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27 / M / The world inside...
Posted 1/27/14 , edited 1/28/14
Azuriya, the land where is all ended, the fight between Gorgon and the Heroes who were present left the whole of Jahan torn, in Gorgons final moments a massive explosion of energy was released and washed over Jahan and its territories, Azuriya being the ground zero for this explosion was the most effected. Azuriya now over flows with magical energy, though at a moments notice large rifts could tear open and suck an entire area dry, causing a magical energy void zone, streams of magical energy can be seen floating through the sky as if they were rivers of energy. Portals to alternate and mysterious realms pop up releasing horrid monster's or mysterious creatures into our own realm. and large boulders and debris float in the sky as if suspended in time itself.
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27 / M / In my Sanctuary
Posted 1/31/14 , edited 2/1/14
The Knight stood at the edge of an enormous crater, his large figure standing out in the desolate aftermath of the death of a god. “So this is where is all ended” said the Knights in a low, echoing tone as he knelt down and picked up and handful of sand. What was once sand that was filled with life of the sea, but now dry and lifeless. “A pity, this land was once so beautiful” said the Knight as he stood up, allowing the sand to fall to the ground. The Knight heard a growl from behind him; he turned his head and saw a large creature that looked like a cross between a hound and a lizard. It had laid its eyes focused on the Knight, its drool dripping from its mouth, making a sizzling noise when the drops hit the ground. “Don’t attack, if you do…I will be force to defend myself” said the Knight as he turned his body towards the creature, standing his ground. The beast roared and charged at the Knight, who unsheathed his sword as raised it to attack. “I’m sorry” said the Knight as he tensed up his arm and swung his power, the blade loudly cutting the air as it swung. The next moment, blood rained from above the Knight as the beast with cleaved in half with a single, clean cut. The cut also seemed to cut the land around him as well; since it exploded away from the Knight on the path the he swung his sword. He sheathed his sword and looked back at the beast, “May you find peace” he said as he walked away from the scene, his cape blowing in the sudden wind.
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