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Crunchyroll Sports Matsuri: Kuroko's Basketball Fanfic contest ~ ! WINNERS PICKED

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Oh a cloudy day, the Seirin team was finishing practising in the gym, and went out for drinks at a convenience shop and hamburgers afterwards. When Kuroko started to leave, he couldn’t find Number 2 in his bag.
“Kagami, have you see Number 2?” asked Kuroko.
“Huuuh?? Isn’t he always in your bag?” said Kagami. Kuroko sighed and asked the other players if they’ve seen Number 2, whom all of them replied with a no. Until Riko exclaimed “I think I saw Number 2 outside when we got drinks at the convenience store”. Kuroko and the team were shocked they easily forgot Number 2 outside the store.
“Let’s go find Number 2 everyone” smiled Kiyoshi. Just as he said that, it began to pour outside. Kuroko frowned knowing that Number 2 was possibly cold and wet outside.
“I forgot my umbrella!” exclaimed Hyuga. Mitobe patted his back with sympathy.
“Everyone” giggled Riko. “You’re all going to run outside and find Number 2 before the rain gets more heavily! Consider this part of your training!”. Some sighs were heard. But the team was determined to find Number 2 because of their guilt of leaving Number 2 behind. The Seirin team ran outside in the rain, splitting up into groups and backtracking to where Number 2 would have gone. Kagami and Kuroko paired up and headed towards the school. Jogging through the rain, they ran by the waterway, a route they often would run along during training on sunny days. Out of the corner of Kuroko’s eyes, Number 2 was looking at the rushing waterway and looked a little sad.
“Number 2!” shouted Kuroko as he began to run down towards Number 2.
“What are you doing, idiot?!” Shouted Kagami. Number 2 looked back towards Kuroko just as the waterway swept him into the river. Kuroko decided to dive in after Number 2. But just as Kuroko got into the waterway, he remembered he didn’t know how to swim, and started gasping for air and calling out for Kagami.
“Tch”. Said Kagami as he chased after Kuroko and dived in and swam towards Kuroko and Number 2. Number 2 was able to successfully paddle to Kuroko, who desperately tried to gasp for air. Just as Kagami reached Kuroko, a wave overtook them, and swept them down under again. Kagami, determined to save Kuroko, he took a deep breath, grabbed onto Kuroko and Number 2 and swam to shore after battling the waves. Kagami was grateful for the strong legs he developed during his training that helped him swim through the currents.
“Idiot. What would you have done if you drowned in that waterway?” shouted Kagami.
“I had to save Number 2”. Kuroko stared at Kagami with his blue eyes.
“Tch. You should be grateful that I was with you – “ Kagami stopped mid-sentence as Number 2 came up to his hand and licked it. Kagami shivered, but gave a smile towards Number 2 and petted his head. Afterwards, the rest of the team found the trio just as the sun gave way through the clouds. And that was the day Kagami took a liking to Number 2.

Alternative section that I was hesitant of adding: Kuroko kisses Kagami for saving Number. But I was afraid of adding that part in since it went over to the BL side.. I hope I made it in time D: I mean.. 1159pm is so ambiguous seeing how there is such a large time zone.... and no time for posting...
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Title: Kuroko's Sweet Revenge

It was a very windy evening, windier than a day at the beach, the Seirin Basketball team and coach sat around a wooden table outside Riko’s apartment; celebrating their victory in the Winter Cup’s preliminary rounds.
“Ahhh, this is the shit,” Kagami exclaimed after gulping down a can of iced coffee.
“To our victory, boys,” Hyuga added.
“To our victory,” the rest of the Seirin guys cheered.
“And girl!” Riko snapped while holding a can of oolong tea.
“With that flat-chest of yours, you might as well be one of the boys,” Kagami joked thinking it was a rather clever remark. But before he could see the reaction of his teammates, he was seeing stars as his eyes were met with Riko’s lightning-fast punch.
“Anybody else wants to take a journey to the stars with Kagami?!!” Riko gritted through her teeth.

