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Posted 1/23/14 , edited 1/24/14
Unexpected Cuddles By: Sir Cuppy

It was early Saturday morning when Tetsu 2 woke up to find Kuroko nowhere in the house. He waited for a while. Played with his basketball toy, shredded the newspaper, chased a few neighborhood cats out of the backyard and ate the garden hose. Tetsu 2 started to feel lonely after a couple of hours past decided he would go to the park. He dug a whole under the fence and popped out the other side and headed towards the park.

On his way there he passed a strange looking pawn shop where Midorima was buying his new lucky item. Tetsu 2 saw Midorima had noticed him and made a run for it before Midorima could catch him. Running away from Midorima he came across Kise who was being bombarded by his fans and almost got stepped on. Kise noticed and tried to pick up Tetsu 2 but unfortunately Tetsu 2 scampered away just in time. Upon running from Kise and his screaming fans Tetsu 2 came a crossed Murasakibara eating a Popsicle when he remembered he forgot to eat lunch. So when Murasakibara wasn’t paying attention he jumped up and ate his Popsicle and ran away. Murasakibara was mad and tried to chase Tetsu 2 but failed to keep up. Finally Tetsu 2 reached his destination the park. But before he could fully get into his favorite spot the sandbox he had to get by Momoi and Aomine. Momoi was standing there scolding Aomine for sleeping on a park bench. She noticed Tetsu 2 and motioned to Aomine to help her catch him but thankfully a bird landed on Momoi’s shoulder and stole the ribbon out of her hair distracting Momoi and Aomine for enough time for Tetsu 2 to get away. Finally Tetsu 2 reached the sand box. He won! After all the challenges of avoiding the danger he got his sweet reward and started to dig to his little puppies heart content.

While Tetsu 2 was digging his hole he started to fling sand everywhere. Not noticing where his sand was going he heard a low distasteful sigh. “What the heck is this” someone said in a low scary voice. Timidly Tetsu 2 looked up slowly. He was shocked to find the person who said this was Akashi and he was sitting there on the bench next to the sandbox reading a basketball manga covered in sand. For a few minutes they stared at each other. Not a single movement from the both of them. Then all of a sudden Akashi leaps up and lunges towards Tetsu 2. Tetsu 2 tried to run but it was too late. He was being held up by the scruff of his neck by Akashi. Tetsu 2 was terrified he knew what kind of trouble Akashi was and was scared of getting hurt. He locked eyes with Akashi once more. It seem like hours past in Tetsu 2 little doggy world when it was only a few minutes. Akashi opens his mouth to yell something. Tetsu 2 thinking this is the end of his puppy life started to whine and think of how much he wished he stayed home and been a good dog and waited for Kuroko to return. All of a sudden with a loud squeal of delight that you would hear come from a little boy on his birthday opening his presents and finding what he really wanted. Akashi hugged Tetsu 2 tight and rolled around on the ground hugging him. “He’s is so cute! I just want to take him home and keep him!” Akashi squealed. Akashi then began to dig in the sandbox with Tetsu 2. Tetsu 2 having the time of his life made a new friend and wasn’t feeling lonely. After it started to getting dark Akashi and Tetsu 2 parted ways after Akashi walked Tetsu 2 home making sure he got in the yard safely and filled in the hole under the fence. Tetsu 2 feeling so tired fell asleep in his puppy bed in Kuroko’s bedroom.

That night Kuroko came home from practice noticed something was off. Tetsu 2 didn’t come to greet him like normal. He went and searched the house and found dirty paw prints everywhere. Getting irritated at the mess left by Tetsu 2. He started towards the stairs madly and where the paw prints lead to his room. Kuroko seeing Tetsu 2 sleeping peacefully. Kuroko decided to forgive him, started back down stairs to clean up the mess when his cell rang. He got a text from Kise. It contained a small video clip with a caption “Guess what we saw”. The clipped contained Akashi snuggling and playing with Tetsu 2 in the sandbox and Akashi acting like a little kid. Kuroko chuckled and said to himself “And they think I am the soft one.”

Few hours before this The Generations of Miracles and Momoi ran into each other in the park. They all looked at each other and asked “What are you doing here?!” They all replied “Looking for Tetsu 2!” Hearing a commotion on the other side of the bushes; they all moved silently and crouched down in the bushes peering out to find Akashi covered in dirt and starring at Tetsu 2. They all tried looking away thinking it’s the end for Tetsu 2 it’s hopeless. Then they saw the most unreal thing, Akashi’s love for dogs. Kise seeing this taped it to show everyone that even the big mean scary Akashi has a cute side.

A few months’ later Seirin VS Rakuzan in the Winter Cup finals. Kagami run’s into Akashi in the hallway. Akashi turns to Kagami with an evil smile. “So we meet again Kagami. I hope you don’t get hurt this time and stay out of my way..” “Hehe I am not afraid of you softy! Nor will I ever be.” Kagami replied while reaching into his pocket holding up his cell reviling the video. Akashi’s smile fades. “KKKKIIIIISSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”

(My messed up picture of Akashi and his Tetsu 2 love LOL)

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"A New Friend" by Melanie/MugiwaraMelTitan

“Yo!” Kagami said confidently as Kuroko walked across the court towards him. One on one against Kuroko…this will be a nice practice. Good. Easy; he thought to himself.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Of course” Kuroko said in his usual calm voice.

Kagami was starting to get excited to play because, of course, we all know how much he loves basketball. He was confident. That was until Number 2 suddenly ran up from behind Kuroko and his confidence shriveled up like a deflated balloon.

“W-what is he doing here?!” Kagami asked sheepishly.

“Well I told him I was going for practice and he seemed eager to come along. Besides, you could do with getting to know Number 2 more because you shriek whenever you see him.”

“I do not!” Kagami exclaimed. “It’s just weird how you have to bring him everywhere…”

Kagami was trying to hide his fright to avoid looking weak in front of Kuroko.

‘Let’s just play, okay?” Kuroko asked.

Their game began. Kagami flew past Kuroko and made a powerful dunk. And again. One after another, Kagami was making points. Kuroko couldn’t use his misdirection in a one on one with Kagami, but that was okay because he had a plan.

“Come on!” he said loudly towards the side of the court.

