dashing up to the basketball and shoots it into the hoop. Kagami, who saw this, started to cry without realizing it, Number 2 looked up into his eyes. Kagami started to remember his suppressed memories with the dog from America. Kagami, sad about what happened but he used his memorys of the dog as a new found hope and inspiration (+ a bit of perspiration xD). Kagami ran up to Number 2 and hugged him, and got over his hate for dogs.

Welp, that's my fanfic. I know I'm not gonna win, but at least I tried! Well. My story was inspired off of a segment from Gintama. xD Well, I rushed writing this, so I'm going to come back again to fix up any improper english...
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
"I can't breath...." Kasamatsu started. His eyes dilated as his vision continued to blur. His heart beat against his sternum. This thud echoed throughout the facility. He couldn't see, only feel and hear. His knees were shivering alongside his jaw. Without being able to breathe, Number 4 feared fainting. But the trepidation of loss was the main cause of this tremble. He could hear the thunderous puns surrounding him.

"They're going to lose"

"There is no way they can come back from this"

"They're done for"

The crowd already destined their loss. This was the truth behind the Winter Cup Finals.

- 20 Hours Ago -

"Kasamatsu-senpai!" a scream came forth. The basketball bouncing in Kaijou's fanciest court paused. Kasamatsu turned to the familiar voice. As his eyes locked onto the speaker, he ran forth, piercing through the squeaks of his shoes, and.......DROP KICK! Kise once again gets scolded as he falls on his chest. Without further ado, Kise sits up, throbbing the back of his head with his tender palm. "What are you doing here Kise?! It's like eight o'clock. Get some sleep, we have the most important game of the year tomorrow."

"Then what are you doing here senpai?"

That was the question that nearly blew Kasamatsu's brain to bits. He stood there motionless for what seemed an eternity. His thoughts ran wild as his hand dropped the orange sphere. BOMP! BOMP! BOMP! There was no way to explain it to Kise, but Kasamatsu feared losing tomorrow. Since the start of the new year, Kaijou has met countless barriers that always stand in their way. They seem to always lose, never at the top, but only following the leader. Seirin, Shutoku, Touou, Yosen, Rakuzan, the schools that lead in strength, speed, talent. They are always victorious, invariably at the top. Even with one of the Generation of Miracles, they never seem to come out victorious, it seemed like an unreachable goal. This is what Kasamatsu feared the most, his own weakness, his lack of leadership and strength. He feared that his own actions and decisions were leading the team to a never ending path of loss.


- Winter Cup Finals -

"I can't breathe...." Kasamatsu started. There were less than two minutes left on the clock. It was the fourth quarter. Halftime had been rough on the entire team. Nobody spoke, all you could hear was the dripping of sweat running down everyone's veins as they stared at the ground in destined defeat. The team bore the neutral blue with black and white stripes. Number 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10 stood motionless on the court as they watched the opposing team begin their attack. Kasamatsu turned to Kise to find him already defeated. Moriyama and Kobori had also reached their limits. Hayakawa, who is usually extremely hyper and energetic, had lost his spark. "Is this really it?" Kasamatsu questioned himself, turning to his teammates again and again, waiting to see if they would prepare to defend the hoop. There was no answer. Even Coach Takeuchi was speechless.

The crowd was filled with other athletes from a variety of schools. From the court, one could see the entire Seirin basketball club. Of course, Kagami stood out the most out of all of them. But next to the immense tiger, sat Kuroko, the phantom sixth man. Glaring at their eyes, Kasamatsu could only see their disappointment. Since Kaijou beat Seirin to get to the finals, it was obvious Seirin wanted to see a real game before them, not this trash. The point difference was too large at this point and there was not enough time for a comeback. A miracle wont happen, but even if it did, they wouldn't win.