Seeing the fierce Riko standing there with her fist clenched and gritting teeth, the Seirin boys forced their smile back in their throat and bit their tongue to stop it coming to the surface.
“Now, now, Riko, Kagami is just joking with you, this should be a night of celebration for all of us,” Teppei came to the rescue, knowing his immature teammates were about to burst into tears of laughter any second, and he did not want any of them to suffer the same black eye that Kagami did.
Upon hearing Teppei’s words, Riko’s anger subsided and she once again became a sweet angel.
The night evolved into conversations about their tactical play that lead them to victory, to future challenges and strategies to how good the food tasted to how windy the night was.

Eventually, everybody ran out of things to talk about, and it became very still and quiet. Kagami, being the first to feel the awkwardness of the silence, tried to make conversation by focusing on Kuroko who hadn’t said a word so far during the evening, “Ah...uh hah... Kuroko sure does look like his puppy, doesn’t he?” Kagami expressed awkwardly.

Everybody else agreed unenthusiastically. Kagami tried to revive the team’s spirit by pulling #2 out of Kuroko’s bag and placing it side by side to Kuroko’s face.
“See, they are twins!” Kagami exclaimed once more.
“Ahahahahaha,” Riko burst out in laughter. “Kuroko looks exactly like #2.”
Kuroko raised an eyebrow and was side-eye-ing Kagami, he felt the urge to give Kagami a punch like Riko’s, but was reluctant since he was not a girl and thus felt that Kagami would definitely retaliate with an even harder punch.

Kuroko wanted to get back at Kagami, but how? He thought. He was not much of a joker. A strong gust suddenly blew the lantern off, the street lamp was suddenly flickering and #2 was barking repetitively. Kuroko knew then what to do next.
“So...” Kuroko began. “Have you guys ever heard of this urban legend concerning a dog barking?”
All eyes and ears suddenly turned to Kuroko when the topic of horror story arose.

“The story went like this. Dogs and children are more sensitive to supernatural things, therefore they are more likely to be able to see ghosts. #2 is barking very loudly, and the lantern just went out all of a sudden, it’s not a coincidence!” Kuroko continued.
Everybody in the Seirin team took the story as just stuffs of legends and can never be real; except for one person, who was terribly afraid of ghost stories. Kuroko, being the closest to Kagami, was aware of this weakness and after telling the story, he used the Vanishing Drive to appear behind Kagami and gave him a surprise push, in which Kagami let out a girly shriek, “AHHHHHHHH!!! A ghost is attacking me!!!”
Everyone burst out in laughter when they realized it was just Kuroko’s Vanishing Drive. Kagami fainted and his eyes were white as clouds. Kuroko got his sweet revenge, the Vanishing Drive is not useful just for Basketball after all.
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Is it just one entry for one person? Or are we allowed to write multiple fan fiction entries? I'm getting hyped up, I will enter!
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Kagami's Nightmare in the Daylight

This afternoon as usual, Kagami and Kuroko practice together on the basketball court where they used to practice.

"Oi, Kuroko. I want to take a rest for a while, wake me up in half an hour. Okay? " Kagami sleeping on a bench near the basketball court.

"Okay, I understand." Kuroko continuing his practice.

Kagami sleep while covering his face with a small towel that he had brought from home. He felt very tired after practice at school and also in the basketball court. Not to mention he got a punishment from his coach, Rico-san, because he had insulted Rico's flat chest. He had to run around the school as much as 20 times. Of course, he felt very tired.

It seems he fell asleep just a moment, then suddenly...

"Kagami-kun .." He heard Kuroko call him.

Kagami opened his eyes slowly. He was surprised to find that Kuroko is sitting on him, and Kuroko's face was very close to him. Quickly he pushed Kuroko away as hard as possible until Kuroko fall.

"Aau .. What a pain!! You're rude, Bakagami!" Kuroko tried to get up, he looked at Kagami with teary blue eyes.

"Aaa .. aaa .. I.. I'm sorry .. I didn't mean to. Are you okay, Kuroko?" Kagami stood up and helped Kuroko.

"Just a little, but it's okay." Kuroko's face slightly flushed.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Kagami heart pounding. He didn't understand what was going on, but his heart beat faster when he look at Kuroko's bright face. Kagami turn his head away. Kagami's face itself also has changed, his face flushed.

"Stupid! Kuroko was a boy! Why My heart beating faster?" he thought.

Kagami struck at his head. Kuroko catch Kagami's hand to make him stop hit his head harder.

