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Posted 1/29/14 , edited 1/29/14
1. Don't be rude to other users! If his/hers OC or the canon character he/she's playing ticks you off, please refrain from being rude and cussing!
2. Mild swearing is allowed. You can say "you're fucking annoying" or "holy shit", but please refrain from saying "you're such a bitch" and things like that. Please don't swear often!
3. To roleplay you need to sign up for roleplaying, so don't post a comment here until you signed up!
4. Don't make your character a Mary/Gary Sue! They can't do everything! Remember, they still live in their human toys and have human thinking! (For males and not contracted females they're human lol).
5. Males can fight Witches, but not as magical boys.
6. When your character transforms, show the Puella Magi Transformation pic!
7. When your character un-transforms, show the Appearance pic!
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