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Hi all,

I was just wondering what the deal is with the collectible pvc figures based off of anime. They look cool but I don't really know much about them. I heard they are released for a limited time, if that is true where is a good place to buy them? Also what does Pvc stand for?

Thanks in advance

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Polyvinyl Chloride, a type of plastic. There's almost certainly another forum topic on this, so I imagine this'll get folded into that eventually. PVC figures for anime characters are generally for the collector market, and priced accordingly, and are available in variably limited quantities such that really popular ones can sell out within even a single day-- others might sit in stock for years. One can also find used ("pre-owned") ones, and re-issues of popular figures can also occur. They can range in price from perhaps US$20 or so to many hundreds of dollars (or rarely thousands) depending on size and detail and craftsmanship. Things of this sort also spawn a "healthy" industry for bootlegs or fakes.

Edit: After checking the forum rules, I think I can at least mention a few sites where one can buy legit figures-- I've no relationship with any of these-- they just happen to be ones I like using. Figures are often made available for pre-order many months prior to anticipated release, and this is a way to better ensure you get particularly popular figure before it sells out-- although even pre-orders can sell out extremely quickly. Companies like amiami.com and Hobby Link Japan are based in Japan but do cater to international buyers. I haven't yet tried it, but Mandrake is another company in Japan that supposedly has a huge second-hand market that may be one's best bet for rare or long-out-of-production older figures. There are other companies as well, and domestically (i.e. in your own country) there may be importers who'll price in your local currency if you don't want to deal in JPY. Figures can also be had through Amazon (though I hear one has to be careful, particularly with marketplace sellers, as fakes abound).
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Pvc figures as I vaguely understand are just little figurines that are on a stand that represent characters. (Like action figures that you can't move the arms or legs and just glued to the slab.)

They are a tolken symbol of Otakudom and I aspire to own a pvc figure of my own someday, however they tend to be expensive....

If I were to get one, it'd be of the Dark Magician Girl.... Don't Judge, I love Yugioh dammit.
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PVC figures are indeed a limited relase - it's part of the reason they're so expensive. The other parts would be material (though PVC is cheap), sculpting (takes effort) and painting (most of the higher-quality figures are at least partially hand-painted).

Crunchyroll has a store where you can buy some, though their selection is limited to what is currently in production or back stock of older figures. The only other site I could think of where you can buy such things is either Hobby Link Japan or Amazon - the former takes preorders but does not have back stock, while the latter does not take preorders but you can find figures no longer in production (at a higher price, of course).

Why do people collect them? Well, some people do so to show what a "real otaku" they are, but personally, I get the ones I like just for aesthetics. They have no practical use, after all. I don't have many, but I like the ones I have (Saber/EXTRA Nendoroid and Sayaka Miki Benpresto - I'm looking forward to getting my 'regular' Saber Cu-Poche from Crunchyroll soon, and if I like it I'll pick up the Dark Magician Girl Cu-Poche when I have the $).
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lfierce wrote:

Hi all,

I was just wondering what the deal is with the collectible pvc figures based off of anime. They look cool but I don't really know much about them. I heard they are released for a limited time, if that is true where is a good place to buy them? Also what does Pvc stand for?

Thanks in advance

I'm just going to do a link dump, but I would recommend starting with a figure from a current series or game that you enjoy. Note: you will need a credit or debit card to order from online stores, and I would recommend EMS shipping which is pricey ($20-30 extra) but fast and safe. Also, you can never go wrong with Nendoroids, usually. http://myfigurecollection.net/item/126583

Useful database:


Ebay when all else fails
http://www.amiami.com/ *Recommended*
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Mopz has 3 terrific links: myfigurecollection.net..........you don't have to be a member to peruse the site. The member base is like here on CR, vast, varied, worldwide. There are stores to buy from and, with the help of software that can translate Japanese, this number can grow from a few to many, many options. I highly recommend this website if you are interested in figurine collecting and want up to date information about first releases, re-releases, stuff in general. Most of the members are friendly, very giving/understanding when it comes to educating, assisting newbies (like myself).

There are several reputable sites that are English located in Japan. If you really want a certain figurine but don't wish to wait the extra 60-90 days getting it here then ordering from Japan direct is the way to go. As pointed out above: AmiAmi (my personal favorite PVC online shop), HobbyLinkJapan (offers a Private Warehousing Plan where you can have them hold bought figurines (you pay when they are released if not already still in stock) are good places.

Also, Hobby Search, Anime-Island (US-based, OK but checkout system is weird), Figure Haven (US-based run by a collector turned entrepreneur, limited selections but excellent service), Rakuten Group (must sign up for proxy service if use this group as majority of member stores are beginning to require that.....proxy service is your "for hire" go to place in Japan to have Japanese vendors send items to in Japan proper that might otherwise not be sold to you because you don't reside in Japan. The proxy then, for a fee, forwards your purchase to your foreign (to them) address.

Big in Japan
aka www.biginjap.com: excellent place to go to buy figurines, Ichiban Kuji (lottery items "won" that can't be bought by pre-order). Prices are competitive too. Has a site for English readers.

requires membership which, unless your software can print Japanese, is almost impossible for an outsider to join unless you go through a proxy service like Tenso (Buyee) which supplies a bid site on location where the item descriptions are translated in English. It's like ebay but sniping service there is not as sneaky as here (on ebay). Also, buyer beware as some items are Chinese knock-offs of Japanese anime figures.....you're not getting what you're paying for (counterfeit).

: large site, vast selection, very informative, but prices can be "market" driven (speculative). This site has sales and bargains can be had if you know when and where to look. Also has a fair-size Ichiban Kuji (lottery) selection. Click on Banpresto for those.

: store selection isn't that vast but their prices can be reasonable depending upon when you pre-order. Also a good source for the Seven Deadly Sins line of figurines. At N-Y you have the option of paying when released for exclusives. BIJ (Big In Japan) demands payment up front.

I can personally attest to the value of www.myfigurecollection.net. I've been a member since April, 2012. My wallet wishes I wasn't. My wife tolerates the hobby but is beginning to wonder just who the hell she married. I have graduated from a few figurines then to well over 600, most which are 1/7, 1/8 PVC scale with a few guilty pleasures thrown in (Giga Pulse....mostly R-18+ stuff, too risque for my display shelves. I prefer Orchid Seed).

....watch out. Prices can be high. Ditto for ebay. NOTE: You can order BD's, dvd's from Amazon.co.jp without use of a proxy but you can only order 1 item, not 2 or more of the same type item for friends. Gurren Lagann BD with English subs is far more reasonable to buy there and ship via DHL than here via RightStuf in Iowa. It's at least a $90 USD difference in MSRP.

The Right Stuf, RACS.....great for dvds, bd's....not so much for figurines.

Shipping: get ready to be shocked if comparing to US USPS, FedEx, UPS prices. Your items are coming over by jet across the big pond if you reside in the US of A. My average end of month combined item shipping bill for an AmiAmi figurine order is $100 USD. I use EMS 95% of the time. Japan is 12-14 hours ahead of where I live.
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Some of them are very expensive and addictive to collect. The female ones sometimes need hot glue.

Have a nice day.
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When buying anime figures, make sure that you're not buying fakes ones. Because it is sad when you spent your money into something that's have a very low quality with the same price as the authentic ones. There are stores that sells figures legit and you can buy from them.

I don't know exactly, where you live but I usually buy figures from US based areas, because I don't like custom taxes and watever.

amazon - you need look for those legit sellers.
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