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Posted 1/28/14 , edited 1/29/14
It was the sun that woke Kuroko up, shining at his eyes. Tired from having an exhausting practice with the guys. He got up groggily, pushing his silky blue hair out of his face when he heard whimpering at the foot of the bed. There stood #2, a dog with white and grey fluffy fur, looking at Kuroko pleadingly for a walk. Kuroko groaned as he got out of bed, putting on white sweat pants and an old tee. As they were walking around, Kuroko remembered that he needed to run some errands and decided to take the train. As Kuroko got on the train, he zoned out for a bit since he was still tired, until the intercom woke him up saying the train would be departing soon. Kuroko looked down only to notice that #2 was not with him. He immediately looked out the train’s window to see that #2 was still outside trying to locate Kuroko. As soon as Kuroko called out #2’s name, the doors closed, making Kuroko watch #2’s figure slowly shrinking. #2 looked confused as he tried to find his master. Where could he have gone? His vision was soon filled by shoes, walking all over his view. How could he find Kuroko like this? Then it hit him. Look for Kuroko’s shoes! His master had small feet so it would be easy to find him. With his new determination, he paid attention to the shoes walking by. When he was going to give up, he saw them. With a bark of happiness he ran towards the shoes to see that the legs not only had the shoes, but had white sweat pants on as well. As soon as he reached those legs he immediately pounced on them. Although he couldn’t see his face from the sun, he was certain that it was him. Who else would be the same height as Kuroko and wear white sweat pants on a hot day? As #2 was rubbing his paws on his master’s pants, a half-eaten churro with a milkshake to what was believed to smell like tofu was placed onto the table next to him. Once the items were placed down, a hand soon went to pet #2’s head. Only then did #2 realize that this was not his master. He looked up to meet a male with a pair of heterochromatic eyes with what believed to be wearing a basketball uniform, the color of white and baby blue. A smirk grew on the redhead’s face as he quietly murmured to himself.
“Well, look what we have here. A dog. Where is your owner?” The dog looked at the male and only tilted his head as he sat on his bum. That’s when the redhead noticed that the dog had a jersey on.
“Seirin?” The heterochromatic eye’s questioned. The male finally had a good look at the dog to notice his eyes were very similar to a certain someone.
“Tetsuya?” He murmured. The dog’s ears perked up as he let out a soft bark. The redhead smiled and was about to say something else when he heard a voice he knew all too well call him.
“Akashi-kun!” The redhead, now known as Akashi, looked up towards the speaker to find out that a certain bluenette was calling him.
“Tetsuya, it’s nice to see you again. I’m sure you’ve noticed this dog I have here. Is he yours?”
“Yes, sorry for causing you trouble Akashi-kun. I did not notice he was gone until after the train started to leave.” Kuroko apologized
“It’s no problem, but shouldn’t you be practicing for the Winter Cup? Don’t try to disappoint me Tetsuya, I want to see what your so called basketball can do.” Akashi scolded.
“Do not worry, I won’t disappoint you.” Kuroko stated.
“I’ll be going now, but keep that dog with you Tetsuya, don’t let him out. Who knows what could have happened to him if he didn’t come up to me.” Akashi said.
“Wait, he went up to you? Why would he do that? Surely he wouldn’t have done that with a stranger.” Kuroko questioned, glancing at #2. #2 looked back and forth at Kuroko and Akashi, trying to give them the message to why, Akashi figured it out pretty quick and let out a small chuckle.
“He’s trying to tell us that we look similar to one another. Hmm, I must agree with him. I’m going to take that as a compliment.”
“Well, I must be going, be prepared for the Winter Cup Tetsuya. I’ll see you there.” Akashi said, walking away. Kuroko stared at his fading figure for a while before he turned his attention to #2.
“I think that’s enough of a walk today. Come on, let’s go home. I’ll have Kagami-kun watch you while I sleep.” Kuroko yawned. And that’s exactly what he did… Only to be woken up a couple of hours later by a squealing Kagami in his living room.
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Posted 1/29/14 , edited 1/29/14
Here's my entry please enjoy~!
-One day at Maji Burger-

