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On March 15th, 2015, a Phenomena now referred to as "The World Collision" occurred. Without warning, Half of the world changed in an instant. Sections of the world shifted and changed, turning into something out of a fantasy novel. High forests populated by monsters and elves, Mountains where Dwarves, Dragons, and Goblins now dwelled, and medieval cities. The largest this event had, was how it affected the people of the world. Half the world population suddenly found themselves changed into nonhumans, and many of the humans that remained awoke as mages.

The chaos that arose threatened to tear apart the world in war, until a group of those altered by the Collision stepped forward, using their newfound gifts to bring order. These were the founders of The Guardians.

The year is now 2065, and many things have changed. Magic is commonplace, and most of the population has learned how to harness it in some way. Science and magic have been fused, creating Magitech. The only energy source now is Aether, which is clean and nearly limitless. Pollution is but a memory, and medical technology has made giant leaps. Cybernetics have advanced to the point that people willingly replace functioning body parts for 'Upgrades'.

But everything isn't all good. Bigotry against nonhumans still runs rampant, and many groups are starting to appear using Magic and Magitech to cause strife. Standing against them is The guardians, an organization recognized by all countries as the global protectors. They stand against these terrorist groups, and the countries that look to conquer and dominate.

At the center of The Guardians is The Academy. A place of learning and training for all potential Guardian recruits. The Academy occupies a manmade island in the Pacific, and rivals any of the largest cities in the world in size.

The Major races of the world are listed below. There are others that exist, but their numbers are very small.

Nowhere near as numerous as they were, Humanity still refuses to relinquish their position at the top of the world

: Reborn with a strong bond with Nature, Elves have worked to fuse Magic, Technology, and Nature itself. The strongest defenders of the natural world, they sometimes take on the mantle of Ecoterrorists.

: Strong and Stoic like the mountains they dwell in, Dwarves have found their place in this new world. Master crafters, they are world renown for their mechanical and metalworked items.

:Those reborn with the blood of fey, or fairies. They have integrated with the world very well, usually finding a place in modeling or entertainment.

:Those reborn with the blood of the Dragons. Their appearance ranges from slight draconic hints, as in reptilian eyes and unnatural hair color, to appearing much like a dragon/human hybrid. Dragonblooded usually find themselves in Security, or scholarly positions, due to their superior strength and intellect.

: A new occurance in the world, and the largest source of Debate and Bigotry. Bio-androids are the latest line of artificial servants released by the Meritas Corporation. They used the latest technology to fuse Organic systems, with magitech, to produce a product that would look and feel like a living thing. Unfortunately for Meritas, they did too good of a job, and every one of their bio-androids gained the spark of life once they were activated. Many consider them to just be mimics of life, no true life or sentience, while others feel they now have a soul, and should be given rights and freedoms. Many bio-androids find themselves in a servitor position, with no freedom. A lucky few are able to rise above this, and be treated as an equal.

: Those reborn with Fiend blood, or the blood of demons. They usually bear at least one sign of their new blood, usually horns, odd skin color, or even tails. Fiendblooded find it difficult to fit in to modern society. Their blood tries to pull them to commit evil. Most are able to overcome this, while some willingly submit to these urges.

: Born from a magical experiment, Ferals are the product of blending human and animal DNA. Many of the first generation went insane or were killed, but many survived. They are outcast from society, viewed as nothing more than vermin.


The force that changed the way the world works forever, magic. This once new concept has seeped into every aspect of modern day life. Magic, what it is and how it works, is actually very simple. Magic is nothing more than tapping into the natural energy of the world to alter it. This energy is commonly referred to as Aether , but many cultures already had names for it, Chi, Chakra, and Auras. Aether has always been with us, the Collision just amplified it's power. All forms of magic revolve around tapping into Aether.

What makes Aether so powerful is it's capability of altering reality. Aether, and magic itself, seem to follow a different set of laws than the rest of existence does. With application, magic is able to break the laws of physics. The laws that govern the limits of magic, and how it effects reality, are known as Metaphysics.

The only limit to what magic can do is the limits of the user or device, in the case of magitech. In the case of casters, each person has a natural limit to how much aether they are able to focus. This is much like someone lifting weights. In the beginning you cannot lift that much, but with time and practice you are able to progressively lift more and more. Those that draw aether in are slowly able to draw more and more in, while those with a natural pool cause their pool to grow. This does have drawbacks. Caster's do have the capability of 'straining' themselves, causing damage to their body. This is referred to as Overchanneling. Depending on how far the caster pushes themselves past their limit, the damage can range from not being able to use magic for a few days, to truly burning themselves out, killing them in the process. Devices have similar limits, without the potential to grow. Some forms of magitech even have a tendency of burning out after time, like a lightbulb.

