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Posted 2/5/14 , edited 2/6/14
I haven't tried watching on any device other than my Galaxy Note II with the CR app, but based on what I'm seeing I'm thinking it's the video itself. It also has only happened on Haruhi Suzumiya so far. (Yeah, yeah, I'm the only one who hasn't seen it yet...)

The video quality is somewhat poor (like a DVD transfer), but more importantly at random but numerous times, the video becomes corrupted by apparently missing key frames. This is annoying, but since I still don't speak Nihon, the subtitles (which are in the video rather than added by the local player) are also corrupted to unreadability and I find myself missing key information. :/ "Rewinding" shows the corruption in the exact same spot, so it's definitely on the file in the server rather than any connection problem. I've seen this before on satellite TV and fansubs years ago, so I'm familiar with it and its the result of a bad transcode (probably issues on the machine it was transcoded on like running out of memory, etc).

To repeat, I haven't had this problem on anything else I have watched so far, so I think this is a one-shot deal. I also tried searching for any other entries about this but found nothing.

Thanks in advance for any help, Mike
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