"Nigou!! Don't steal my burgers!!!" Kagami shouted at Nigou who was sneaking back to Kuroko while biting a burger from Kagami. "Oh come on Kagami-kun, please be kind to Nigou he haven't ate his dinner yet." Kuroko reasoned to Kagami. "But he's stealing my burgers that's not even enough for me!!!" Kagami shouted angrily. "You can have the other parts except the beef patty." Kuroko said while feeding Nigou. "Of course not!! The beef patty is the heart of the burger!!!" Kagami complained loudly. "Tch! I really need to find another seat..." the guy at the next table complained and stood up. "Hey! You're Aomine/Aomine-kun!" Kagami and Kuroko chorused. "Arf!" Nigou barked. "Huh? So it was you guys who was so annoying." Aomine yawned. "No,it was just Kagami-kun." Kuroko said. "Oi!!" Kagami stood up and looked angrily at Kuroko. "Waaaaah~!!! Kurokocchi!! Aominecchi!! Kagamicchi!! Can I join your conversation???" someone came running to them while carrying a tray of his food. "Kagamicchi?..." Kagami knew who uses that nickname to him and looked at the blonde guy run to their place. "Kagami-kun and Nigou let's go home." Kuroko suggested. "I think I should go too." Aomine said as they walk to the exit. "Eh? Eeeehhhhhh???!!!!! No wait Kurokocchi don't leave!!!!" the blonde guy shouted and left his tray on one table and ran as fast as he can.
*SPLAASSHHH!!!* "Wahahahahahaha!!! Shin-chan you're all soaked in cola!!! Wahahahahahahahaha!!!" the guy who was beside the soaking man was almost in tears. "You fools!.." the soaking wet guy with green hair and glasses released some kind of "I want to kill you aura". "Aha..hahaha... Midorimacchi? Ehe.....are you ok??" the blonde guy was shaking while trying to comfort the glasses guy. "Wow...I can't believe that everything would end up like this..." Kagami whispered. Nigou got off from the arms of Kuroko and ran. "Nigou!" Kuroko chased Nigou while leaving the others. Kuroko lost sight of Nigou. Exhausted, Kuroko tried to shout his name. "Nigou?! Where are you?". Then he heard someone's voice at the right turn. The voice said "Here you go..." with a lazy tone. "That's not what you give to dogs Atsushi." the voice that Kuroko heard was a little different from the other one. Kuroko went to the right and saw Murasakibara Atsushi and Himuro Tatsuya. "Murasakibara-kun did you see a dog pass by?" Kuroko asked. ”Dog?...." Murasakibara said. "Is it black and white and wears a Seirin uniform?" Tatsuya asked. "Yes, did you see him?" Kuroko asked. "He just ran off." Tatsuya answered Kuroko while pointing to the direction where Nigou ran off. "Oh.. I missed Thank you for your help." Kuroko bowed down and ran as fast as he can to catch up to Nigou. Kuroko ran and passed by a park. Then he heard Nigou bark. "Nigou?..Nigou! Where are you?!!" Kuroko ran inside the park and saw a red haired guy playing with Nigou. The guy said "I had the sense of liking you dog. Maybe I should keep you since you follow all of my orders. But there's one thing that's troubling me with your appearance, why are you wearing a Seirin uniform?". Kuroko walked towards the guy and saw that he was someone he knows, Akashi Seijuro. "Akashi-kun?" Kuroko said. "Tetsuya! Why are you here?" Akashi asked. "Akashi-kun that's my dog." Kuroko said. "I see well that explains the Seirin uniform but I want this dog." Akashi hugged Nigou. "I thought you hate dogs Akashi-kun..." Kuroko said in a confused tone. "Well that's what I thought too. But this dog is wonderful he follows all of my orders. That's why I want him!" Akashi said while hugging Nigou tighter. "Umm...Akashi-kun? I think Nigou can't breath." Kuroko said. "Oh yes he can!!! Don't you see I'm handling him with care! Right Nigou?" Akashi looked at his arms and didn't see Nigou. "Eh?" Akashi stared at his arms with a confused face. "What is it Akash-... Where's my Nigou?!" Kuroko was so shocked that he shouted that line but..not that loud. So Kuroko went searching again while running and shouting Nigou's name. "The dog used misdirection...IMPOSSIBLE! No dog can do that! I need it!!!" Akashi ran the other way and search for his "dream dog". Without them knowing Nigou went home by himself and slept.

