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Posted 7/8/15 , edited 7/8/15
I was a skeptic at first, but got to try my hubby's kindle when he got one and it didn't take me long to get one for myself.

I like the convenience of having everything on one device, and it's also comfortable to read on. Not to mention I can read stuff in public that I prefer to keep private (I enjoy reading trash lit).

As someone who has moved between cities multiple times and even between countries twice, it's a lot easier to keep a kindle in my handbag than move hundreds of physical books every few years.
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Posted 7/9/15 , edited 7/9/15
like some people I enjoy physical copies for the "feel" and I like how they look on shelves
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Posted 7/9/15 , edited 7/9/15
1. cheapest option for reading manga on the go
2. very lightweight
3. long lasting battery life (should last for weeks before needing to recharge)
no glares
4. no worries about dropping it, since it's not glass

1. from looking at videos, doesn't seem as responsive as tablets
-well duh, tablets have a faster processor

2. screen is too small imo
- not so great if you're reading raw and you want to read that small kanji
--they used to sell kindle DX, but the price is comparable to cheaper tablets

3. can only show in black & white
- the cover and the pages that are originally in color will be shown in black & white instead
--not that much of an issue, since very few pages are in color anyways

4. cannot stream manga from Crunchyroll or other legit (and nonlegit) sources
- it's a barebones book reader, afterall.

5. organizing your books seems pretty painful. you need to rely on a 3rd party app to add the manga, and even then
it looks rather clunky
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Posted 8/6/15 , edited 8/6/15
I definitely prefer physical copies. I will always buy a physical book (and ask people who I may receive gifts from for physical only) if I can, the only exception being if a book is something my library doesn't have, and it's way cheaper as an ebook or if there's no other option. Or if the ebook is just way WAY cheaper, or something. I've seen 8-10 dollar books go for like 99 cents/2 dollars before as ebooks. Which isn't the norm, fortunately, so it seems there's no reason to ever switch over.
I love the way books feel, smell, and I retain what I read far better than I do when I read an ebook, I also like being able to easily flip to what I want to if I want to reread parts, and love the feeling of owning something.

HOWEVER, I do also like ebooks (as you can probably tell from my comment above), just not as much. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, and don't find reading on it that hard or blinding (my main issue with the fire..>_<). I also do like the free books I can get on it, and the possibility of getting a book for like 2 dollars that normally costs 10.
But I would never go totally digital. I'd miss that paper smell and feel if I did too much. And I hate reading ebook manga. >_<;.
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Posted 8/15/15 , edited 8/15/15
I do prefer to read physical books, but I won't deny how awesome e-readers are.

They are so convenient, and the prices for e-books are usually MUCH more reasonable.
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Posted 8/15/15 , edited 8/15/15
I'm not a fan of them because I like to share my books with others. I'm okay with not having a book being returned when I lend it out but it's too much to lose a lot if you lend out an e-reader. That'd be a whole library of books.

I do have some e-books on my laptop and phone because I was impatient and one of my book shelves collapsed under its weight in books so I'm having to reduce getting books and getting some e-books so I don't have to get more shelves.
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Posted 12/25/16 , edited 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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