“What are you doing? C’mon let’s play, Kuroko!” Kagami said excitedly.

But before he could finish working out what Kuroko was doing, Number 2 came running onto the court towards Kagami.

“N-no…go away. Go towards Kuroko.”

Kagami was backing away, not paying attention to the fact that Kuroko had the ball and was going for the basket.

Kagami snapped back into gear momentarily and went to stop Kuroko. That was until Number 2 let out a small yelp and Kagami fumbled and completely missed his block. Kuroko scored.

“Damn…” Kagami muttered under his breath. “I can’t let that dog get to me. It’s just a…d-dog.”

“You okay, Kagami?” Kuroko asked with a smile.

“Of course! Let’s go!”

The second round began and Kagami was back to scoring, but not as many because he was still aware of Number 2 being within close range of him. He definitely wasn’t on top of his game. With each movement or sound Number 2 made, a corresponding mistake came from Kagami; fumbles, missed shots, lost ball possession.

This dog is really getting to me. Okay Kagami, man up! It’s not even half your size! He thought to himself. He was getting serious.

Number 2 let out a small yelp-cheer for his pal Kuroko as him and Kagami continued with the game. This time, the yelp didn’t faze Kagami at all. He kept his eyes on the ball and the net. He took the ball from Kuroko and sped towards the other end of the court where Kuroko’s net was. Number 2 was there, under the hoop, waiting for Kagami. He hesitated, wondering if he should continue running knowing Number 2 was there.
He shook his head and carried on running, trying to ignore the (adorable) puppy he saw as such a threat. Number 2 yelped. Kagami gulped; and in one brave motion, Kagami leapt over Number 2 and landed one last powerful dunk and won the game.

I did it!

After their practice game, Kagami and Kuroko sat on the bench rehydrating and thinking over each of their moves. Number 2 came to join them which scared Kagami at first, but when he saw Kuroko interacting with him so lovingly, Kagami warmed up a bit.

“See, Kagami?” Kuroko smiled. “Number 2 isn’t bad.”

It’s kinda cute I guess…Stupid dog. Kagami thought, smiling inwardly.

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Midorima's Lucky Item

"What?!" Kagami exclaimed, eyes wide with surprise which quickly turned into excitement. "You heard me," said Ryouta Kise, former member of the Generation of Miracles. Kise, upon realization that his defeat which he suffered to Kagami and Kuroko was a practice game and not official, decided that he could get back at Kagami for such embarrassment by way of another practice game. This is what their conversation was about. Coach Riko, seeing the value of the game, agreed to it. This was a couple of days before the preliminaries to the Winter Cup.

And so the battle between Seirin and Kaijou commenced. Kise, having copied Aomine's technique at the 2nd game of the quarter-finals of the Interhigh, used a little of such technique, knowing the risks. He had a crowd of fangirls cheering him on while Seirin had only Number 2, the team dog. Kise grew tired from the technique, and started slowing down in the beginning of the third quarter, though they had a 20-point lead.

Meanwhile, Midorima, upon hearing of this rematch, realized that he was the only Generation of Miracles player that was officially defeated by Kagami and Kuroko. So, he wanted to see the game, after retrieving the lucky item of the day, of course. Today's item was proving difficult to get hold of, and when he finally got it, he dropped and broke it as he was leaving. So, after thirty minutes, he at last fixed it, good as new. He would arrive at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

"Awww, how cute!" screamed the crowd of fangirls. This exclamation made the players look at the sight. What they saw was Number 2 playing with a robotic dog like it was his best friend. The robotic dog was the day's lucky item. At this display of adorableness, the teams lost their resolution to continue. And thus, in this way, the rematch was ended with most of the fourth quarter remaining, Kaijou leading 72-60.
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Kagami's Foolish Adventure
KnB fanfic

Kagami grumbles to himself as he steps onto the street basketball court, basketball in hand. The coach had a family event so they didn't have club practice on that particular day. Normally Kagami would have felt ecstatic with the news but lately, after playing and winning against Aomine, he felt as if he was on fire. He wanted to play basketball.

He started with dribbling the ball, then moved forward and made a jump shot. Still feeling unsatisfied the grabbed the ball and dunked it in leaving the rim trembling at his sheer power. Kagami leant down pick up the basketball feeling more of his element now.

"Arf!" Barked something behind him.

Kagami a senses immediately went on high alert. He had a great distaste for dogs and even though he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, he was smart enough to know that "Arf!" came from a dog. And he did not like dogs.

Turning around, he fell back suddenly in a scene of comedial humor. Four legged, tail wagging, Number 2 sat on the court, his blue eyes unblinking.

"Number 2?!" It came out as more of a question than a statement. As far as Kagami was concerned, Number 2 belonged to Kuroko, and the teal headed boy lived at least a mile way. So why was Number 2 here?

Mind whirling, Kagami sat down, his back against the chain link fence that enclosed the area of the basketball court. Kuroko didn't always bring Number 2 to school as the principal was irked by the dog because of his fear of said dogs, but somehow, the coach, Aida Riko took it upon herself to convince the principal to let the dog into school. As everyone the expected, the middle aged man was irked by the fact that he had lost control of the school to a sixteen year old girl.

Which brought Kagami back to his problem: why was Number 2 here?

For a brief moment, Kagami wondered if Number 2 had ran away. Anyways, Kagami knew how much Kuroko loved his dog, and knew that if any harm was to come to said dog in which Kagami could've fixed, Kuroko was definitely going to have his hide. Then, Kuroko's annoying friends from the Generation of Miracles will join in. Kagami didn't want that. He already lost as much as it is with the Spartan training he went through during basketball practice.

"I guess I'll have to take you with me then," Kagami says to the dog. Feet trembling, Kagami picks himself up and takes off his hoodie. He then proceeds to walking slowly towards Number Two. Leaping forward he aimed to catch Number 2 with his sweater but he failed miserably.

Number 2 cocked his to the side innocently, before trotting outside the court. Kagami picked himself up, feeling his adrenaline pumping. He wiped his mouth and ran after the dog, knocking into a teenage girl with headphones on who sent him an evil look. If looks could kill then Kagami would already be dead.

"Get back here!!!"

