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Posted 1/29/08 , edited 1/29/08

Please please please... I'm not failing to remind you that you need to credit your sources... credit those who made that wallpapers posted in this group, and also where you got those Toma scans, please please do credit them. I don't want us to be of bad image, I mean, It's their work not ours, so it's just our thanks to them for those scans.. so please CREDIT and THANK them whenever you post their scans/pictures/wallpapers and everything here in our group.

and one more thing, I suggest that before posting them here, why not ASK for PERMISSION first when you guys got those scans, then when they agree, that's the time we post it here. Because I myself hate those kind of attitude, not even thanking the one where we got those scans.. so please.. sorry.. I'm not sounding so strict here again, but I don't want you to be like a thief.. stealing their scans/pictures and the like.. thanks.. hope I make it clear to everyone..

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