There are multiple types of magic used in the world. What follows are the basic breakdown of they types.

Natural Magiic:
Magic that the user can naturally and instinctually use. This type of magic usually originates from the user being born with an unusually high Aether pool. These usually tend to be elemental in nature, but other forms are known to exist.

Scholarly Magic:
Magic that the user learns over time. This type of magic is more varied in nature, and is based off of arcane formulas. The caster draws in the Aether around them to cast these spells, and each one requires the study or memorization of complex formulas. These spells use the caster's body as a channel, focusing the energy into the desired form. This form tends to be broken up into Schools of thought (Ex. Abjuration, Conjuration, Illusion, so forth.)

Contract Magic:
Magic that originates from an outside force. Since the Collision, super powerful beings have appeared throughout the world. This type of magic is utilizing power that is drawn from one of these beings. The nature of the magic depends on the being the power originates from, and that being can cut off it's power if they wish. This form requires the user to form a blood contract with the patron being. This contract allows the caster to access their patrons power, and it also physically alters the caster. They take on traits of whatever species their patron is. The most common Patrons are Dragons, Celestials (Angels), And Fiends (Demons).


Since The Collision, the technology of the world has progressed in leaps and bounds, now refered to as Magitech due to the fusion of magic and standard technology. Cybernetics are now commonplace, due to their effectiveness surpassing natural organic body parts. Information technology has also surpassed all believed capabilities. With the fusion of cybernetics, people are now able to access the internet, and other computer systems, either by thought or by using internal devices. User interfaces have also progressed, the standard now being holographic interfaces. These interfaces are now commonplace in the home, tied to computer systems that manage all aspects of the home. A.I. has still not publicly been created, but there are rumors that they actually exist. Many people have V.I.s, or Virtual Intelligences. These are capable of handling heavy processing, and have a vocal user interface. They lack the ability of thinking on their own though, and are only able to perform tasks that they are commanded to do

All Magitech is powered by Aether. There are a multitude of ways this powerful energy is harnessed. Large devices, mainly transportation vehicles, have Aether drives, which draws the latent magical energy in the area around them. Larger vehicles, like aircraft, are also fit with Energy cells, which act as large rechargeable batteries as a backup. Smaller devices use energy cells, which are recharged by special devices that act much like the Aether drives. Cybernetics are the only Magitech devices that use a secondary power source. They pull their energy not only from rechargeable cells, but also from the hosts natural bioelectricity. When installed, they are configured to draw in the excess bioelectricity the host's body creates to augment their energy.

Transportation vehicles have progressed, but their change has not been nearly as drastic. Most transportation is still done by automobiles bound to the ground, but their power source and appearance has drastically changed. Most have very sleek bodies, with a multitude of special features, involving computer interfaces, and magical safety features. The engine itself is powered by an Aether drive, which draws energy in from the surrounding area. Refueling is now a thing of the past.

Magitech is crafted differently than nonmagical devices. Spells are cast upon the components of the device as it is being created, allowing the special capabilities of the device to function. This weaving of magic into the device as it is being created allows it to function following primarily Metaphysics, instead of Physics. This allows for devices that are capable of breaking many of the laws of physics.

The Guardians

Considered the most powerful political and military force in the world, The Guardians work to promote peace among the different countries and groups of the world. They mobilize whenever a country tries to conquer another, or a group starts to terrorize the innocent of the world. They also mobilize smaller teams whenever evil nonhumans start threatening the innocent.

The organization is broken up into three Roles, The Sword, The Shield, and The Archive. Each of these Roles bears a different responsibility. The Sword is the Offensive role of The Guardians. They are the first into combat, and they hit quick and hard. Their training usually focuses on strength and speed, breaking their enemy. The Shield is the Defensive role of The Guardians. They are sent in before an enemy force when there are innocent lives in jeopardy. Their training is heavily focused on stopping the attacks of others, either with physical strength and stamina, or with magic. Then there is The Archive. They are purely focused on information. They Gather and store information on the capabilities of their enemies, and excel at getting this to those on the field. They are also trained on gathering intel from secure locations, which usually involves stealth and methods of breaking security.

The center of The Guardians is The Academy, a military academy where all potential recruits are trained. Their training runs the gambit, over a total of four years. All go through basic courses, usually during their first year. these courses cover advanced magical theory, the biology of the most common 'monsters dealt with, and physical conditioning. Second is more General classes, and individual training based off of the recruits strengths. Third year is primarily Individually tailored training, and ends with the recruit having his role designated. The Headmaster is the one who decides what a recruits role is, based off of their strengths and weaknesses. Fourth year is training for the first half, while the second half the recruits actually are sent out on missions with veteran members.

During missions, Guardians are separated into three man teams. These teams are composed of one of each role. This setup covers the inherent weaknesses in each role on their own.
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