Sneakers pounding against the sidewalk, he rounded a corner, his eyes narrowing at the small figure darting in and out of the pedestrians legs. Kagami counted himself lucky though. The streets were mostly deserted which made chasing the dog faster.

Number 2 stopped suddenly, sitting down near the entrance of the train station. Kagami grinned like a predator as he neared the dog. "I got you now!"


Kagami dove forward, his hoodie in hand but caught nothing but a faceful of dirt. He let out a string of curses, passing adults staring at him in shock. A woman nearby sent him a disapproving look as she herded a child away.

Getting up tiredly, Kagamo started running again, concentrating on Number 2's retreating figure. Number 2 rounded another corner. Kagami followed the dog and immediately recognized where he was. Drinking in his surroundings, Kagami realized then that Number 2 was standing in front of the entrance to a fast food restaurant.

Eyes twitching, Kagami moved forward and then dove. By then, he had attracted the attention of all the people in the surrounding area. Kagami could only imagine how he looked. His shirt was cake with dirt from all the times he fell, his hair sticking in all the wrong places, and his gray hoodie was in tatters.

Still on the ground, Kagami was sure that he would never live this down if anyone from Seirin saw him like this. Number 2 stared at him mockingly. Kagami moaned as Number 2 prodded Kagami's cheek with his paw. Kagami's body was sore and it hurt everywhere.

"Kagami-kun, what are you doing?" Someone said from above Kagami.

Kagami stood up and was surprised to find Kuroko staring at him blankly.

"Kuroko! What are you doing here?"

"I'm visiting my aunt who lives here," says Kuroko. Kuroko pointed to a nearby apartment complex as to indicate where his aunt lived. "She told me to get some food and to take Number 2 out. The restaurant wouldn't let him in so I told him to take a walk."

Number 2 barked his consent as he nudged Kuroko.

"Wait so Number 2 wasn't running away?"

Kuroko looked at him emotionlessly. "Kagami-kun, for such a strong basketball player, you really suck at making guesses."

Kagami scowled. "Shut up."

"Well, I have to get going. See you tomorrow, Kagami-kun." Kuroko waved goodbye before walking away.

Kagami gaped like a fish out of the water. He felt beyond foolish for having made such a big fool out of himself over Number 2 when the whole time, there wasn't any problem to begin with.

Kagami really disliked dogs.
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Midorima stared blankly at the words across his phone screen. Normally, his lucky item would be something easy to obtain and handle. But this time, he needed something living.

His lucky item was a dog.

“Midorima… what are you doing with Number 2?!” Kagami ran towards Midorima, who was securely holding Kuroko’s pet in his arms. He took him from Seirin when no one was watching. Midorima didn’t feel like dealing with Kagami’s temper; he was already on edge enough having to take care of this dog all day. He recalled overhearing Kuroko saying that Kagami is afraid of dogs, so he lifted Number 2 to Kagami’s face.

“Gah, what are you doing!?” Kagami stumbled backwards. Midorima took his chance to escape. He dashed off at the speed of sound, ignoring Kagami’s demands to return Number 2 to Seirin.

Takao immediately pounced on him when he got to Shutoku. “Hahaha! What’s this, Shin-chan? He’s so cute!” Midorima grunted in annoyance at his hyperactive teammate. Takao started grabbing for Number 2 while Midorima skillfully dodged him. “Come on Shin-chan! Let me play with him!”

“No. He’s my lucky item. He isn’t a toy. Now calm down, it’s time for practice.”
All eyes shot to Midorima when he and Takao entered the gym. Or rather shot to what was in his arms. “O-oi, should you really have a dog in here?”

“Of course, he is my lucky item after all.” His teammates tried to ignore the little guest in their court, but a cute dog makes it hard to focus.

“Midorima, I can’t concentrate with this dog staring at me…” He got the same complaint from other team members but brushed it off. He’s the best player on the team, obviously, why would what the others feel matter? A loud yap broke his train of thought. He locked eyes with the source of the noise. Number 2 had been staring at him for a few minutes.

Something slammed into Midorima’s body. “Oi, Shin-chan. You need to focus.” Takao lightly shoved him in annoyance.

Number 2’s barking became more distracting. More of the players started tripping and missing shots. A lot of them took random breaks to go play with their cute guest.

“Midorima, you really need to return him to Seirin. He’s ruining practice and is clearly not all that lucky.” All eyes were on Midorima again, this time begging him to call Kuroko to pick up the distraction.

“F-fine.” Midorima hesitantly punched in Kuroko’s number. “Kuroko… I need you to pick up your dog…”

“What? You’re the one that took him? I’ve been looking everywhere. I’ll be there right away. Please ask next time you want to borrow him, Midorima-kun.”

Kuroko got to Shutoku and retrieved his pet. The team affectionately said their goodbyes to Number 2. They were so wrapped up in seeing Number 2 off that they didn’t see Midorima exit the school and go home.

Without a lucky item, Midorima was too afraid to leave his bed until the next day.
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My attempt. lol. under 500 words.

What Makes A Team

Every team member is of importance. The cohesive way they work together, one’s weakness being turned into a strength through trust and teamwork. The court is where these differences become strengths. Possibilities.

It’s almost time for the start of the game, the time where the tension is palpable on the courtside. Everyone reacts to this differently. Kagami has the look of a predator as he readjusting the laces of his shoes. Kogane is doing his best to lighten the mood joking with Izuki about Izuki’s most recent ridiculous pun. Riko and Junpei are fervently discussing weaknesses in the opponents guard. Kagami starts to do stretches as the people in the stands go crazy. It's my turn to do my part. I approach him and catch him off guard as usual. He jumps and tenses looking down.

"W-WHAT DO YOU WANT? DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO SNEAK UP ON PEOPLE LIKE THAT!?" He exclaims with exasperation. Some of the tension that was building in his shoulders relax. Kagami stares with a mixture of a forced smile and grimace.

“We will do fine don't worry, we've prepared for this."

With the sound of the buzzer Kagami runs onto the court.

“Okay everyone head out there!” Riko exclaimed.

”Seirin High! Let’s show them what we are made of!” Junpei yells a dark smile forming on his face.

