Is the student council in Japanese high schools really so powerful?
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Posted 2/7/14 , edited 8/9/14
I have seen so many times in different anime and manga the student council being all powerful, and setting school rules, etc. Is that the case in reality? I don't know about anywhere else, but at my high school in Pennsylvania, USA, our student council didn't do anything. The idea of students making rules is ridiculous. That would never happen.

I appreciate all responses.
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Posted 2/7/14 , edited 2/7/14
Good question, I've been asking myself the same thing for a while now.

It must be exaggerated though.
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Lol, if students had any kind of power over school rules, schools would be absolute chaos.
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Posted 3/28/14 , edited 3/29/14
Depending on the anime they might be super vampires or just stuck with paperwork and organizing stuff for everyone else...
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Posted 3/31/14 , edited 3/31/14
Though I've never had any personal experience, it's pretty easy to guess that it's generally exaggerated in animes and such. I just think that since the student councils are intended to be the figureheads of the school-it's easy to manipulate and make interesting in school scenes instead of using just a group of students. *shrugs* I dunno, just a guess.
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Posted 6/6/14 , edited 6/6/14
I have a few friends who go to school in japan, and i think it definitely depends on the school. Its obviously exaggerated in anime, just like everything else. However, a few of my friends said that they do have a bit more power when it comes to making decisions. Student council pretty much represents the entire student body, so they give our opinions on changes that will be made to school schedules/trips/improvements; and various other things. It seems like they are simply given more responsibility, and their input is more often actually taken into account by the teachers/school board, when making major decisions that also affect the student body. Unlike in the western world, were the student council is basically a aesthetic position given to students to give them the allusion of power.
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Posted 6/8/14 , edited 6/8/14
My school has a fairly active 'student council', but it is mainly things that concern the older students - 16-18 year olds, The 'sixth form' as we know it in the UK.

Basically they organise events for the students - we're all going paintballing this week, for example, and they run pool tournaments and sweepstakes etc. They also look after the common room and listen and present suggestions - which very often go through.

In all honesty, every year the president is a 'popular' person who isn't controversial (and doesn't end up doing much), whilst the vice president is the serious person who everyone likes - they end up doing practically everything!

But yeah, I assume it is exaggerated And my school's seems to be far more involved than many!
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