-The guys who were left at Maji burger-
Right now they're walking and searching for Kuroko and Nigou in a group.
"Kuroko you bastard!!!" Kagami shouted. "Tetsu where the f**k are you??!!!!!" Aomine shouted. "Kurokocchiiiii~~~!!!!! Why would you leave me~?" Kise shouted. "You guys are so noisy. Why should I be with you searching for Kuroko nanodayo?" Midorima complained. "Well isn't this fun Shin-chan!" Takao said happily. "This isn't fun I'm wet nanodayo..." Midorima said an angry face.
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Posted 1/29/14 , edited 1/30/14
Last minute entry! This is my first contest on Crunchyroll and my first ever fanfic. Wish me luck!
Word count: 991

#2's Horoscope for Midorima-kun

Being a particularly superstitious young man, Shintaro Midorima had expected that things might not go quite as planned after listening to Cancer horoscope that morning; but it was a beautiful Sunday, and he had every intention of enjoying it to the fullest. As long as he packed his lucky item (a ceramic tanuki balancing a basketball on its head), everything would be fine, right?

After a casual warm-up of 150 half court shots and missing only one (i.e. a bad omen), Midorima decided to call up his right-hand man, Kazunari Takao, and go for a relaxing rickshaw ride. "It's a lovely day, isn't it Midorima-san?", Takao asked as he pulled the cart attached to his bike up to the curb where Midorima had been waiting. "It would be more lovely in silence and with a driver who didn't show up ten minutes late," retorted the green-haired prodigy, adjusting his glasses in annoyance. "Let's get going."

With no particular course in mind, Takao decided to haul the rickshaw through parts of town they'd never been to, as a sort of adventure. Unfortunately for both of them, they came upon a long stretch of road that was covered in huge cracks and potholes. "Could you have picked a worse route?! I think I'm going to be sick," Midorima shouted at his unfortunate chauffeur, who happened to be struggling too hard with the cart to pay much attention to his passenger's complaints. Moments later, a small black and white dog wearing what appeared to be a Seirin basketball jersey bolt across the street just in front of his bicycle, causing Takao to swerve out of the way... and right into one of the aforementioned huge potholes. Both Takao and Midorima were launched from the cart as the canine culprit watched on with its stoic blue eyes.

“Are you okay?”, inquired a concerned Takao to his fallen Shutoku High classmate.
“Fortunately for you, yes. If I had been hurt, we wouldn't have a shot at the Winter Cup,” Midorima responded, making no attempt to conceal his contempt. “My tanuki is intact, but it would appear that my glasses are all but completely destroyed. You'll be reimbursing me for those.”
“Yeah, I'm fine... thanks for asking. Anyway, it looks like that puppy made it across the street alright. I can't be too mad at him for wrecking the cart. Look how cute he is! Well, you'll probably have a tough time with that... never mind.”
“A puppy? Say, Takao... what kind of puppy is it?”, asked Midorima, though he suspected he already knew the answer.
“It looks like an Alaskan Malamute... and yep, it's wearing a Seirin jersey. It's that dog that peed in our cart the other day... looks like he came back to finish the job.”
“I knew it! Tetsuya #2! Come, Takao, let us have our revenge.” And so, Midorima had declared war on #2, and a chase ensued.

The term “chase” is used loosely here, as it would be better described as #2 leading a limping Takao and a nigh blind Shintaro through a series of alleys rife with obstacles such as feral cats and overflowing garbage cans. Emerging from an alley, they came upon an outdoor basketball court, where none other than Kagami and Kuroko were practicing.

“Where did you run off to, #2?”, Kuroko asked as he bent down and received a kiss from the pup.
“Hand over the dog, Tetsuya. I must shoot it,” Midorima demanded. By shoot, of course, he means a high-arced lob through a basketball hoop, for as big a tsundere Midorima is, he could never stand to hurt a puppy; even if that puppy happened to bear a striking resemblance to his cyan-haired rival, Kuroko.
At this point, Kagami interjects. “Hey, Midorima. What do you say we make this interesting? If you guys can beat us in a game of two on two, we'll let you shoot #2.”
“As you can see, thanks to your little mascot there, neither Takao nor myself are in any shape to play. I have another idea. How about you and I have a three-point competition? I will show you how my skills far surpass yours, despite lacking proper corrective eye-wear,” proposed Midorima.
“I can't turn down an opportunity to show up one of the Generation of Miracles, so you're on!”
And so, after Midorima carefully set his lucky item down on a nearby bench, the shootout was on.