The sound of both sides fans screaming, the squeaking of rubber shoes on the floor, the rhythmic *THUMP* *THUMP* of the basketball being dribbled emanating on the court. It’s hard to sit by and watch, wanting to be out there making a difference, but everyone has their time and place on the team. The jersey has a weight, connecting us to one another. I can only do what is within my power, I make my way over to Riko letting my presence be known.

“It’s going to be a tough one.” She say meeting my blue eyes.

I try to let her know it will be all right, after all I see the quick fluttering of the Seirin High # 11 jersey. If anyone could make it work, it is this team. The opponent doesn’t know what hits him as Kuroko redirects the opponent’s ball to Kagami who slams basketball into the hoops net with a *SWOOSH*.

The crowd goes wild.


Riko laughs at my outburst “Your right Tetsuya #2 they will be fine.” She says as she picks me up, running her hands on my black fur and takes a seat at the bench.

Every member of the Seirin High School Basketball Team has a place. I wear my # 16 with pride, supporting anyway I can even if it’s on the bench.

From the court Tetsuya # 2 can’t hear Kagami make a passing comment to Kuroko.

“Nice assist Kuroko! Though I still can’t stand your dog…”

Kuroko looks over towards the bench meeting my eyes with a very slight curve of the lips and a nod.

This game is only the beginning.
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I've never written fanfic before but thought this sounded like fun. So here goes nothing.

He was a phantom; an unfortunate being that had gone practically his whole life unnoticed by everyone. People walked by him every day and didn’t even pay him a pacing glance. He just looked up at the bright, brilliant world around him with large, innocent, baby blue eyes. He observed everything. He took it all in. He didn’t really seem to belong anywhere. The place he had once called his own was now just a memory, a place he could only go to in his mind. Those who had once surrounded him had now abandoned him, placing him in naught but a box from which he couldn’t break free. Enclosed on all sides he sat there day after day not even attempting to escape. He had no idea how to. What did he have to learn? How much did he have to grow until he acquired the skills necessary to get out of his prison? Could he do it himself? Should he? He waited for someone to come along and help him, though deep down he didn’t really expect anyone to. After all, he was nothing. He was invisible. Nobody saw him and if they did they simply didn’t care. What right did he have to leave the confines of this container in which he was purposefully placed and find his way, his own style of life? For those who are neither seen nor cared for, it can seem as though the concept of life is forfeit. All that changed when one person looked. One person saw what others could not, would not, did not want to see. This person stopped and this person looked.

Just as every preceding day, he sat in solitude in his little spot and watched the world go by. Just as every preceding day, the sun hung high in the cloudless sky and shone golden strings of light through the gaps between the leaves of the nearby trees as they gently swayed in the warm breeze. He marveled at the beautiful sight as tranquility washed over him. For a moment, all became silent. But then, the sound of approaching footsteps caught his attention. It certainly had to be another person that would coldly walk by. Not this time, however. He looked up and found a young man meet his gaze. He knew immediately that this person was not just some passerby. He was different. He became entranced by this quiet young man and refused to break his stare. He felt a connection, a shared experience, a bond that would prove to save him from his life of invisibility inside his cardboard box. They were the same and he knew it from the beginning. Not just in the likeness of their eyes, but in the circumstances that had shaped their lives as well. Overjoyed to have finally encountered someone that noticed him, he let out a welcoming bark and wagged his black, curly tail unceasingly. The short young man with light blue hair proceeded to wrap his hands around the dog’s furry midsection and lift him out of the box. As he attempted to cradle him in his arms the dog scrambled up the teenager and made himself comfortable atop his head. The youth chuckled lightly and they both knew that it was a perfect match.

He took the dog off his head and set him down gently back inside of the box. The dog felt worried and dejected but only for a brief second, because as quickly as he was put down, the entire box was raised off the ground, gripped securely by the young man. He left the park with the dog and never looked back, never regretted his decision to take in the poor pooch. As it turns out, this guy was a high school student on his way to basketball practice. Once he had reached the gym, he was greeted by his teammates; his friends. He unabashedly showed them his new companion and they were just as taken with the cute doggie as the first young man was. Though, at first, the tall red head was not so enthralled by his sudden appearance. But with time he warmed up to him. They gave him a name, Tetsuya Number Two, and a jersey, number 16, and officially made him a part of their team. Thus the once phantom canine had now found a place where he was noticed, a place where he was loved, in short a place where he could honestly belong.

I hope that whomever read this enjoyed it. But even if you didn't, thanks for taking the time to read it anyway.
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“Nigou! I’m home,” the blue-headed Preschooler called as he opened the door. He patiently waited for the little dog to run over and give him a kiss attack. He cocked his head to the side when he didn’t see the small husky.

He walks into his mother’s study to find her printing out some papers. “Okaa-san, I can’t find Nigou anywhere,” Tetsuya pouts. His mother pales. “Well you see Tetsuya,” she starts, “Nigou won’t be home for a while because he’s lost.”

Tetsuya tilts his head at her. “Okaa-san, what’s ‘lost’?” he inquired. “Well you see Tetsuya ‘lost’ means that Nigou can’t find his way home and will not be here for a while,” she explained. He stared at her blankly for a minute.

Then he burst into tears. “NIGOU! NIGOU!” he cried out. His mother automatically rushes to his side to comfort him. “Hush, Tetsuya, I promise we will find Nigou soon,” she cooed to him.

He soon cries himself to sleep. Looking at her son mournfully, she tucks him into bed. “I’m sorry, Tetsuya,” she said softly.


Tetsuya slowly opens his eyes to the morning sun. He reaches over. “Oh yeah, Nigou is gone…” he mutters blankly. He climbs out of bed and heads to the Kitchen.

“Good morning Tetsuya,” she says cheerfully hoping to cheer up her dejected son. He just looks down at his breakfast. “Say, why don’t we hang up these flyers of Nigou while I walk you to school?” his mother said hoping to cheer him up.

Tetsuya brightens slightly and gives a small nod in response. Smiling at her son’s change in attitude, the female Kuroko picks up the ‘lost dog’ flyers and pulls her son out the door.

They hang flyers on every post in sight and hope to find Nigou along the way. Soon the Kuroko duo end up in front of Teiko Preschool. “Have fun at school Tetsuya and don’t worry, Nigou will come home soon,” she assures him and sends him off.

