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Posted 2/4/14 , edited 2/4/14
The Sprawling metropolis that surrounds the Academy. Millions of people of all races dwell in the city. Anything you could ever desire can be found, for a price. The headquarters for The Guardians can also be found here. Due to this, crime is low, but still exists.
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Posted 2/5/14 , edited 2/5/14
A young boy explored the quiet city in the morning. It was the favorite time of his day. Minus the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan crowd, Ael City is peaceful with occasional tinkle of china in a corner breakfast cafe.

He hardly stood out in the steel jungle with his black, striped shirt dangling from his shoulder (the in thing these days) and a shiny silver belt to hold his peru colored bermuda low. His white hair and slit like eyes made him unique among the humans.

"Haaaa," he let out a long exhalation.
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