But Kasamatsu refused to give up. From game to game, everyone gave their best, regardless the point difference. This game would be no exception. With a skip step, Kasamatsu ran forth in defense. He stood before his opponent, whose eyes produced a demonic aura unlike any other. Kasamatsu could feel his body become heavy, but he forced his muscles to prevent the rigidness and continued. With a burst of speed, the ball was amazingly gripped from his opponent. The crowd went haywire as they witnessed something that had never occurred up until now. With a lead towards the opposing hoop, Kasamatsu turned to see if any defenders could catch up to him. What he found was blue uniforms right behind him. With a smile, Kasamatsu went up for a layup and beat the buzzer. ".....You never gave up."

With the bark of Number 2 who must have been laying in the audience, the game ended.

"107 TO 93, RAKUZAN!"

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Kuroko's Yes Basket

The Story Takes place right after the scene of the HotSprings episode, when Aomine and the others when up to Seirin telling them that they were looking forward the match. Everyone had left, but before the Seirin team was completely outside, they notice that someone was missing, to their surprise it was Kuroko and Kuroko#2.

-Damn where could he be. mina im going back inside to look for him, you guys go ahead we'll catch up to you later.(Kagami Said)

Kagami went back inside to the mans section, he saw Kuroko's bag, but not him.

-I know you presence is that of a ghost, but really.- Kagami turns around heading back to the hall of the hotsprings, gets freak out cos Kuroko was right behind him the whole time.

-Kagami sempai, i need your help- kuroko saids with a serious look on his face with only a towel around his weist.

-Ahh! Kuroko what are you doing, we have to g... uhh.. help!? Why?

-Kuroko#2 is still here in the hotsprings, but in the woman section side.-

-How did get in there? Anyway we need to get him and go home, we have to catch up to the others.-

Both Kagami and Kuroko head to the woman side, when suddenly...

-Kuroko! what are we doing!!? only woman are in there!!!!! we'll get in trouble if the catch us being around here!!! Just call him by his name so he can get over her!!-
- i already tried that before you found me, the best way to do this is if you and I do this together, just like we play; you'll be light and i'll be the shadow. Hers my plan, go inside and distract the the college girls that are in there, while i go around them and look for #2. got it??
-Yes got it... uhuuh?! i have to What?... thats insane(Kagami saids we a really traumatic look in his face).. tsk, if thats the best way to do it, so be it, you better not get the wrong idea, im doing it for you, not #2, i Hate dogs!..(Kagami looks down, blushes a lil)

the plan was, Kagami walks inside and then...


the girls- Ugh WHOS THAT?- It must be a PERVERT!!! - His trying to see us naked!!! ahhhh!! ( the girls gain up on Kagami beating him to the ground)

-Ouch, aah, uuu, aha!!!- Kagami was in pain
This created a screen for Kuroko, he walk around them, a girl stos and saids -WAIT EVERYONE- she looks around but not behind her, while the other girls look at her and then she saids-NEVER MIND CONTINUE!!)the go back on beating Kagami, Tetsu's presence was being unnoticed, he croos the locker room and got to the hotspring and there he was, #2 was pass out, it looked like the girls were petting him so much, that he actually passed out, Kuro grabs him and they go back and catch up to the rest... -Wow-(#2 Barks)- Were here-Kuroko said.. Then Roiko saids- Wheres Kagami??? -UHH i left him behind!!!!!!!!!!!!-

Kagami was still getting beat up by the college girls at the HotSprings.

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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14

Number two looks up, then waves it off as nothing.


There it is again.


The friendly blue eyed beast's curiousity got the best of him, he stands up on all fours, shaking himself to wake up from his nap. Playfully he starts jogging his way to the sound that awoke him. Journeying down the dark corridor a light shines through the doors ahead, he peers through to find his best friend Kuroko on the court. He waits and watches as Kuroko, throws ball after ball endlessly across the court. Kuroko notices a shadow edging through the doors, as soon as number two made eye contact he sprinted out, barking a few times on the way as he speeds towards his friend. Kuroko then takes a break, sits down on the bench, as he goes to take a sip of water, number two flies at him, and jumps in his lap. After kuroko takes a sip he gives some to number two.