He slides open the class door to see that the chaos has already begun. “Tetsuya-cchi!” Ryouta yells as he attempts to glomp Tetsuya. Tetsuya swiftly dodges Ryouta only to have Daiki put half his weight on him.

“What’s wrong Tetsu? You seem down,” Daiki asked. “What?! Is Tetsuya-cchi sad?!” Ryouta yells out over-dramatically. “Daiki, Ryouta that’s enough. Leave Tetsuya alone,” Seijuro ordered, “Nigou went missing.”

Both boys backed off. “Neh, Tetsu-chin, do you want some vanilla candy?” Atsushi asked hoping to cheer up his small friend. He opens his mouth to accept the candy. “Here is your lucky item and Aquarius is ranked number 2 today,” Shintarou said as he handed Tetsuya a stuffed husky. Satsuki just hugs him.

“Thank you everyone,” he said with a bow. “Don’t worry Tetsu-chan. Nigou will come back, we can even search for him,” she said. “Alright everyone, follow me. We will search for Nigou now,” Seijuro announced. All the toddlers lined behind Seijuro and started for the door.

But are quickly stopped by an obstacle at the door. “Hold it right there, mischievous brats,” a man with red hair darker than Seijuro’s. “But Taiga-nii, we want to find Nigou,” Daiki whined. Taiga automatically pales at the mention of the “demon” dog.

“W-wait, what do you mean by ‘find’ Nigou?” Taiga questioned. “Nigou is lost Taiga-nii. He wasn’t home yesterday,” Tetsuya answered. Taiga looked at the kids before him only to see puppy eyes. ‘Ugh, what do I do?’ Taiga thought.

“Alright already! Stop with the puppy eyes. We’ll look for Nigou,” Taiga gave in. “YAY!” they all called out. “Thank you Taiga-nii,” Tetsuya said. Taiga just smiled and picked the boy up, “Let’s go find Nigou. Okay, Tetsu.”

They all start walking to the park with Seijuro leading and Taiga in the back carrying Tetsuya. “NIGOU! WHERE ARE YOU!” they all started to yell at the park.

They kept this up for 2 hours until Taiga said it was time to head back to be picked up. This left Tetsuya dejected.

“I’m sorry we didn’t find Nigou, Tetsuya-cchi,” Ryouta said to him. “It’s all right Ryouta-kun. He’ll come home soon,” Tetsuya reassured. “Tetsu-chin,” Atsushi mumbled as he held out a bag of vanilla candy. Tetsuya knew this was his friend’s way of consoling him. “Thank you, Atsushi-kun,” and with that he accepted the bag.

“I hope Nigou comes home. N-not that I care or anything,” the tsundere said to him. Before he could reply, a tuft of pink hair tackled him down followed by a clump of dark blue hair. “Don’t worry Tetsu-kun, Nigou will come back soon,” she said with a big grin. Daiki just nods in agreement. “Thank you, everyone,” he said with a slight smile on his usually impassive face.

“Tetsuya, come here,” Seijuro commanded after he finished watching everyone. Seijuro starts walking out of the classroom with Tetsuya following.

They arrive at the backyard of the school and sat down on the porch. After a few moments of silence Seijuro spoke. “I know that nothing can replace Nigou, but you can fill another part of your heart with someone special in place of Nigou. He will always have a special place in your heart Tetsuya, but I am willing to fill that other place in your heart. I’ll make you happy so will you marry me and let me be that person?” Seijuro said as he extended his pinky.

Tetsuya’s eyes widen, but soon took Seijuro’s pinky as a silent yes. “NO! Tetsuya-cchi will marry me!” Ryouta. “Like hell! It will be me,” Daiki. “Tetsu-Chin is mine,” Atsushi. “Aquarius are compatible with Cancer,” Shintarou. “NOOO! TETSU-KUN!” Satsuki.

“Are all of you trying to claim what is mine?” Seijuro dared. Before they could reply something barked. “NIGOU!” Tetsuya yelled when he saw the little dog. He hugged the husky. “Seijuro-kun, even though Nigou is back, you took that other place in my heart with just a few words,” he told him. “O-of course,” Seijuro replied blushing.

I swear it is 1000 words.
Title: I'll Make You Happy
Pre-School AU
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Okay, here I go!

Kagamine & Number 2's Special Day.

It was a typical day for Kagamine, he woke up at his usual time, brushed his teeth, got dressed and went out for his daily morning basketball practice. But never did he notice the presence right beside him…

“Woah! When the hell did you get here, Kuroko?!” cried Kagamine as he collapsed on the floor from the surprise.
“Eh? I stayed over your house, remember? So, I’ve been here since you woke up,” said Kuroko in a still manner.
“Huh?! I don’t remember any of this!” exclaimed Kagamine as he was trying to figure out what was going on.
“…Not even the promise from last night?” asked Kuroko in a slightly more tense voice.
“Promise?” questioned Kagamine as he was starting to get a bad feeling to what it was.
“How much exactly do you remember from last night?” queried Kuroko.
“Erm…that we out to celebrate our victory in the match we had. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet and I ate the food there and more food and...Huh? I don’t remember anymore …” said Kagamine.
“You really don’t remember everything that happened afterwards?” asked Kuroko.
“No…” muttered Kagamine with a downhearted face as he tried to recall his memories.
“I’ll tell you what happened then, the workers made a mistake with your drink order. So, you were drinking alcohol all along by accident but since you were acting normal, we didn’t realise until that happened in the restaurant. We all quickly realised something was wrong and found out you were drunk. We then took you home before you’d cause any trouble but once we arrived at your home you threw up on me. I gave you some water to drink and I think you became sober after that and apologised, telling me stay over as the others already left and it was late at night.” explained Kuroko.
“What was that? What about the promise you mentioned earlier as well?” queried Kagamine.
“You don’t want to know… Oh, the promise was to just look after Number 2 this Saturday though,” casually said Kuroko.
“Just what was that?! No, wait a second! More importantly, what was that last part again???” worryingly cried Kagamine.
“Looking after Number 2?” replied Kuroko.
“Did I really promise you that?! I must have been very drunk to say that! I’m sorry but can you just forget all about that little promise?” reasoned Kagamine as he was trying to escape the reality.
“But I already arranged everything and Number 2 is really looking forward to it, I can only rely on you for this since everybody else is too busy,” told Kuroko as he was looking up at Kagamine with his puppy dog eyes.
“Ugh, anyways there’s absolutely no way I’m doing it!” claimed Kagamine.