"Do not do it! You'll get a head pain. I'm afraid you can't play basketball if you're concussed." Kuroko came closer to Kagami.

Kagami directly backwards until he hit the wire fence behind him. Kuroko somehow leaned on Kagami. When trying to run away Kagami, Kuroko hold Kagami with both hands.

"Where were you going, Bakagami?" Kuroko whispered softly to Kagami's ears.

"Ku .. Ku .. Kuroko!! Wha .. what .. Do you.. want?" Kagami's heart beat faster.

Kagami's voice heard stutter and also Kagami's face looked very nervous, that's all make Kuroko smile evilly.

"Eh! He make fun of me! " he thought. Kagami was very annoyed.

"Ba-Ka-Ga-Mi .." Kuroko Kagami whispered softly ears once again.

Kagami could feel Kuroko's hot breath on his ears. His heart getting more faster.

"Ku.. Ku.. Kuro .. ko .. " Kagami's body trembling.

Kuroko make that evil smile onece more. After that Kuroko brought his face closer to Kagami's face. Then he started licking Kagami's cheek. Then he licking all of Kagami's face until it wet all over.

"Aaaaaa!!!!" Kagami woke up.

Now he finds No. 2 above him. No. 2 sticks out his tongue right in front of Kagami's face and he licks Kagami's face once again.

"Woof!" Bark No. 2.

"It's you!" Kagami lift No. 2.

"Kagami-kun?" Kuroko run to Kagami.

Kuroko's body so wet because of sweat. he ran while carrying a basketball ball.

"What's wrong, Kagami-kun?" Kuroko put basketball and asked No. 2 of Kagami.

Kagami looks very nervous when Kuroko come to him, and his face slightly flushed. He trying to keep calm in front of Kuroko, and he also trying to forget all of his Nightmare just now.

"That's all right. No. 2 disturb my sleep. Look what he did to my face!" Kagami angry pointing towards No. 2.

"Woof!" No. 2 Kagami barking and looked happy.

Kagami steps backwards when No. 2 was barking at him.

"Oh. Calm down Kagami-kun! This, wear my towel to clean your face. "Kuroko clean Kagami's face with his towel.

"Come on! I'm not a kid anymore. I can do it myself! "Kagami took Kuroko's towel and clean his own face.

Kagami's face slightly flushed. He grumbling while he clean his face.

"Ahahaha .. You are so Cute, Kagami-kun .. " Kuroko laughing while he hug No. 2.

"Shut up! Anyway how can No. 2 is here? "Kagami pointing at No. 2.

"He's always with me. He was in my bag earlier. "Kuroko stroking No. 2's head.

"Keep him away from me!" Kagami steps backwards.

"Eh? Why? isn't he cute, is it? Kagami-kun?" Kuroko came closer to Kagami with No. 2 on his hand.

"Kuroko, do not mess with me!" Kagami ran away from Kuroko.

"He's Cute. Look at him, Kagami-kun .. " Kuroko looks happy, he try to catch up Kagami while bringing No. 2.

"Woof! Woof! Woof! "

Number 2 just barking while sticking out his tongue. He looks really enjoying his time with Kuroko and Kagami.

"You're bastard, Kuroko! I'll Kill you! "Kagami run away and crying. And Kuroko just laugh loudly while he bring his dog, Number 2.

The End
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As I write this, tears are streaming down my face.

It's not often you break a school record in a sport you love, and it's even rarer to have that record rescinded.

Tomorrow, I must return this medal, and go back to being regular Kuroku Tetsuya. But tonight, as I cradle this medal in my lap, I will tell you how I became “Kuroku Tetsuya - Women's Basketball Champion”.

“It'll never work” said Number 2, my [manga spoiler] Magical Talking Dog. “It will.” I said using my sister's hair straighteners. “Look at you – you managed to trick everyone into thinking you were just a normal dog for 103 episodes.” “That's because I've got style. I'm adorable. I've got doggy swagger.” Number 2 tilted his head and lowered his eyelids. I looked at the wavy hair straighteners and wondered why my hair wasn't straight yet. Number 2 yawned. I started pulling my hair through a beaded necklace I got at the store. “Anyway, it's your fault the men's competition got cancelled.”

