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Posted 1/30/14 , edited 1/31/14
Really like that Crunchyroll had added manga to there lineup and enjoying reading some of the series they have on there but some things I think they should add in the future updates to the android manga app that will make it even better and easier to use. I do almost all my manga reading on my android tablet now since I got one so this is more geared towards tablets then use on regular sized phones or the web viewer but plenty of these features would be useful on phones as well as the website reader.

1. Manga Queue - You guys already have an awesome Queue for anime that automatically tracks all the anime I'm watching on CR at once keeping track on what episode I last watched as well as alerting me to new episodes in a series bring a version of that over to your Manga service and it would be great and make reading more convenient especially the more series where watching this should be universal and transfer across all the different ways to access CR manga.

2.Landscape mode dual page reading mode - There should be an option available to choice how we want to view manga in landscape instead of just zooming in we should be able to choose to view both pages at once would be nice. Amazon Kindle let me do this for manga they had on there looked a little small on my LG G Pad 8.3" screen but would be nice to able to view CR manga like this especially on a larger tablet screen plenty of 10" tablets out there and Samsung is making a 12.2" tablet so no reason not to add this feature. Even phones are getting quite large like the galaxy note mega with its 6.4" screen if someone wants to view manga like on there phone I think it should be available as well.

3.Ability to more quickly shift through pages in a chapter - Currently if you want to reach a specific page in a chapter you have to scroll through all of them from the beginning there should be a way to quickly reach the page you want a way to rapidly scroll through pages. A sort of carousel like what amazon does on there kindle tablets would be nice just lets us scroll through it a rapid pace. Another idea would be to show thumbnails of each manga image like you see in the gallery app in android and let users pick where they want to read from.

4.Improved Bookmarking- Even if you add a queue I don't think you should necessarily get rid of the bookmark feature just make it a separate feature. Instead of lumping all of the bookmarks made for all series together in the order you made them. All bookmarks for a one series would be stored together in chronological order and all series that have bookmarks would be in one section and organized in alphabetical order and you click on a series to view all the bookmarks made for it.

5. Image Smoothing and Scaling alongside higher resolution manga scans- My current tablet has a 1920x1200 and that low enough that when viewed in portrait mode it doesn't drastically degrade the manga image since the resolution of the manga images CR has seems to be around that resolution a little bit higher but when you zoom in you defiantly notice how bad it looks compared to say my dads first gen ipad mini with its 1024x768 screen the resolution is low enough there that you can zoom in and not get big degradation since the screens resolution is alot lower then the native resolution of CR manga Images.

The next wave of high end 8"+ tablets will likely be all be rocking at least 2560x1600 screens and we might even see phones with that resolution and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some 4K screens in the larger screen tablets in the future. When viewed on tablets with those screen resolutionin portrait mode even potentially landscape dual page mode in the case of a 4K tablet. Images will lose a lot of sharpness and quality over a lower resolution screen. would be a good idea for CR to implement some high quality image scaling into web player and various manga reading apps so manga doesn't look like crap on the higher resolution screens of the future that will end up becoming the norm in a couple years

Of course there's a limit to how much good image scaling and processing can make an image look good even when viewed on a higher resolution screen ideally crunchyroll would convince the manga publishers to provide them with higher resolution manga scans in addition to implementing good image scaling in there manga viewers the less scaling that needs to be done the better the end result will be.

6.Ability to load previous manga chapters - In the manga app you can load the next chapter by dragging and releasing but you can't do it in reverse to load the end of the previous chapter.

7.Smaller UI to fit more at once on screen - The images in the UI when not reading manga and navigating around take up a lot of space especially on a tablet should be an option to make text and images smaller so more information fits at once on screen. As CR adds more manga series this will matter more and more when you only have a couple of series its not a huge deal but as they add more series in the future it this will matter more

8.Offline Viewing Support - Would be awesome if I was able to read the manga offered here anywhere with my android devices not just where I have an internet connection.
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Posted 2/8/14 , edited 2/8/14
These sound like good ideas.
Both 1. Manga Queue and 7. Smaller UI to fit more at once on screen would make a big difference to me.

An indicator of which chapters I've read would also be useful (especially if you don't add a queue).

As more titles are added it feels like the app has become really sluggish on my Nook HD+ (especially scrolling the lists of titles/favorites). Also I'm not sure if the title images are being stored locally - it seems like they're being downloaded every time as they often take a while to appear.

I still get the occasional "Unauthorized request", but it's better than it was. It would be nice if it handled it a bit more gracefully (i.e. sent you directly to the login screen).


However, in general I'm pretty happy with the app (and the growing selection of Manga), so thanks for all your hard work. I'm a Software Engineer so I know how thankless it can sometime be, and how frustrating negative feedback is.

I notice that Crunchyroll has an opening for Mobile App Developer, so it's always possible that the app is unmaintained at the moment (or at least the team is understaffed).
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