That Saturday morning:
It was a lovely, bright, sunny day with a clear blue sky. But lower down in a certain person’s home it was surrounded by a heavy, dense darkness as though as it’d been cursed…
“Thanks again for keeping your promise to look after Number 2, Kagamine,” politely said Kuroko while holding Number 2 in his arms.
“Arf!” barked Number 2 in agreement with Kuroko.
Kagamine who had the face like he’d seen the end of the world immediately backed away into the corner of the house.
“How did this happen~?!” screamed Kagamine in his mind.
Kagamine finally started to speak “ I really need to look after him?” begged Kagamine in a desperate voice.
“You’re the only one I can count on, Kagamine. So, I’ll be leaving him in your care and I’ll come back to pick him up at around 9pm. Don’t forget to take him on a walk, feed him and give him a bath if necessary,” said Kuroko.
He then patted Number 2’s head and waved goodbye Kagamine as he left.
“Nooooooo! Don’t leave me with him!!” was what Kagamine was crying out with all his might inside.
And as Kagamine was doing this, Number 2 was walking towards him but instantly Kagamine saw and sprinted away from him.
“T..there’s a good boy...stay over there!” ordered Kagamine to Number 2.
“Arf?” barked Number as he just continued to follow up to Kagamine.
“Ahhhh! Stay away!” cried Kagamine as he was desperately avoiding all close contact with Number 2.
Of course, our dear little Number 2 didn’t understand what Kagamine was doing and thought it must have been some sort of game and decided to chase after Kagamine like in tag. This only resulted in a even more terrified Kagamine, who was then running for his life all over the house. Eventually, they both tired out and their stomachs were growling of hunger from the exhaustion. This was when they called for a truce and stopped chasing each other. Kagamine was still very wary of him and kept his distance but started to prepare a meal for himself and Number 2. And once the meal was finished they both dug in and enjoyed it to the fullest and had slowly fell fast asleep after filling their stomachs.

Later that day…
The door steadily opened and Kuroko popped his head inside Kagamine’s home.
“Oh? He forgot to lock the door. Kagamine?” said Kuroko.
He then found to his surprise, Kagamine and Number 2 sleeping soundly together on the floor.
“Looks like he’s no longer afraid of Number 2,” smiled Kuroko.
He then thought it’d be a shame to separate them and secretly took a commemorative photo of the two.
“ Kuroko? When did you get here?” mumbled Kagamine as he got up.
But then immediately his heart was beating like crazy as he felt something furry and warm beside his arm and gradually he looked down to unexpectedly see Number 2 cuddled up onto his arm. The shock was too much and in a blink of an eye he fainted swiftly with his mind drifting off back to lalaland once more.

“So much so the reconciliation between him and Number 2,” announced Kuroko.

The End
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~this was my first time writing an anime fanfic!(i hope its not too bad) thank you for taking the time to read my story in advancement!:D~

"Uh Kuroko.." Kagami seemed unsure on whether to wake up Kuroko or not. It had been a long day at practice with the rest of the team and Kuroko as usual had pushed himself too hard and had immediately fallen asleep on Kagami shoulder as they were getting ready to leave. Kagami felt Kurokos forehead and frowned in displeasement. "You idiot youre burning up! you shouldnt push yourself so hard!" Kagami turned to the conveniently placed vending machine and took out two cold refreshmets. Kagami carefully placed one of the refreshments ontop of Kurokos burning forehead. Kuroko seemed to relax under it.

"Woof! Woof!" #2 barked happily as he entered the nearly empty hallway. "SHHH #2!" Kagami nearly screamed and gestered towards the sleeping Kuroko. #2's ears and tail sank low. "Er..r.." Kuroko began to make move alittle next to Kagami. #2 sat impatiently as he watched Kagami care for Kuroko, he strongly wanted to cuddle up next to Kuroko. Kagami turned to the sound of #2 pleading with two big blue begging eyes. "Huh?..*sigh* Fine come here #2"

"Arf! Arf!" #2 immediatly jumped up and cuddled up between Kuroko and Kagami."I guess it'd be bad if i just woke him up now..hey #2 youre pretty warm." Kagami said as he began to fall asleep.

*next morning*
"EH?!? #2 YOU LITTLE SHIT!!" Kagami had woken up to #2 having a little "accident" on his lap.
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A Dog's Life

''Kagami I think it's about time you learn how to get along with Number 2. I mean, don't you feel ashamed by being so frighten by him? Plus he's our mascot. Who can possible play on a team and fear their mascot? It's just sad.''

''What are you trying to say?''

''You should see the world at his eye level.''


''That's right. Kagami I'm turning you into a dog.''



*Cough cough*

Man, what kind of smoke was that?! Making me cough like that. Oh well, not like what he said could be tru-


Adorable paws, a swift lovable tail and a very strong urge to lick others... This can't be true!

*Arf arf*

''Looks like I have a new playmate. Though, I'd never would of guessed it would be the guy that was scared of me.''

''Number 2 ?!'' *Whimper whimper*

''Looks like he's still afraid of me Kuroko.''

''Hmm. It appears so. Looks like we'll need the others help.''


Kagami, the adorable little pup, was now staring at the entire gang.

Is this how we usually look like to Number 2? We're giants!

''Oh, looks like Kagami's a dog now.'' Kise pointed out.

''Hmph. That wimp. Trying to get out of competing with me.'' Aomine snorted.

''I'll give you a new haircut.'' Akashi said while grinning menacingly.

''Now that you're a dog, you shall fulfill the position of being my lucky item Kagami!'' Midorima exclaimed.

''Kagami, will you still be able to eat snacks? And if not can I have your snacks?'' Murasakibara said while eating melon bread.

The Generation Of Miracles were even more intimidating. Kagami felt like putting his fluffy tail between his legs and running away. As a dog it was just impossible to stand in front of them and not be scared. Impossible!

