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Posted 1/29/14 , edited 1/29/14
So, here you will sign up for roleplaying! You must fill the following blanks:
Name :
Age :
Made a contract with Kyuubey? (Magical boys are not accepted) :
Personality :
Background :
Weapon(s) :
Abilities :
Wish :
Appearance :
Puella Magi transformation :
You can create up to 6 characters and you don't need my stamp of approval to RP! You can also take the original characters (including Kyuubey)!
Akemi Homura - Rein2003 TAKEN
Sakura Kyoko -
Kaname Madoka -
Miki Sayaka -
I hope that many of you will sign up for RP-ing! After you sign up, go to the next step!
My character!

Have fun!
Edit: Males can fight Witches, but not as magical boys.
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