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Lets here it!
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Is this the otaku section and was the last section for the weeaboos? XD
Anyways there was this really great review on log horizon. I didn't right it, but maybe someone out there would appreciate it like I did. I didn't know how to put it into words the difference between sao and log horizon and she did a very thorough job. :P

Following review by aranicar:

First off, this anime is NOTHING LIKE SAO, other than the fact that they are stuck in an MMORPG. Despite that, SAO was the main reason why I tried Log Horizon out in the first place, so that's what I'll be comparing it to.
Being a MMORPG player and a person who likes to excessively ponder in my free time, I was very intrigued by the premise of SAO and dove straight into it, expecting some serious social evolution, teamwork, and philosophical ideas tied around the game rules and the death mechanic. Suffice to say, I was sorely disappointed. This is where Log Horizon comes in.

The Focus
While SAO focused on action scenes and the harem-esque romance, Log Horizon focuses on pure world building and social evolution. SAO was a fight to the death, LH is more of a social experiment. In LH you can't do much by yourself, so you must help each other in order to overcome the challenges thrown at you. This is just so much more enjoyable to watch then one person who can overcome all conflict by just trying hard enough.
Another major difference is how both anime handle death. In SAO, you die, no questions asked (unless you're the main character). In Log Horizon, you respawn at the city cathedral. While this doesn't give a sense of fear and anxiety like SAO, it is not Log Horizon's focus and so takes away nothing from its core concepts. If you like the suspense and finality of death in SAO, you won't find it here in LH. (To be perfectly honest SAO didn't do so well with that either. By ep. 8 I had assumed that all the important characters would survive).

The World
The world LH creates just breathes with life, from the 'enhanced' game mechanics to the NPCs... the NPCs!!! I cannot express the brilliance of how they made the NPCs work. There is a sense of scale to the world, and the upcoming episodes look very promising for an all out war. The guilds show the development of a community and is a much more realistic way of how players would react when thrown into a situation like this. Sure there were guilds in SAO, but they really didn't do anything and didn't mean anything in the long run. In LH you cannot hope to achieve anything unless you work together. The combat system heavily reflects on this, with tanks, damage dealers, support, healing, etc... Teamwork, not solo double hack-n-slash.

The Characters
I found the characters in LH much easier to like and relate to. In SAO it's either Kirito or Asuna, maybe Suguha or Yui too. I ended up disliking all four of them (one was a generic OP hero, two were generic harem partners, and the last sadly wasn't developed quite enough), and none of the other characters showed up on the screen enough for me to personally understand them.
In LH, there is a lot more to choose from, as every character continues to keep doing things as time goes on. That's another thing that bugged me. In SAO (if they didn't die), once the character goes off screen after the 3 episodes they were in, it's like time stopped for them, and they were never seen again, unless they were evil and needed to be killed by a certain duel-wielding super soldier or it was because it's the final battle. Every character in LH does something, and continues to do so even when the main characters are off on diplomatic summits or negotiating trade prices. It's a much richer experience and helps provide the feeling of constant action, especially during the would-be slower parts.

Log Horizon is a solid piece of work which strives to give a vastly different experience and feel compared to SAO. If you've watched SAO and have felt like it could have done better with its MMORPG premise, I would highly recommend Log Horizon. As it stands right now, I cannot wait for the next episode.
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no its strictly otakus haha no weeabo stuff around here i hope thank you for the review tho! even if it wasnt yours still could help some members deiced to watch it or not! Thank you!
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My undying love for Hunter X Hunter brought me to join CR then I became mad addicted to my many choices of anime with the Fall line-up. I am so impressed with Fate/Stay Night that I have become spoiled by the EPIC Battle scenes and I find myself becoming disappointed with the fight scenes in the new Fairy tail Arc. Don't get me wrong I love Fairy tail ...but I demand Epic Battles from Natsu, Erza, Gray and the rest of the Fairy tail wizards. Who am I kidding I now demand EPIC battle scenes in all anime.
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