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Posted 1/24/14 , edited 1/25/14
Ok, to start with, I have become enamored by this tale. Just what is Takamiya Honoka to Kagari Ayaka?
What is this "White Stuff" they all want? And no, no, no, contrary to what you think it is, it is not what you think it is, which does make for a very entertaining juxtaposition to the story line, but no, this is not going to turn into a Henti Anime before our eyes.
I think Kagari Ayaka is driven to protect Takamiya because he is very important to the Work Shop Witches, and she is also taken by him a little more deeply! There is a back story here that we have not seen yet, and I hope we get to see a little of that.
I am saddened to also say that this is only getting 12 episodes, so start writing to the Anime Studio to make more of this Anime. I think it is a winner. They have done a very good job creating a mystical world that Takamiya has found himself in, without his choosing, but does not shy from it, but instead marches head long into the fray, if only to protect Kagari and the city, and maybe the world.
It is a lot that has been put on his shoulders...but he is accepting the responsibility and is pushing forward, no matter what that future may bring...
Who knew, that "White Stuff" could be so powerful, and so much in demand...
Posted 2/15/14 , edited 2/16/14
I MUST have this SO CALLED "White Stuff"!!! Where MAY I find it AWESOME BANKSHOT!!!

You have to REALLY like and feel for these characters that are put SO MUCH on their shoulder and can handle it all. They will have their rough times. But with their strength (not magic or supernatural strength) but by their OWN strength and their own belief in themselves and who they are as a person. Plus they have friends that back them up!

I think maybe some of us could learn from this.
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Posted 3/26/14 , edited 3/26/14
Welcome to The anime where you cannot kiss a girl before marriage. Hahahaa Takamie Kun.
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