While they sit there Kuroko starts talking to Number Two.

Kuroko: I'm working really hard to beat Aomine. I must beat him, i need more then just my vanishing drive and ignite pass.
Number two listening intently, jumps off Kuroko and wanders to a basketball and taps it with his nose, again and again, until Kuroko strides on over and picks up the ball, and just throws it at the hoop.
Kuroko: I missed, i figured if i learn't to shoot better maybe something would come of it, that is what you hearing earlier. Number two keeps tapping the ball with his nose insisting that Kuroko doesn't give up.
Kuroko: Okay buddy, ill try harder, thanks :D

And that there is how Kuroko forces himself to learn to shoot, but has he mastered it, has he made the net? i wonder...
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
That wolf is my college mascot I swear lol.
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Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
999 words.. i swear i blinked and next thing i knew i was having to CUT parts out. LOL ah well.. here is my try.

Kuroko threw his basketball in a fit of temper. It was rare, him showing such emotion, but he just couldn't seem to make things work the way he wanted. Aomine-kun would never find the joy in basketball again, if he never lost. Seirin High had to beat Touou Academy in the next game. There was only a week until then.

He heard a whine from the side of the basketball court, and looked over into the blue eyes of Number 2, Seirin's basketball team mascot. The puppy whined again and gave a halfhearted wag of his fluffy gray and white tail.

Kuroko took a long steadying breath. Getting worked up wasn't going to make things any better. He would just have to keep trying. He needed something unexpected. Like an ignite shot basket from the other side of the court.

He squared his shoulders. I will make this work, he thought to himself as he went to retrieve his ball, his determination renewed. A furious spat of barking from Number 2 was his only warning before it hit him.

The impact of something hard against his head turned his vision black with flashes of white lightning. The force drove him forward, and he tumbled to the court. Another flash of pain let him know his knee was likely missing some skin.

“I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry. Gomennasai! I didn't even realize someone else was here! I would never have thrown that ball right at your head like that. I have way better control. I must have spaced out or maybe aliens or swamp gas? I don't know where my head was at. Are you going to be okay?” A girls babbling voice floated towards Kuroko from somewhere behind him.

“It's alright. I tend to have that effect on people, I'm sure I'll be fine once my vision clears.”

“Oh my glob! I've blinded you! You're wearing a basketball uniform, I've blinded an athlete. We should get you to the hospital immediately! They can do – an eye transplant now, right? I thought I read something about that, or maybe some sort of electronic eye gizmo that wires to your brain. Hey! You could be the very first bionic basketball player!”

The words went on and on in a circle that made him more dizzy than the sparks dancing in his vision. He held up his hand in a reassuring gesture, “It's okay, it's coming back.” Kuroko pulled himself into a sitting position and gently prodded where the basketball had tried to imprint on his brain. Not too bad, he decided.

He blinked a few times and the last of the light show dissipated. A beautiful girl with long dark blue hair and eyes was looking at him with worry clearly showing. “I'm Tetsuya Kuroko,” he said to the vision calmly. Never let them know you sweat, right? He was sure he'd heard that from someone important.

The girl smiled with relief, “You can see me now? Oh that IS good!” she said and held her hand out.

Kukuro thought she meant to shake his hand, but with a tug, she hauled him to his feet. The girl was actually shorter than he was by a few inches, and so petite, he was sure he could carry her around as if she was a little kid.

“So... Since you're going to live, do you want to play a little game of basketball?” She tilted her head and grinned.

Had he just heard her right? He wasn't sure how much of a game this little girl could play, and he really needed to work on his ignite basket shot. Something bumped his leg. It was Number 2, the dog had pushed Kukuro's basketball across the court. The mascot barked and wagged his tail vigorously. Apparently, the puppy believed playing a game with this strange pixy sized girl was a good idea.

“Okay,” was his only reply.