I totally accepted this fact. It was all because of my rival, Nippi Salsa, a short, blonde-haired guy studying Home Economics. Just looking at him made my blood boil. One day he pushed me over the edge. “You couldn't bake a cake fit for a starving polar bear!” RAGE!! I love polar bears, and I can cook better than him!! After class, I snuck into our Home Ec classroom, and stuck a basketball in his cranberry cake while he was cooking it in the oven.

By the time anyone realized, it was too late – the ball had expanded in the heat, and was now pushing the oven door open, slowly expanding into the classroom. “It's gonna blow!!” We all ran out the door as it got bigger and bigger. The last student just managed to run out and slam the door shut as it blew up the entire Home Ec department and half of IT. A bit of cake landed on the teacher's hat. He licked it, and shouted “WHO WAS COOKING THE CRANBERRY CAKE??” Nippi whimpered. “What could have gone wrong?” “It was Nippi.” I volunteered.

My victory was short-lived. They found some rubbery remains of the basketball, and cancelled the upcoming Men's basketball tournament until someone owned up. It wasn't going to be me.

“Kuroku Tetsuya” I said to the frumpish woman registering people for the girl's tournament. She looked up at me suspiciously. Six foot Six of pure man, abs of steel, eyes of sin. Then she noticed the pigtails and hurriedly wrote my name down. As I walked away, I looked at the mile-long queue of emasculated men, some in hot pants, some in make up, some wearing fake boobs. The number of 'women' competing in the tournament would be 8 times higher than last year.

The women didn't know what had hit them. They were suddenly surrounded by 7 foot tall, lanky, ineptly-dressed women. All the actual women were kicked out in the first round. Before I knew it I was facing down a competitor in the one-on-one final.

I slowly bounced the ball back and forth. My enemy wiped away some mascara in his eyes. I stared him down. Then I noticed him fidgeting with his fake boobs. Of course! If I moved too fast for him, they'd get in his way and slow him down. I feinted to one side, then dodged to the other. He reacted quickly, but then – one of his heels snapped! Success! As he lay dazed on the ground like a drunken college fresher I danced the ball to the hoop.

I was still holding my medal as I was walking home past the arcade, when I saw my rival. He had just finished playing a boxing game when he saw me. “Hey, nice pigtails! Shame you couldn't cook a pig without burning it!” RAGE!! I walked up to him and his friends around the arcade machine. “You wanna see good? I'm gonna beat your score on this machine.” Nippi shuffled. “194? Pfft, no way.” I entered a coin. I just have to block these punches, right? A boxing glove on a spring started bouncing back and forth. I blocked with my left hand, then my right. I saw Nippi grinning out of the corner of my eye. The spring went faster. I kept up with it. It got faster. Nippi's friends started to look worried. It got faster. “It's out of control!!” Just when I reached my limit, the glove sprang out of its casing and jolted me in the face. I was floored – but it didn't stop punching. I writhed around as it jabbed all my fleshy weak points. No – Not there! “MY GROOOOOOOIN!” I screamed.

A group of 3 girls walked out of the arcade to see what the fuss was about. “Hey – isn't that the girl who won the basketball tournament today?” “Let's help her!” They ran over and toed the boxing glove off of me. “Hey, are you okay?” I groaned as I held my groin. “What the-”

“I told you it wouldn't work.” grinned Number 2 as I limped to my bedroom. “Maingy dog” I mumbled.

And so, here I sit, unable to move for fear of ripping a tendon.

As I write this, tears are streaming down my face.

It's not often you have a school record rescinded. But, there are worse things that could happen.
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Birthday Prank Gone Bad!

