Short stories
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Jack wakes to a loud noise in the living room, Jack still dazed from sleeping, gets up from his bed to see the situation. When Jack gets to the living room, he turns on the lights and see's nothing out of the ordinary. Just as he is about to turn off the lights something catches his attention. "Its almost looks like that chair moved" thought Jack. As he moves closer and closer Jack can see something, almost like a tail sticking out from the chair. He pokes the tail and hears a " Hee Hee". Startled Jack backs away in shock. Something crawls, no slithers out from under the chair. What ever that thing was it did not look friendly. Its whole body was covered in black save for the face which was white. On the face was the mask of a person. At least Jack hopped it was a mask. Arms jutting out from its back, but not using them to crawl. Almost like he is making fun of Jack, by not coming faster at him, the thing knew it was creating more fear, more terror for Jack. it is over jack now its arms going around his back. "Why am I not moving" Jack thought to himself. He knew he was frozen, not by terror or fear, but just not understanding what this was. Now Jack was going up getting lifted off of the ground. Jack knew what was happening, he was being eaten. At last he shouts a scream but that is just at the monster closes his jaws around Jack.
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