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Posted 1/26/14 , edited 1/26/14
I'm a huge fan of KINGDOM HEARTS!!!! I must ask, what are some good world ideas for KH3, also how do u wanna see the story play out and lastly, what would be a cool new keyblade name and concept?????? Let the chatting begin!!!!
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Posted 3/18/14 , edited 3/18/14
I hope they have more key types for magic or attack and defense just like in 2 and this time you can actually customized sora and gang. I love Donald and goofy but I hope we will have more party member.
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Posted 3/21/14 , edited 3/21/14
I hope it can be a little like Dream Drop Distance. I thought it was really cool that I could be both Riku and Sora. I can't wait till the release date is announced.
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Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/12/14
More customisation on party members does sound very nice
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Posted 8/18/14 , edited 6/18/15

come on Disney put that license to good use!

Donalds costume can be like a droid and goofys a jedi robe
sora can have his typical costume maybe just a rebel uniform.

The worlds story could be that while Sora and co. are traveling through gummy , they get pulled into a tractor beam, and pulled into the death star. they are boarded by stormtroppers.
you defeat the storm troppers and starwars themed heartless, travel in the mysterious deathstar you work your way into the cells, you rescue princess leia you also find Luke, han and chewy there at the same time.
she becomes a support character then you find vader you leave the planet go down to Yavin 4, you meet with the rest of the rebel alliance then you use your gummy ship to take on both heartless gummis and x wings, then luke shoots the proton torpedos destorying the deathstar
but then the deathstar reveals a huge heartless ymbol and transforms into a mega heartless which creeps toward yavin 4 low and behold you defeat it then it reveals the keyhole,

then when you obviously return to the planet to RElock the keyhole like in every other KH game, and when you go back they've rebuilt the deathstar, and yo have to go back and defeat vader and when you defeat him, then have to defeat the emperor who is powered by the ehartless energey, then after you beat him vader throws him over which reveals the second keyhole Sora gets a Lightsaber keyblade which has lots of attack does good fire damage, but slow speed

you also get the r2d2 summon which making his cool noises, and jetpacks around zapping enemies, which paralyzes them for a few seconds.

SOund good to you guys????

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Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/23/14
I am a HUGE FAN OF KINGDOM HEARTS!!! I am looking forward to the new game and I think one of the worlds is going to be about Frozen the Disney movie. I am looking forward to the new worlds they have made and I am reallly excited for it. I would love to see the storyline of the game to see it continue on!!!!
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Posted 12/13/14 , edited 12/14/14
i totally agree that frozen should be one of the worlds in the new kingdom hearts. i also think that they should add some of the pixar worlds like toy story, incredibles,monsters inc, brave.
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