Kagami led with a successful, albeit sloppy, three-pointer. Outside shots were far from being his strong suit, but he could not turn down a challenge. Besides, he felt confident taking on a glasses-less Midorima. Shintaro readied his shot and fired away. His form was flawless. Everything was accounted for: the wind, the particular way he had taped his fingers that day; everything. He couldn't miss.
However, miss he did. The ball arced perfectly, but hooked at the last moment, bouncing off the side of the rim and directly toward – his basketball-balancing raccoon dog.

"You've let me down, tanuki-chan," Shintaro Midorima thought to himself as he cast a disdainful look upon the smashed remains of his fallen lucky item. “It would appear that my fortune today is not the only thing beyond repair.”
“Well, Shin, it looks like I'm the winner of our little contest. I think I'll celebrate with steak. Let's go Kuroko. Steak's on me!”, Kagami boasted, reaching for his gym bag. “Something smells,” he thought to himself, bringing the bag to his face. “ smells like... #2's #2!”, Kagami shouted, with a look of both anger and disgust on his face.
“It looks like #2 left you a trophy, Kagami-kun,” Kuroko remarked, much to his teammates chagrin.

“Aren't you going to say something, Midorima?”, Takao asked.
“To #2, yes,” Midorima replied. He locked eyes with the mischievous pooch.
“We'll call this one even.”
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Posted 1/29/14 , edited 1/30/14

A Promise to a Teammate

As Kuroko arrived late, the Seirin basketball team was already in the locker room. Tetsuya relied on his supreme ability to inconspicuously blend into a crowd and quietly made his way towards in the back of the room.

”Well, look who finally showed up! I was worried we were going to have to start without our most important teammate.” He heard Teppei’s welcoming voice boom. Tetsu froze mid locker-slam, a string of excuses and apologies awaited on his lips. However, the upperclassman wasn’t addressing the guilt-ridden Tetsuya but rather, the fuzzy one.

Teppei hoisted the frazzled pup into the air, sporting his trademark carefree smile that managed to comfort and irk the nerve-wracked team simultaneously. Number Two whined and wriggled out of the player’s grip. He lifted himself up and bolted back and forth around the locker room, greeting each player in under a minute. Just as Mitobe was about to pat him on the head, the hyperactive husky faked him out, darted right and crashed into a cooler at the bewildered player’s feet. All at once the team gasped but two years’ worth of hardcore basketball training would mean very little if reflexes couldn’t prevent puppy-caused disasters.

Hyuuga’s foot caught the cooler before it toppled over. He glared at the pup and then at his owner. “Kuroko!” he barked. Tetsuya stiffened and mentally prepared himself for a berating and a promise that he’ll be running up and down the Seirin court until his legs give out. “Number Two is getting too big to run around like a maniac. Are you getting this mutt fixed soon or what?”

“Oh, um…” Tetsuya was thrown off by the question but bounced back quickly. “I made the appointment for five weeks from now.”

“What? Does it have to be so soon? He’s still young and has so much more life experience ahead of him!” Koganei whined and futility tried to shield Number Two’s ears but he was still too wiggly.

“Don’t be an idiot! He’s going to the vet for a routine operation: not to death’s door!” Hyuuga responded with a light smack to the back of his head to emphasize his point.

“Don’t you have a heart Captain? Have some sympathy for our fellow man!”

“He’s a dog.” Hyuuga said deadpan. As they were bickering, the subject of their argument resumed his laps around the locker room. He eventually slowed down to bat around a basketball and passed it to Izumi, looking up at him with painfully friendly eyes that were blissfully unaware of his future trauma.

“Well Izumi, do you have a pun for this moment?” the Captain asked his Point Guard.

“There are some things that are too taboo to joke about.” Izumi was unnaturally grave. Hyuuga was bewildered that the room’s mood suddenly turned sullen. The Seirin captain’s looked around for a face that wouldn’t send him into a guilt trip for being the only rational man in the room.