The pint size girl bent and grabbed the ball, giving the puppy a pat before she moved into position at half court.

“Um.. wouldn't you rather play with only half the court?” He asked his tiny opponent.

The girl laughed. “Only if you aren't up to a full court battle Kuroko!”

He shrugged in response, his doubt showing, but he moved to face her.

Within moments they were in one of the most heated battles Kuroko had ever had on a basketball court. No matter which way he moved, the girl blocked him. He found himself covered in sweat as he worked hard to gain access to his basket. To his amazement, he realized he was loosing ground.

“You... wont... pass me.” she huffed between breaths. “If you want to make the shot... do it... from here.”

There was no way he was going to be able to make it from here, not when he couldn't even manage the shot from half court.

“Shoot.. the ball.. stop.. hesitating!” She growled and blocked his way once again stopping his forward movement.

Kuroko slid back, putting space between them and gave a giant yell. He forced all of his energy to the palm of his hand as he tried the shot, Aiming the ball in at a higher trajectory than he would for a pass. It arced through the air with astonishing speed and he couldn't take his eyes away from it.

He sensed the girl moving away as he continued to watch the ball. It fell through the net, a perfect shot. He'd done it. He'd made an ignite basket shot.

“See? I knew you could do that. Congratulations, Kuroko, you won our game.” The girl grabbed a towel she'd left on the park bench near the court. “Ah, I forgot to introduce myself earlier, my name is Daiki Emi”

“Daiki? Are you Daiki Aomine-kun's..”
She nodded and waived as she turned to walk away. “I'm his sister.”
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Posted 1/23/14 , edited 1/23/14
Kuroko took Number 2 for a walk in a park one day when he noticed another dog had a peculiar orange jersey on and was rolling the ball around with his paws, as if he was dribbling. Kuroko glanced at number 2, and noticed that he was staring at the dog and the basketball. Number 2 barked and wagged his tail in excitement, as he hopped toward the orange jersey dog, taking kuroko by surprise as he was pulled with him by the leash. As they approached this mysterious dog, they noticed a person approaching the dog from behind. Number 2 stopped in his tracks, and Kuroko looked in surprise to see Midorima, fixing his glasses and picking up the orange jersey dog, which kuroko now noticed had shutoku written on it.

Kuroko asked Midorima about the dog, to which he replied, "him? Why, he's my lucky item of course! His name is Kerosuke!!!" while fixing his glasses yet again.

Kuroko tried to comprehend this as he let out a noise full of confusion.

"Isn't this a little out of the ordinary for a lucky item?" thought Kuroko.
He then noticed Midorima looking down at number 2.

"Hmph! you call that dog a mascot! He looks devoid of effort, Im sure my dog, Kerosuke, can beat him one-on-one."

Kuroko was surprised at this and thought to himself,
"I can't say for sure, but it's not like Midorima-kun!"

nevertheless, Kuroko replied, "I'm not so sure, I would not underestimate number 2!"

Midorima raised his voice, "That's why you're no good! haven't you heard? Optimal effort makes you worthy of fate's grace. Kerosuke always does his best, and he always keeps his lucky jersey on him! he will not fail!"

So now the stage is set. Kerosuke and Number 2 face off at the center ring of the basketball court, and number 2 starts out with the ball. Number 2 uses his paws to rotate the ball back and forth, all while giving a serious look and staring into kerosuke's eyes. Then, as if out of nowhere , number 2 makes his move, and disappears right in front of Kerosuke's eyes!!!!!

"Impossible! He can use the vanishing drive! Kerosukeeeee!!!" exclaimed Midorima, with a shocked look on his face. Kerosuke was even more surprised, and to make the shot he kicked he headbutted it straight up and made a basket.

Kuroko was also surprised, but he was very happy and proud of Number 2. "Wow, I didn't know you could do that! great job!"

Number 2 looked up at Kuroko, wagged his tail, and said with a smile, "ARF!"

Hope this made it in time!!! I had to verify my account and could not post
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