As Kagami whimpered in fear, Number 2 casually strolled passed him and stood in front of the 'giants'.

Seeing that reminded him of all those times Number 2 had done the exact same thing. As a dog they all looked like giants and yet Number 2 had never ran away from them nor did he fear them.

Even though they look so intimidating with their size, he still fearlessly goes up to them! Wow!

At that moment Kagami felt deep respect for Number 2.

''All hail Number 2!'' Kagami said suddenly and started to bow down in front of Number 2 with his adorable little paws.

*Giggle giggle*

Looks like Kagami now understands me better. That's good, that's good.

Pleased with the scene Number 2 smiled as Kagami contiuned to bow before him.


''...ber 2''

''Number 2''

Mm. Who could that be?

''Did you have a nice dream Number 2?''

Yawning a bit, Number 2 nodded to Kuroko as he sluggishly looked around.

Hmm. That's right... Everyone gathered up to have a friendly match... It seems like they're taking a break now... Let's see Aomine, Kise... Seems like everyone is here... Oh wait where's... Ah, there's Kagami and he has a tail... Hmm? Kagami has a tail?!

Number 2's eyes widen as he stared at Kagami. Slowly the tail disappeared and he started to think that he must of been seeing things. Really now. It's not like his dream was going to be real. Haha. That would be silly.

''It was real, but we're the only ones who'll remember.''

Number 2 stared at Kuroko blankly for a while and tried to process what he said to him.


If that was the case Kuroko, you could of let me enjoy Kagami's bowing a bit more now couldn't you?
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This Is Kuroko's Basketball

I'm sick of always winning...


They hear the sound of the basketball hitting the rim, and not in the basket. There's that shine of hope that's glittering their eyes again, and I once again hear the booming thumps they'd create as their feet slam against the floor.

"Rebound!" Akashi-kun ordered his team, and his eyes widened to spectate me running back to defend, instead of my usual rebound I'd always win against Murasakibara-kun. Aomine-kun dribbled hard on the basketball, passing it to Kise-kun who used that split second to look up, and find Kuroko-kun running closer to the basket. This, is more like it. Kuroko-kun catched the ball with ease, dribbling the ball when he spotted me already defending the basket, just asking for the rebound. He hesitated, but he kept going - my grin comes back to life, as we both jump at the same time. And when my grin disappeared, so did the distance between me and the basket, when Kuroko-kun accidentally slammed my head against the rim with the basketball, and the last thing I felt was the pain of landing on the floor, and tears coming down like rain, on my pale cheeks.

A Year Later...

There it was again: the same breeze I adored for cooling the blazing heat from the sun's rays. I twisted my luminous light gold hair in knots, suddenly remembering what happened after the incident:

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, Akari," Kuroko-kun kept saying over and over, shaking his head like he was so frustrated with himself. I could only move in the hospital bed, but I was finally able to sit straight, asking for contact from his eyes.

"I'll stop playing basketball... I don't want to hurt anybody anymore and-"

"No," I interrupted. "No... Kuroko-kun... You musn't. You can't just quit just because I got a little scratch, alright?" I asked, hoping he wouldn't notice all the bandages that would heal my not-so-little scratch. "Promise me Kuroko-kun, that you won't quit." He kept his head down. "Look at me." I demanded, but he was too weak from guilt to raise his head. "Look at me." Kuroko-kun finally looked up into my eyes. "If you can't do it for you, do it for me. So promise me, Kuroko-kun, that you won't quit basketball, that you won't ever quit playing. Promise me."

His light blue eyes were so tinted with guilt, that it soon infected me, but when he squeezed my hand, I knew that once I heal, I'll be able to play with him and the others once more as he answered with:

"I promise."

I sighed. "Geez, how big is this school?" I rubbed the back of my neck, frustrated with my "new to the school" problems. But one step was all it took to have me closer to the gym, where I could now hear the bangs of the basketballs on the floor like I once did before. Wanting no more hesitations, I began to run, but then an unexpected sound caught me off guard: Arf! I looked down, and the most fluffiest dog sat in front of my feet. "KAWAII~!" I couldn't resist the level of cuteness, and I helplessly petted the dog, feeling its custom made jersey. But then I noticed his eyes, which looked ungodly familiar. It took me a few moments to find the source: "Kuroko-kun!" He barked again. "Take me to him, bud!" Arf! Maybe it was because he understanded me, or because he instantly knew who Kuroko-kun was, when he suddenly ran towards the gym, with me behind his actual tail.

Gasping for air, I was finally able to view the gym entirely, hearing soon the familiar thumps being remarked on the floor. I know he should be here somewhere - he shouldn't be hard to find, considering he had blue hair. Arf! Heh, it seems like Tetsuya #2 agreed with me; if that really is his name. At that, those booming footsteps continued, but only one stopped in the middle of the fast break. With eyes as light and blue as today's sky; a presence so thin it didn't even seem like he was there, and hair so attracting yet so invisible, it was no wonder why he was the sixth phantom man of the Generation of Miracles:

"Kuroko... Tetsuya..." I suddenly muttered under my warm breath, when we had the privilege of having eye contact. It was those sweet seconds that caused my heart to skip an eon of beats, forcing me to debate whether to turn away from his intense gaze. Luckily, he was the first to turn away, hesitating at first before he came back on offense. I could hear his panting all the way from here, noting the way he looked at me. When their point guard was able to break through his mark, he took a moment to register Kuroko-kun suddenly being near the basket with no one to defend him.

"Kuroko!" His teammate yelled, firing the ball right into his hands. And this was his moment - it was his and his only, and no one dared to take it away from him. I watched as Kuroko-kun's eyes were swiftly filling with determination. I couldn't hold it in, I just couldn't.

"Kuroko-kun!" I hollered.

But then he stopped.

He didn't just stop his drive, but he just passed it to someone else, who easily had it in the basket. He was one of the best to do a layup, even more so than Aomine-kun, who was the ace of the team. So why? Why did Kuroko-kun hesitate when those 2 points were right in front of him?

"I'll stop playing basketball... I don't want to hurt anybody anymore and-"

...Was the reason why he didn't drive to the basket, was because of that incident...? I clutched my fists - he was better than passing, he was the phantom man of the Generation of Miracles. He looped around his promise... So now...

