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Posted 1/24/14 , edited 1/25/14

Race (optional):
Continent: Choose between Era City, Anime Nation, Genesis City, Diego, New Dragon City, or Gate Haven


Make it interesting!

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Posted 1/24/14 , edited 1/25/14
Name: Gen- XIII

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race : Cyborg/ Angel

Continent: Gate Haven

Bio: Created originally in Genesis City, Gen- XIII escaped from his laboratory into Gate Haven where he joined the alliance against the upcoming war with the still unknown alien threat to the planet. Hidden from his makers he rarely flies or shows his identity to anyone in the outside world. He awaits everyone's unity but is unsure if it will ever happen...

Personality: Smart, social, loves Ramen and Manga, mysterious, lethal, stealty

Specialty: Is good with anything you give him but he prefers a Katana over any other weapon. He also can fly and has good vision beyond land horizons. Has been said that he transforms into a mysterious beast during certain days of the year. Further information is unknown...

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Posted 2/14/14 , edited 2/16/14
(The picture is an example of a Crossed Shadow[not in human form or in other words isnt in origenal])
Name: Iris
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race (optional): Crossed shadow
Continent: Diego
Bio: My friend was an angel sent to guide me to the light after I was thrown out by my creater to die because he thought I was a waist of time. But even though I was low in choices to lead my life, going to the light was the last thing I wanted to do. The angel's name was Jon, he was not much of a proswader but he had food and that was all I could think about with all that dog like growling coming from my stomach. Little bit by little bit he moved me closer to the light of a normal life until one day I stopped my self and relized I was turning into a holy creature, but that didnt mean I wasnt a shadow or a creature of the light. I was crossed. I was never normal and never would.
Personality: Postive, Confident, Ackward, Free, Outgoing, Honest
Specialty: Shapeshifting, being Unnoticed, Gaining trust, rest Unknown
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Posted 2/19/14 , edited 2/19/14
Name: Kazuya
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race (optional): Demigod
Continent: New Dragon City
Bio: Mysteriously crash-landed sometime ago and found his way towards New Dragon City. Kazuya knows little to nothing about the world he is in or the inhabitants of it. Frankly he know little about himself or his lineage. For the time he was on New Dragon City he became a master of Taekwondo and Kendo whilst learning the language of the natives there. Now he is assimilated with the area around him. Little did he know an adventure is about to occur
Personality: Quiet, Smart, Kind, Forgiving
Specialty: Superhuman strength, resilience, and heightened senses. Master at martial arts

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Posted 10/2/14 , edited 10/2/14
name: wolfie
age: 15
gender: female
Race: werewolf
Continent: New dragon city
bio: she ran away from home because her father would hurt and abuse her, she changed her identity and hopes for a new life.
Personality: brave, stubborn, kind, doesn't like being controlled,
Specialty: fast, strong, sneaky, and turns into wolf form when angry and ready to fight.

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Posted 12/11/14 , edited 12/11/14
Name: Serafina
Age: 18
Gender: female
Race (optional): angel/mundane
Continent: Gate Haven
Bio: Serafina was raised as an human but when she turned 13 she started to sprout her wings and it was discovered the she was part angel and part mundane. she was raised by her mother, her mother mother told her that her farther died in a horrible accident before she was born but Serafina discovered that her farther was the arch angel Gabriel. the angels detest her but they can't deny her ,her heritage or her power.
Personality: she is kind and gentle, she is very brave and at times can act very inhuman( even though she is not human) very spirited and graceful
Specialty: fast, strong, graceful, getting peoples attention and very good with animals
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Posted 12/9/15 , edited 12/10/15
Alright, time for the newb...
Sorry to put myself in but i just like a little self-indulgence.

Name: Ice Sage Eli
Gender: male
Continent:Era City

Bio: An angel rejected from Gate Haven, he was trained in swordplay for 6 years until he uncovered his unrivaled Cryokinesis (Control over all things ice) ability. Once he made contact with a holy weapon, Reitoken, his powers as a Fallen Angel were awakened, and he took it upon himself to wander the world in search for colleagues and vanquishing evil on the way.

Personality: Shy, kindhearted, and independent. Slightly cocky because of his extreme power, but still elegant and trustworthy.

Specialties: Combining Cryokinesis with Swordplay, he uses the Reitoken suteiru fighting style, mostly preferring quickdraws. Mostly depends on his Cryokinesis instead of swordplay. Very fast and intimidating.
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