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Posted 1/30/14 , edited 1/30/14
What I mean by the thread title is, well recently quite a few series have had their airing schedules suddenly changed, and nearly all of them have been explained as delays in the production. That is kind of too vague for my tastes. It would be much more helpful if we had more clear detailing as to these changes. Certainly it might alleviate a bit of the complaints every time an episode or show gets delayed.

Or is this level of transparency not allowed due to the licensing contracts, thus forcing a blanket production delay explanation?
Posted 1/31/14 , edited 1/31/14
While this is a great suggestion, I'm going to preemptively state that we are left in the dark when it comes to these things.

Honestly, we don't get any word from the official CR staff. For example, it was well known that there was a production delay with Attack on Titan. It caused an uproar, even though it was a problem stemming from the distributing studio.

I'm sure that the Customer Service Representatives will read this, and potentially chime in, but as it stands.. we're all in the dark
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Chances are that they cannot disclose any more. The Japanese distributors usually force non-disclosure clauses in the contracts to

I'm not sure what shows were affected but I looks at Chunibyo. It said 'delivery delays' so I read that as meaning that they didn't receive the source from Japan in time to finish subtitling it in time.
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