Aomine and Kise were driving to Kuroko’s house to pull off the best prank ever. Why? Because it’s Kuroko’s birthday today.
“Wow Aomine-cchi! I can’t believe your dad let you borrow his car for today!” Kise smiled cheerfully.
“Yeah yeah! Now shut up and put your mask on! We’re here!” Aomine said as he stop the car in front of Kuroko’s house. They both put on black ski masks and got out of the car. Then they snuck into Kuroko’s house through the kitchen window which was opened. Aomine and Kise quietly went up the stairs to Kuroko’s room. When they got into Kuroko’s room, they saw Kuroko sleeping soundly in bed with Number 2 curled up against his stomache.
“Kawaii!! Kuroko-cchi looks so cute when he’s sleeping! Please let my take a picture first?!” Kise whispered excitedly.
“No! We need to do this now before he wakes up!” Aomine groaned. Kise just pouted.
Aomine went to grab Kuroko’s wrist when suddenly he heard loud scream. Aomine turned around and saw Kise jumping around with Number 2 attached to his right hand.
Then Aomine looked over at Kuroko and saw that he had woken up. Kuroko looked scared when saw two masked men in his bedroom.
“Oh crap! Tetsu, I can expla...” Aomine tried to explained but was sent flying into the wall when he was hit in the stomache by Kuroko’s ignite pass kai. Then Kuroko turned to the other masked man.
“Wait, Kuroko-cchi! It’s me!” Kise said as he took off the ski mask. Number 2 finally let go of Kise’s hand.
“Kise kun?! Why are you going in my house?” Kuroko asked.
“It’s was all Aomine-cchi’s idea!! We were supposed to kidnapped you, then put you in the trunk of Aomine-cchi’s dad’s car and then drive you to Maji’s for breakfast!” Kise explained.
“Really?” Kuroko said as he gave off a dark aura.
“Happy Birthday, Kuroko-cchi!” Kise said as he was starting get scared.
Now Aomine and Kise are lying unconscious on the floor from Kuroko’s Ignite Pass Kai. Both of they had learned a valuable lesson that day. Never pull a prank on Kuroko!!

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cyc199 wrote:

Is it just one entry for one person? Or are we allowed to write multiple fan fiction entries? I'm getting hyped up, I will enter! :D

One entry per person please!
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Don't Think I'm gonna win this but hey, it looks like fun.
I'm gonna write something from Number 2's point of view.

Here we go:
Kagami sighed as he sat down to have dinner.
Number 2 looked out of his bag, but he had to remain quiet- he couldn't let Kagami know that he was there.
"Huh?" Kagami looked down at his bag.
Did he find me? Number 2 thought.
Kagami reached down into his bag to get his phone.
Luckily (and miraculously) he didn't notice Number 2.
"Oh, one missed call," he said after he gulped down a portion of noodles. "It's from Kuroko,"
Kuroko! Number 2's eyes lit up- he was very fond of Kuroko.
"Huh?" Kagami looked down again and picked up his bag.
Number 2 jumped out.
Kagami screamed as he stumbled backwards onto the floor.
"H-hey, you..." he shivered.
Number 2 sat on the floor and smiled- it was the only thing the could do.
Kagami backed away slowly- Number 2 was sad that Kagami still didn't like him very much, but it couldn't be help- he had a feeling that Kagami was afraid of dogs.
Kagami and Number 2 stared at each other.
Suddenly, they heard a ringing sound- it was Kagami's phone.
Kagami slowly stood up and picked it up.
Number 2 could hear the conversatoin.
"Oh, you picked up this time," Kuroko said.
"Hey, Kuroko! Come heard and get your dog!" Kagami shouted over the phone.
"Number 2's there?"
"Yeah. I don't know how he got here but come and get him,"
"I understand. I'll be there soon. In the mean time, don't do anything to hurt him, Kagami-kun,"
Kuroko hung up and Kagami turned his attention back to Number 2.
Number 2 didn't know what he was thinking but he had a feeling it wasn't good-Kagami was staring at him intensely.
"M-move," he said.
Number 2 looked at him, puzzled.
"I need to eat dinner, so move,"
Number 2 stepped towards the side, staring at Kagami as he sat down and went back to eating his noodles.
They stayed that way until the doorbellrang.
Kuroko! It's gotta be Kuroko! Number 2 thought eagerly.
Kagami stood up, glancing over towards him for a second before going to get the door.
Number 2 also went to the door, his tail wagging as he stood behind Kagami.
"Hello, Kagami-kun," Kuruko said with the same poker face he would always make.
Number 2 wrapped his paws around Kgami's feet.
He could feel Kagami shiver.
"H-hey! Get off of me!" he shouted, like he was almost going to burst into tears.
Kuroko smiled and bent down and patted Number 2's head.
"Good job, Number 2. That's exactly how to scare him,"
"H-hold on a minute! Kuroko, since when were you such a sadist?!"
Kagami stumbled backwards in shock, but luckily, Number 2 jumped up into Kuroko's arms.
As surprising as it may sound, it seemed as though Kagami had fainted.

