♛ Knights at the Roundtable (MODS ONLY)
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This thread was created because Al needed a place to talk to all of the mods about helping out with the contests and how to implement the materials to make these things kick off. Eventually we want this group to be constantly talked about and circulating through Crunchyroll.



With that said, I have never hosted a contest on Crunchyroll before but I have entered some and do have ideas. Also, I think we should make ID cards for those who sign up as official members, that way come their birthday, they get a birthday prize such as a Premium membership whether it may be All-Access Anime or Drama etc, and I'm not suggesting this because my birthday is coming up, alright it is but nonetheless... it's still a good idea, right? Thoughts, anyone?
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Sounds like a plan to me. I will... play more games. As my job description outlines.
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Knights of the Round Table huh? sounds pretty awesome, Birthday prizes sound like a cool idea not sure how were going to do it though
Yes one day we will conquer all of the crunchyrolls bases mmwhahahaa!
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I was thinking for our next contest... instead of another survey, we could do something much easier such as...

Caption This!

I think we should see the results from what our group members tell us their top favorite anime. What do you guys think? Another survey or something different?

Other contest ideas
Scavenger Hunt of Anime/game
Random drawing
Fan Art drawing of anime/game
Fanfiction writing of anime/game
Caption This
Manga vs Anime
Best Gif of Anime/game
Best survivor of badass anime/game character
Best Character creation (role-playing inspiration)
Cutest Anime/Game Girl in series

That's all I have for now. -_- [burnt out]
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That knights dancing GIF made me laugh so hard
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