“You guys can’t be serious…even you Kiyoshi?” Even Teppei’s irksome pleasant smile was gone for a moment. Hyuuga met Number Two’s eyes that were impossibly kind and sighed heavily. He sheepishly scratched the back of his head as he felt a twinge of sympathy for the pup. “I suppose we should treat him to a night on the town before the big day.” His stern face softened as he bent down to pat his furry teammate’s head.

“That’s a fantastic idea!” Koeganei exclaimed. “We’ll take him out for a great meal, party it up and maybe introduce him to some girl dogs.”

“Meeting girl dogs is why he’s going in the first place.” Riko said exasperated.

“But a good meal sounds like an excellent idea.” Teppei interjected. “Plus it’s a good excuse to have a team-bonding experience.” He put his long arms around both Number Two and Hyuuga’s shoulders but Hyuuga pushed him off.

“All right then it’s settled. We’ll go our usual spot then after practice soon and-“

“Number Two deserves better than that!” Koeganei cried.

“What do you suggest then?” the captain challenged him.

“Number Two has always been there supporting us and raising our team’s morale. A loyal friend like that deserves only the best. He deserves steak!”

Hyuuga rubbed his temple. “How do you think we’ll pay for that?”

“The same way we paid for steak last time.” Koeganei smirked, thinking himself to be very clever. “We’ll use Kagami and his impressive appetite! He just has to help us all eat those huge steaks at the restaurant in 30 minutes. If anyone can do it, it’s him!” Everyone’s gaze turned towards the freshman who has been quiet which is the norm whenever team conversations focus on the dog. The agitated look on his face suggested that now was not the time to volunteer him for eating contests. Riko attempted to change the subject.

“All right! It’s almost time for warm-ups. We can discuss our night out after the game. Let’s go!” The team assembled out the door but not without practicing an unspoken tradition of sorts. Each player approached Number Two and patted him on the head. Some did it for luck, others did it for a brief moment of comfort before the stress of the game. The husky was always unusually patient during this routine, even when some of the boys were accidentally a little too rough. As the dog was ready to follow behind the team, a large hand grazes the back of his neck. He looked up to see Kagami attempting to look calm but his tentative touch suggested otherwise.

“You might be a pain…but you’re as much a member of the team as I am. For you…” His stomach dropped at the memory of how sick he felt hours after he did the contest the first time. But he managed a small smile as his eyes met the familiar blue eyes of the husky. “For you, I’ll eat one hundred steaks.” He quickly added, “Just promise that you’ll stay this way.”

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Posted 2/3/14 , edited 2/3/14
Hey guys ~ !!! Just want to let you know it's taking us a while to get through all of these stories!
We'll try to read them all by the end of the week!
Posted 2/4/14 , edited 2/4/14
Gratz in advance.
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Posted 2/6/14 , edited 2/6/14

SailorBee wrote:

Hey guys ~ !!! Just want to let you know it's taking us a while to get through all of these stories!
We'll try to read them all by the end of the week!

Thank you for the update! I check this thread every day for the results.
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Posted 2/6/14 , edited 2/7/14
Congratulations guys!
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Posted 2/7/14 , edited 2/7/14
Well done for the winners! I've been waiting for the results everyday too and now it's announced! Im a little disappointed I didn't win but the victorious winners deserved the prizes more than me. Again, congrats in winning you lucky guys! ^_^
Posted 2/8/14 , edited 2/8/14
Aww, thanks for the honourable mention and for holding the contest. congrats.
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Posted 2/8/14 , edited 2/9/14
Congrats to the winners
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Posted 2/10/14 , edited 2/10/14
Good job to all the winners! And all those who otherwise participated!

And thanks to the Crunchyroll staff.
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Posted 2/10/14 , edited 2/11/14
I'd like to start off by saying congratulations to the other winners! I hope everyone that participated had a fun time. I'd like to give a big thank you to SailorBee for holding this contest (and the numerous others throughout the year!) I imagine you're a busy bee (just had to) and I'd just like to say that your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated. I'd also like to thank Loveless100 for taking the time to read everyone's submissions. It probably took a while to get through them all so many thanks once again. Lastly, it's only appropriate that I also thank all of the Crunchyroll staff. You guys are awesome.

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