"Woof!" Number 2 alerted Kuroko that Kagami was awake with a bark.
"Ugh..." Kagami moaned.
Number 2 jumped on top of him, and Kagami sat up quickly.
"Oh, you're awake," Kuroko said.
"G-get him off of me!" Kagami shouted.
"Um...I've been meaning to ask, but were your experiences with dog that scary?" Kuroko asked.
Kagami averted his eyes away from Kuroko's.
"N-not for a normal person, no, but for me..."
Kuroko hugged Kagami.
Number 2 looked confused- they didn't speak, but eventually, Kagami put his arms around Kuroko too.
"Idiot," Kagami said.
What's this? Humans are so strange. Number 2 thought. He smiled inside, though.
He jumped up onto Kuroko's shoulder.
Kuroko smiled, but when he saw Kagami's distraught face, they let go of each other.
"Sorry," Kuroko said, his face red for some reason.
"It's fine," Kagami's face was red too.
Number 2 looked back and forth between them- they remained silent.
"Well, I'll be going then. I'll take Number 2 with me,"
Number 2 jumped back down into Kuroko's arms and stared innocently at Kagami.
"Hey, don't give me that look," he said aggressively.
"Well, see you then," Kuroko said.
"Yeah," Kagami said.
He hugged Kuroko again.
He whispered something into his ear, but Number 2 couldn't hear it.
But Kuroko went red and smiled.
"Yeah. I'll see you at school tomorrow,"
Number 2 peered at Kagami from Kuroko's shoulder.
Kagami was red.
Yup, humans are definetely strange. NUmber 2 confirmed. But I like them!

--The End

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Writing is hard work.

Kuroko's BBQ


It's Friday evening and it was getting dark sooner than usual. Kuroko had finished working up an appetite at basket ball practice with two of his friends, Fukuda and Furihata. They had planned to have a barbeque that night and were going to the butcher's on the way home. It was a bit out of the way but Kuroko had heard good things about the shop in the neighboring town and he was determined to have the best barbeque he could, no matter what.

On the way he spots a car parked two blocks away by the side of the road There was no driver and he didn't recognize the car from as one of the local's. Suddenly a strange man appears from behind the car, looks over his shoulder and makes his way to the driver's seat. He checks the traffic, sees Kuroko's friends and mutters something under his breath. With a worried look on his face he turns the key, starts the engine after two failed attempts and speeds away revealing a small cardboard box siting on the curb.

Kuroko and the gang race over to investigate the mystery box, It wasn't remarkable in anyway, it didn't have an address or manufacturer's logo anywhere. Just a regular box. Furihata comments on the lack of tape saying "It's probably not a bomb or he would have taken more care to make sure it wouldn't be opened by accident."
"And if it were a bomb. On top of that, there's nothing here to blow up."

Fukuda gives Furihata a vexed look and barks in the default tone he's taken to lately, "NOBODY WAS THINKING THAT!" "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS FEEL THE NEED TO BRING UP THAT PARANOID RUBBISH?!"

Kuroko (the self appointed voice of reason in the trio) decides to chime in "Guys, neither of you are helping. Lets just open the thing and see what it is."

"Why would we want to scrounge through something that creep was obviously trying to get rid of?" Exclaimed Furihata openly questioning Kuroko's authority.

"DON'T SPOIL OUR FUN!" barks Fukuda as predictable as ever.

Kuroko ignores the bickering and procedes to open the box. He places his hands on the sides, lifts the weighty parcel up to his ear and gives it a quick shake.

patter patter. scratch scratch.

Shocked, Kuroko drops the container with a dull thud. "There's something in there." he says to himself in a quiet voice not quick enough to disguise his panic.

"We know there's something in there, you were going to investigate it's contents. Open it or don't."

The box jerks. Then whimpers.

Kuroko finally opens the box to reveal a small dog cowering in it's own feces.

"Congratulations, it's a boy. Let's take it to a vet." says Furihata.


Continuing to ignore the two, Kuroko opens his gym bag and pulls out his sweaty magic towel, by comparison it was cleaner and will have to do. "Let's call him number two because of how we found him."