This, is Kuroko's basketball.

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~~Hi guys!! This is akashi x kuroko :DD (um well i dont think its inappropriate at all because honestly all they do is kiss. come on guys its just one small kiss and i felt like putting it in there D: also when a word is in parentheses it means that if its considered inappropriate or something to just ignore it please and pretend its not there i might post another one with a different ending if its bad D:) Well here it is, enjoy!~


"It’s been a while, Tetsuya." Akashi purred as he started approaching him, invading Kuroko’s personal space.

"Indeed." He replied sternly.

"You sure have grown." Akashi started feeling up his arms. "That uniform suits you nicely. I must admit Seirin’s has changed you."

"Thank you, Akashi-kun." Kuroko said firmly, trying to conceal his uneasiness at Akashi’s strange behavior.

"You’re always so tense, Tetsuya. You forget that we have known each other for years. Being so cold…." Akashi whispered in his ear as he caressed his chest "…Really does hurt my feelings, you know."

Kuroko knew full well what he was doing and tried concealing the conflicted feelings in his mind.

"But…" His former teammate’s arm were wrapping around his entire body, constricting Kuroko to his whim as he kissed the top of his head, asserting his stature over him. "You’ll always be my friend."

Kuroko’s heart was pumping faster than ever, his skin hyper aware of every touch.

"No matter what you think of me, I’ll always…" His right hand was fondling Kuroko’s hair, twirling it like a particularly sadistic creature would play with its food.

"Love…" His hand was crawling along Kuroko’s right cheek now, inching closer and closer to Kuroko’s mouth.

"You…" Akashi said softly as he pulled Kuroko into a deep, (wet) kiss.

~Thanks for taking the time to read it! Like i said if the word wet is bad please pretend the story doesnt have it :)~~

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Since I submitted a story earlier without noticing the deadline, I thought I would touch up on it a bit. So here is the revised edition:

One day, Kuroko took Number 2 for a walk at the park where he would normally go to practice shooting. Kuroko gazed across the basketball court and noticed another dog that had a peculiar orange jersey on and was wearing glasses. The dog was rolling the ball around with his paws, as if he was dribbling. Kuroko glanced at number 2, and noticed that he was staring at the dog and the basketball. Number 2 barked and wagged his tail in excitement, as he hopped toward the orange jersey dog, taking kuroko by surprise as he was pulled with him by the leash. As they approached this mysterious dog, they noticed a person sauntering over to the dog from behind. Number 2 stopped in his tracks, and Kuroko looked in surprise to see Midorima, who picked up the orange jersey dog and then proceeded to fix his glasses for good measure. Kuroko now noticed that the orange jersey had shutoku written on it, and the dog even had green eyes and other facial characteristics that reminded him of Midorima.

"Midorima, what's with the dog?" asked Kuroko.

Midorima replied, "him? Why, he's my lucky item of course! His name is Kerosuke!!!" while fixing his glasses yet again.

Kuroko tried to comprehend this as he let out a noise full of confusion.

"Isn't this a little out of the ordinary for a lucky item?" thought Kuroko.
He then noticed Midorima looking down at number 2.

"Hmph! you call that dog a mascot! He looks devoid of effort, I’m sure my dog, Kerosuke, can beat him one-on-one."

Kuroko was surprised at this and thought to himself,
"I can't say for sure, but it's not like Midorima-kun!"

Nevertheless, Kuroko replied, "I'm not so sure, number 2…is not that weak!"

Midorima raised his voice, "That's why you're no good! haven't you heard? Optimal effort makes you worthy of fate's grace. Kerosuke always does his best, and he always keeps his lucky jersey on him! he will not fail!"

“Midorima! Where did you run off to?!” questioned Takao, who was strolling around the park in search of his teammate. Shortly after, a peculiar scene catches his eye.

“Eh?! What is this?!” Takao gazed in surprise to see two dogs in the middle of a basketball court, with Midorima beneath the basket on one side and Kuroko beneath the basket on the other side.

“Oh, I gotta see this!” Takao exclaimed, with a look of enjoyment on his face. He hid behind a bush to conceal himself and then perched himself so he can gaze at the incoming furry frenzy.

Kerosuke and Number 2 face off at the center ring of the basketball court, and number 2 starts out with the ball. Number 2 uses his paws to rotate the ball back and forth, all while giving a serious look and staring into Kerosuke's eyes. Kerosuke used his paw to fix his glasses, all while maintaing a serious expression. Then, as if out of nowhere ,number 2 lunges forward, and disappears right in front of Kerosuke's eyes!!!!! Kerosuke could only watch in shock.

“Huh?! Not just him, but his dog too?!” Exclaimed Takao, who was thinking back when Kuroko completely passed him with the same technique in the past.

"Impossible! He can use the vanishing drive!? Kerosukeeeee!!!" yelleed Midorima, with a shocked look on his face. Number 2 stopped in front of the basket and propped himself up with his hind legs. He threw the ball upwards with both of his paws, and made a basket.

“Amazing, Number 2!” said Kuroko, as he came running toward him.
Number 2 was wagging his tail, and turned around to face Kuroko and Arfed happily.

Midorima’s eyes were closed and he had a disappointed look on his face, but he still held his head high. Midorima grabbed Kerosuke and started walking toward Kuroko, but before he said anything, he yelled,

“Takao! I know you’re there! Come on out!” Takao stood up and approached Midorima and Kuroko.

“What, so you knew?” said Takao, who had an amusing grin on his face. Kuroko just looked at them both with a blank expression. Midorima proceeded to walk behind Takao and away from Kuroko, but he stopped.

“Kuroko…” Midorima glanced behind him toward Kuroko.
“Let’s meet again…at the Doggy Cup.”

“Yea.” Kuroko replied.

Midorima then continued to walk away, and Takao tagged behind him.
“Pffft….Doggy cup! That was really lame!” snorted Takao, who was clearly amused with the situation.

“Shut up, Takao.” Replied Midorima, with an angry look on his face.

Kuroko watched them go. He was very proud of Number 2. "Wow, I didn't know you could do that! great job!" he said as he looked down at Number 2.

Number 2 looked up at Kuroko, wagged his tail, and said with a smile, "ARF!"

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