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Posted 1/24/14 , edited 1/24/14
Right now, I am really really annoyed with Crunchyroll's incapable incompetent programmers. If you make something. It should work. If it breaks, you should fix it. Not sit back and do nothing.

I have just had your piece of garbage app on my ps3 crash 6 times in a row trying to watch the same show. I went through the idiot process of trying to resolve bad cached images. (Again, why you have not fixed this in I don't know how long since knowing the problem exists proves my points both for being incapable and incompetent.) Then after finally able to scroll to the video I have been trying to watch. Your inferior product crashed twice in a row and the third time locked my ps3 and left it in a useless vegetative state just like a cached bad image did every time.

Please, for the love of all that love anime. Fix your product. Stop being useless.
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