The shops would be closing now and Kuroko knew he'd never make it to the butcher's after seeing he vet but he had an obligation to do the right thing.


The vet cleaned and inspected Number 2 for injuries and signs of disease.
It had no collar, no tattoo and no micro chip. It must have been bred privately and didn't live up to the owner's standards before it was abandoned.

It was the runt of the litter.

Kuroko paid the vet with the money he was going to use to buy sausages and walked out with his new best friend.


"He's fine, a little weak but he'll be OK."

Furihata butts in "He won't be fine for long. You spent our food money on making sure he's healthy. You don't even have enough to buy dog food!"

Between the three of them, they agree that the sensible thing to do is to eat their new friend.
Number 2 had no owner, no one would miss him and nobody would need to know he ever existed.

Kuroko was determined to have the best barbeque he could. No matter what.

Number 2 knew they had turned on him. He could smell the hostility and regret pouring out of them as they carried him to the park.

The streetlights were now lit. It was now dark.

A community barbeque sits on site, cold and unoccupied. Fukuda lights the fire and inspects the tongs for cleanliness, holding them in the purifying light of the mini inferno.
Furihata taps his foot as he waits impatiently and Kuroko (the hero), talks to Number 2 trying to calm him down and make him easier to restrain. "Arf" It was too much for Number 2, He managed to wrest himself free and bolted out of Kuroko's arms.

Kuroko and Fukuda ran after Number 2 using the formations they had practiced earlier that day at basket ball training.

They would soon catch their prey.

Furihata stayed with the fire to keep warm and to make sure it wouldn't get out of control.
It was too dark to see, but number 2 could smell someone else was here.
Someone that wasn't going to eat him.

"You kids mind sharing the cooker?"

It was the butcher. He had closed shop early to try out some new sausage recipes.

Kuroko and the gang change their minds about eating Number two.

The end.
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It was the way the shoes squeaked on the court, the way the sweat dripped from their faces as they put their all into defense. It may have just been practice, but it was all the same as real as the Inter-Highs. After one game had been completed, Kuroko Tetsuya, former phantom sixth member of the Generation of Miracles, took a seat off to the side against the wall. He looked to his left, seeing Number 2, the husky puppy he had rescued, wagging his tail happily.

"Number 2, you worked hard cheering us on." Kuroko smiled, petting the dog's head for a moment before standing up, picking up Number 2 in the process, "Kagami-kun?"

The red head ace looked over, eyes widening as he seen Kuroko approaching the with spawn of Satan himself., "K-Kuroko...Get that thing away from me." He was slowly backing away as his partner got closer, red orbs locked onto the ball of fur. The rest of the team backed up, Hyuuga and Teppei chuckling to each other as they watched the fear further instill itself into Kagami, causing him to back up all the way to the wall.

In quick realization, Mitobe and Izuki boxed in their ace, so he had nowhere to run, "Ahh, Kagami, it's time to get over your fear of the dog." More laughs erupted in the gym, echoing back to everyone, but they never ceased.

Kuroko got closer, a small smile gracing his lips as he held out Number 2, now just a foot away from Kagami Taiga, the man set out to beat the Generation of Miracles...but can't handle a puppy.

"No, no, no! Get him away!" Kagami tried to run, soon realizing he had no escape and then the dog was suddenly in front of him. Sweat began to form and fall slowly down his face, and tears were threatening to soon prick the corners of his eyes. As he watched the dog slowly move towards his face, he closed his eyes tightly and waited for the bite.

But it never came.

Instead of teeth, the dog licked at his cheek then barked happily, repeating himself over and over. Surprised, Kagami opened his eyes, dumbfounded that this was what he's been scared of this whole time.

"See, it wasn't that hard.", Kuroko said as he sat down Number 2, holding his fist up towards his friend.

Kagami inhaled a breath of fresh hair, bumping his own fist against Kuroko's, and shaking his head, "I still don't like him."

Number 2 sat at the red head's feet and barked, causing Kagami to jump a little, "No! Get him away!"

