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Posted 2/3/14 , edited 2/4/14
darn it, i was here looking for my little pony debates
Posted 2/3/14 , edited 2/4/14

lol I know, just thought it fit well with the topic of the thread.

juan6113 wrote:

Its hilarious to me because I am a Patriots fan all the way and i was going for Seahawks just out of spite that the Broncos beat the Patriots to play lastnight and they got royaly STOMPED as we all know now. I feel fullfilled.

I'm Patriots/Tom Brady/ Bill Bellichick fan. The patriots are my favorite team. But from the poor way they played against the broncos (which just made me feel sad), I don't think there is any way they could've beaten the Seahawks. I really do believe NFC has a lot more hard hitting teams than the AFC. I hope Brady gets at least one more Super Bowl before he retires. Bellichick really is one of the greatest coaches of all time. It would be crazy to see what he would do if he had the roster of the Seahawks and Tom Brady at the helm. WOW.

dreadreaver89 wrote:

I pretty much figured that whichever team came out on top in the NFC championship game was the team that was going to win the Super Bowl. Hell, the NFC championship was the Super Bowl in my opinion. Both teams played like it was. Unlike this boring one-sided massacre. The Broncos weren't really battle tested against defensive heavy teams that you find in the NFC like the Seahawks/49ers/Panthers. I would of picked anyone of those teams to win the Super Bowl over the Broncos.

Interestingly enough for next season the NFC West will face the AFC west in the regular season so it'll be interesting to see how the Broncos fair for the 2014 season when they go against the Seahawks/49ers/Cardinals/Rams.

Anyways I begrudgingly must congratulate the Seahawks on their Super Bowl victory.


A disgruntled Niner fan.

I truly believe the only team that stood a chance against the seahawks this year (NFC and AFC) were the 49ers. Their defense is scary; even scarier than the seahawks I think. The niners just need to teach Kaepernick how to watch that play clock.

Edit: Also, the offense is just as tough as the defense. Kaepernick can make the defense uneasy with his legs and wide receivers/tight ends are big enough to beat the seahawks's secondary.
Posted 2/3/14 , edited 2/4/14

dirty_soap_dish wrote:

puellapeanut wrote:

Arek-sama wrote:

Ewww, Football.

Yeah. This.

Then get off this thread.

Nah, I'm going to stay on and bother you.
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Posted 2/3/14 , edited 2/4/14
As a Giants fan I wanted Eli's brother to win, but it's nice seeing the Seahawks get their first Superbowl.

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Posted 2/3/14 , edited 2/4/14
Seriously the most boring Super Bowl I have ever seen, as soon as the halftime show ended I stopped watching. You could already tell who was gonna win. I'm a Patriots fan too so this doesn't have to do with broncos losing or anything.
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Posted 3/29/14 , edited 3/29/14
Closed because OP nuked.
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