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27 / M / The world inside...
Posted 1/27/14 , edited 1/28/14
Sadoyus, for years this place was thought to have been a treasure trove of anceint relics and hidden secrets, all of them buried under the sand, though when the explosion happened multiple massive earthquakes shook Sadoyus to its core, uncovering many of the once hidden ruins of anceint cultures

The rapid change in Sadoyus disrupted the balance in its fragile ecosystem, now massive electrical sand storms and twisters ravage the once peaceful desert

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F / I'd rather not say!
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The moon shone brightly in the sky, illuminating the road as two figures walked onwards.
They stopped at the edge of town and waited, smoking. An owl hooted and they both straightened up, watching as a third figure approached them.
He passed them by without stopping.
They waited till he turned the corner then opened the slip he had discreetly passed them.
"Holy-" The man let out a long list of expletives.
"Sharon?" The man besides him looked dazed. He really liked the woman. "Maybe he got it wrong?"
A punch to his nose made him reel back, nearly falling on his back.
"Quit sounding like a little bitch!" The man snarled. "This woman has been on our tail for months. She aint no pretty bartender that she's been pretending to be that little whore!" He spat. "When I'm through with her..."
He stalked away with the other man on his heels.
Nina poured one of the men a drink, all the while her eyes on the men sitting in the back, talking in quiet voices. She recognized one of them as a murderous bandit in town, who was the other.
"So, Sharon?" A man slurred, reaching out to rub a lock of her silky hair between his fingers. "What say you and I head out after your shift's over?"
"I say you've had too much to drink, " Nina smiled at him as she plucked the glass from his hand.
He mumbled before resting his head on the counter and dozing off.

A group of men stood waiting outside the bar where Nina was working. They waited till most of the customers had cleared out then moved in.

Nina was wiping the counter when she felt rather than saw them. She looked up catching the silhouettes pass the window and head towards the door. Her face tensing, she turned to quickly leave through the back door before they caused trouble but before she could reach it, the door flung open and four men menacingly stepped in. "Hello Sharon, " One of them drawled, stepping closer.
She recognized some of them as the customers of the bar and belonging to one of the deadliest bandit rings in town.
The bell tinkled and she turned her head to see another group of men file in from the front door.
She realized that they must have found out she was snooping around.

"The bar's closed, " she said, keeping her voice pleasant.

"Oh we know," One man said. He lunged at her and she moved nimbly.
Her step was light as she side stepped him and then rammed her knee in his gut. She pushed him back and his eyes widened as he was lifted off his feet and crashed into the men behind him.. Flinging her arm behind her she closed her fist in the air then pulled it towards her. The wooden tables lifted, whizzing towards her and in the process knocking the men clean off their feet.

She hopped on the counter and pulled her legs across, landing on the other side.

The men were coming out from under the tables on one side and were staggering to their feet on the other. She looked up where the window was and held up her hand to blast the glass away as she raced towards it. She used a table to jump and grabbed the sides of it and was about to hoist herself up and over when a chain wrapped around her foot, yanking her back and throwing her to where the shelves were.
She hit them hard, the breath knocked out of her and her head hitting one of the shelves; she slid to the floor, unconscious.
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 2/2/14 , edited 2/3/14
A large man walked over to her prone form, kicking her over onto her front and grinning. "Well little missy..." he said with a sick grin on his face. "Looks like you'll be paying us back for betraying us."
"The boss wants us to bring her back alive. " One man said, rubbing his back.
"Oh she'll live...probably." There was laughter around as some of the men stepped forward, fully intending to have some evil fun.
A lone figure stood up from under a nearby table, rubbing his eyes. He teetered towards the small cluster of men, grabbing a large double bladed axe from the the side where he'd kept it leaning against the table. He stepped up behind one of the men and brought the axe down on him from behind, chopping him in half.
There was a stunned silence as blood splattered all around. The men were shocked and turned to see a not so tall, thin man wielding a giant axe.
"You little!" One man yelled and went forward, he pulled out a sword as he charged. The other spurred into action and surrounded the man.
The man grinned lopsidedly. "Opps... Was that log too big? Sorry boss, I'll be sure I chop it up better... "he slurred drunkenly
The thug swung his sword.