The Seirin High Basketball team soon resumed practice, but not before taking another ten minutes to laugh at Number 2 chasing Kagami Taiga around the court of their high school gym.
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Damn it, why didn't you do this for My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU >_<

I had a well received flash fiction for that series... :/

Well in any case, hope you do more fanfiction contests in the future for series I am interested in
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omg moms its awesomes :):):):D:D:D:D

EDIT: gah >.< daughter loves me. lmao. sorry, returning you to your regularly scheduled program.
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Kuroku met this heavenly blessed beauty when he went to a basketball convention. He fell in love but she was already taken by the rival team captain Distance.

The end.
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Are we still free to edit our entries?!
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Midorima's Dog Days

Dogs have been considered to be man's best friend for a very long time. That may be the case for some but not everyone is a fan of canines. This is particularly true for one such person, Shintaro Midorima. You may know him as the current shooting guard of Shutoku High and former member of the Generations of Miracle. This is the story of how he came to dislike them.


After a hard fought battle with Seirin that ended in a tie, Midorima decides to go home. His teammate Takao is waiting outside on his bicycle with a rickshaw to drive him home. Midorima is about to take a seat when he notices Kuroko's dog, Tetsu #2. Midorima picks him up and then looks down, noticing that he has left him...a little present. Needless to say, Midorima did not ride in it thanks to Number 2 and had to walk home instead. A little bit of animosity was starting to build that day.

***The Next Day***

Midorima decides to get some shooting practice in and heads over to the park. He starts shooting for a few minutes and gets into a groove. He decides to take some longer shots and takes a few steps back. His foot hits something and next thing he knows, he falls backwards and crashes onto the pavement. Sitting up, he looks for the cause of his tumble. From the corner of his eye he spots Number 2. He simply glares at him as he runs out of sight. Midorima, unamused, slowly gets up and continues shooting.

An hour or so later, Midorima decides to check his horoscope and see what his recommended item for the day was. Today's item happened to be a frog statue. He heads towards a shop he frequently visits. Luckily for him, the shop had one frog statue left. As Midorima reached down to pick it up, it suddenly vanished. Perplexed, Midorima looked around and spotted the frog the mouth of Number 2. Number 2 simply looked at Midorima before running off with the frog statue. At that moment, Midorima rechecked his horoscope and noticed a warning - "Avoid dogs today as they may cause you trouble." Midorima simply adjusted his glasses and left the shop.

Noon had rolled around and Midorima had to meet up with his teammates from Shutoku. He approached the doors to the school gym and slowly pushed them open. He was expecting to see them already practicing. Instead, he was greeted with the sight of everyone running around the court trying to chase down...Number 2. How or why Number 2 was there was beyond him but Midorima noticed that he still had the frog statue in his mouth. Number 2 was approaching Midorima and he decided that he would get the frog statue back. Midorima lunged at him...and missed badly. After face planting on the court, Number 2 simply walked over Midorima and ran out the door. Midorima slowly got to his knees and rubbed his face. Number 2 had escaped...but to his surprise, laying right next to him was the frog statue. Finally, some good luck! Midorima reached down to pick it up but the moment he touched the statue, it broke into pieces. At that point, Midorima had to wonder to himself if this was all real or if he was trapped in someone's terrible fanfiction story.

After that fiasco, Midorima and the rest of Shutoku carried on practice as planned. After a long day of practice and a series of unfortunate events, all Midorima wanted was to go home and rest. After showering and changing his clothes in the locker room, Midorima headed outside where Takao was waiting for him. As Midorima was about to have a seat, he noticed something was in there. And wouldn't you know it, it was naturally Number 2! This annoying pup had caused Midorima a lot of headaches today and he wasn't about to let him escape without giving him a piece of his mind. He reached down and picked up Number 2, holding him up to his face. He glared right into those big puppy eyes. Midorima was about to open his mouth when suddenly Number 2 licked him in the face. For a brief second, Midorima forgot all the bad things that had happened today and couldn't help but admire the adorableness of Number 2. Perhaps all could be forgiven...but then Number 2 decided to go number one on Midorima. Midorima blinked and looked down at his shirt, now soaking wet with a foul stench. Number 2 flew out of Midorima's arms and ran off. Midorima looked at Takao who couldn't help but laugh at this entire ordeal. Midorima was not pleased. Today just wasn't a good day for him. He wiped himself off with a towel before taking a seat.

As Takao drove him home, Midorima adjusted his glasses and simply uttered these words, "I dislike dogs."

Thus is the story of why Midorima came to dislike dogs.
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