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Posted 2/2/14 , edited 2/2/14
i just wanted to know if there is any way to change your username... as you can tell mine is a little embarassing and i don't like it anymore.

i checked all the options and it doesn't seem to be changeable as of now, i hope CR adds maybe a point system of some kind or a payment method to change usernames (or be nice and make it free :D)

or maybe i didn't search hard enough and i just missed it, but if it isn't an option, please add CR!
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Posted 2/2/14 , edited 2/2/14
Must be question of the week. "LAWL"

I'm just going to paste my last answer here:

From the past, I've gotten the answer that they can't do it with an already made account. It's best to nuke your account and start a new one.

Though, take note that the membership wouldn't allow you to nuke your account. If you want to go this route, you have to cancel your subscription and then nuke you account and then make your account again and then re-activate you subscription.

From the trends and patterns on this site, I would say that this is going to be low priority in cr's list, if at all.
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