The drunken man swayed to the left, barely dodging the swing. "Uhh another log? Ok boss." he slurred, raising his axe and chopping a second man.
Nina's groaned softly in pain as she came around, her head throbbed heavily. The scene swam in front of her eyes. One man surrounded by many as he swayed on his feet and wildly swung the axe. She recognized him as one of the customers of the bar. A loner who usually sat in the back, not talking to anyone.

The men yelled out in anger and moved in at once. One managed to grab the man from behind, using his heavier weight to hold in soundly.
"Kill him now!" He yelled to the others.
The drunk looked up as one man raised his sword to chop him down and delivered a swift kick to the man's crotch. "Timber!" the drunk exclaimed as the other man went down. One of the thugs delivered a hard punch to the man's gut followed by many as if he was punching a punching bag.

Nina held up a hand and the man punching suddenly whizzed back, hitting the counter hard on his back. He yelled out in pain, crumpling forward.
Nina then staggered to her feet and held up both her hands and both the man and the thug holding him flew back. The thug crashed hard into the wall, causing him to let the man go.
She turned to face the remaining men, who had lost all sense of 'play' and were now hell bent on killing.
The man picked up his axe and struck from behind, felling two more men before the others split into two groups of two; one to deal with her, the other to deal with him.
Nina drew out her short swords, holding them up as they moved in.
"Kill the bitch." One of them said. "We can tell the boss she killed herself."
"As if," Nina said and threw one blade. One of them ducked but the blade stopped in mid air and zoomed back. The man stood up and suddenly gurgled as the knife cut through from the back of the neck.
He fell forward dead.
"Shit!" One of them turned and bolted out the door.
Nina watched him go then turned to the other two who were fighting the man who had saved her earlier.
She slid across the counter, landing behind one of the men and grabbed his hair, yanking his head back and slitting his throat cleanly.
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She looked and saw the man she had slit the throat of was already dead from a large wound in his chest. The other man had only a moment to contemplate his death before the other man's axe separated his head from his body. "Thanks, but I got this." he said with a cheeky grin.
Nina arched an eyebrow slightly and cleaned the blade before sheating her short sword. "Seems you can handle yourself alright. Are you from around here?"
The man shouldered his axe, "From around here? Nah! I'm just a wandering axeman." he replied, grinning at her. "My name is Nex, and who might you be?"
Nina hesitated before saying, "They call me Sharon." She said and then looked over her shoulder, "We better get out of here. "
"Awww but it was just getting fun." he said in a disappointed voice, grabbing a mug of ale from a nearby table before following her out the back of the inn.
Nina led him through the back alleys, leaping over short walls and zigzagging through the dark, till they reached the edge of town.
"You better put as much distance as you can from here." Nina said, pulling the hood of her jacket up and putting a scraf around her nose and mouth to protect it from the sand. "They'll be looking for you since you helped me."
Nex grinned, "Hmm I see, and where are you off to?" he asked, an odd glint in his eyes.
"As far as I can get from here, " Nina said. "And then, I'll improvise" she said with a tiny shrug and grinned. "Thanks for helping me out, Nex. " She held out her hand.
He took her hand and shook it. "You realize, they aren't gonna leave you alone right? Guys like that will hunt you to the ends of the earth."
"They don't scare me," Nina said flippantly. Nex looked at her, "Then why not take them out before they take you out?" he asked, the light in his eyes taking on a rather dangerous glint.
Nina tilted her head, noticing the look in his eyes and she was intrigued, "What do you mean?"
He chuckled, "Do I need to spell it out? Kill them before they kill you."
"If it was that easy, I would have done it already. The guy running this group has a dense network spread throughout this region. The frustrating bit is that I don't know who it is. That's what I have been trying to find out, among other things." Nina said.
Nex sighed, "Well I suppose there's no helping it." He brightened, "we'll just have to kill them all!" he said cheerfully. "If we kill them all, we're bound to get the boss."
Nina giggled, "You're a strange one." Nex grinned, "So people tell me, now are you in or out?"
"I dont think it'll be that easy." Nina grinned back, his cheerfulness was catching, "You need a plan if you want to take down an orzanization this big."
Her newfound friend chuckled, "Oh I have a plan... And it's a good one."
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