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Posted 1/23/14 , edited 1/23/14
So how many people actually collect comics?
I recently got into collecting comics and I wanted to know who else may collect them

Why do you collect them?
How do you store them? That's a system I need to get down personally
What's your favorite series to collect?

and any other question's you can think of that you'd like to answer
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Posted 1/23/14 , edited 1/23/14
I personally got my collection of 400 DC & Marvel comics from my uncle as he passed it downed to me.
Personally it wasn't my choice to collect them but I don't regret taking them as they are incredible to observe.
I store them in a little place were they barley get hurt.
Don't have a personal favorite they are all good.
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Posted 1/27/14 , edited 1/27/14
I started collecting back in college.

I mainly did it because i lived about two houses down from the local comic book store, and i had no idea who anybody was in the city i was living to start. So i walked over there and told them I want to start collecting comic books.

They stared at me for a second and said "comic books?" like it was the strangest thing they had ever heard, but then started to laugh and welcomed me in and gave me some tips, some recommendations, and also some free popcorn(score!)

I started collecting some pretty common titles:Flash, Avengers, Captain America, but then got into some different titles as well such as Deadpool(my favorite),Walking Dead(don't care for the show much, but the comics are great) and some others.

I don't live in that area anymore,but i will still drive down there to pick up comic books from them every now and then. Its a nice little hobby to have, and the artwork and story can be amazing. Events can be a lot of fun, and i still look forward to them!
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Posted 1/27/14 , edited 1/28/14
I mostly collect Marvel Essentials. I don't care if they are in black and white I love reading them. I tend to read more Marvel than DC but I also have the runs of John Bryne's Man Of Steel and other trades of DC.
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Posted 2/6/14 , edited 2/6/14
I useally don't but I do have a few manga books I just useally read whats at the library.
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Posted 2/16/14 , edited 2/16/14
I also started in college, the college I went to was in a small town were even the wal-mart was at lest 1 hour away, so I started buying them when I visited my grandparents who only live a short ways away from Barn's and Noble. so I would have something to do with my free time in college since I don't Drink and most of my friends did. at that time.

Originally I just wanted to know the Origin stories to X-23 and Supergirl, next thing I knew I had a huge collection of all kinds of titles. both Graphic Novels and Comics.

Now that I am actually close to a comic book store, I go every Saturday to pick my comics up. I collect them cause I like the stories of my favorite heroes, I mostly collect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Godzillia, The Question, Green Arrow, Supergirl, X-23, some x-men titles.

I store them buy buying the long boxes and the special plastic along with the cardboard the comic stores sell to keep the comics in descent condition. I just keep the boxes off to the side in my room or in my closet.

My favorite to college is Ninja Turtles and X-23.
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Posted 3/9/14 , edited 3/9/14
Ughhghehio so hard ;-;
I walked into my first comic book store which was across the street my my college last year.
It was absolutely overwhelming, and that was a pretty small, extremely well organized store compared to the others I've seen since then. It had a great variety too, with shelves of webcomics, art books, manga, more indie-style works like Wet Moon and Courtney Crumrin, and most bizarrely, a single shelf with only obscure BL manga, instead of shoving crate and crates of single issue super old superhero comics at me.
I never had any friends who were into comics, so even as I'm starting to collect them, I stick very much to what I'm familiar with. I buy volumes of manga that I've already read, or know for a fact that it's going to be enjoyable, and a lot of...ehh it's hard to describe but...I'm much more likely to pick up a book like Blacksad or The Rabbi's Cat than I will any Marvel or DC published work.
I'll pick up books with simple or colorful art, so I guess...I'm more open to european comics than american published ones.

It's so expensive though~~~ I usually drop 20~30$ on a single hardcover volume if I buy anything.
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Posted 3/10/14 , edited 3/10/14
I love comic books. They are a mixture of art and storytelling.
I have been collecting comics since I was a kid, I would purchase Spider-man comics from a local grocery store that was in my neighborhood. My collection was small and I only liked Spider-man and it wasn't until I moved to a big city for an internship that I would say my collection of comics really took off. I started buying up series that everyone on the internet were calling must-reads and so forth. This after awhile become very expensive so I no longer purchase comics from the big publishers. What I have found a new love for in is Independently created and printed comics. So what I do now is when I visit a comic book store I will just ask if they have any locally published works that I can purchase and if they do I make sure to purchase a couple because I enjoy looking at them and also sending them to friends. This also allows me to support the local artist and still collect some neat comics.

I have since then collected over 250 independent comics all varying from sizes from just a few pages to full-sized graphic novels.
For storage I keep them in plastic sleeves with a board to keep them from bending and then they are all put in the standard comic book box.

As for my favorite series to collect. The Amazing Spider-man. It was just my childhood.
New series that I have gotten into and read would be East of West and Fables.

I used to buy a lot every week but as I said it became way too expensive so now I only collect independent comics.

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Posted 3/10/14 , edited 3/10/14
I don't really collect the flimsies anymore, though I still have several boxes downstairs. I still buy GN compilations of series that I enjoy, but that's about it. I'm still waiting for a reasonable digital alternative.
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