My book this is a PRELUDE and what is about, I am currently writing a book that is horror science fiction, Psychologic
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This is a PRELUDE of what I am currently working, I all so want to says that this what My book is about, I am currently writing a book that is horror science fiction, Psychological and dark, historical and fantasy, And the human condition, Romance and incest.

A young man with red eyes with white hair and white lighten skin,and each hand he carry obsidian scimitar weapons,He standing in a pitfall of blood he has multiple cut and stab wound, Look around and see nothing alive only dead, And he look up and then down and is face is in pain but then something happened,and smile like a wolf but not from the pleasure of killing off his prey, But from the realization he alone in this world, he then say "I'm in hell", Modern Japan 2014 time 13 hour date December 1 first, Operation search and rescue,SRD aka search destroy rescue team, 24 Soldier are about to fight to the dead,

Main character development, Main character name Alston Blackstone, born January 22 194,000 years ago era 2000 BCE stone age, blood type o positive, love to eat strawberry like to eat too apples,his sexuality is asexual and pansexual,sexual preference in girls flat chest, sexual preference in guys crossdressing as girl ,dislike hate intolerance. main character Kazuno sora,year born 2000 AD December 23 blood type AB, she love to eat, she love to oranges and love meat a lot of it, she hate liars, she is alone she want a person to love with all her heart, she like playing games especially teasing ones it been taught she says she hate it, Sexual preference guys.

This is theirs abilitys , guy salamander similar regeneration, super stem cell ability regeneration,super battlefield experience, super stamina, super strong, super reflexes, super reaction,super speed, speak human condition,suffer from lack of fear to suffer damage in battle or any type of emotional type damage, because of pass experience,

girl better regeneration, stronger speed and physical endurance, she becomes merciless went any person try to hurt her friends or brother, unbelievable intuition, she work better went she close to her brother.

went they fight together their personalty changes to a very scary degree, but went they get serious they make any person see them feel hopeless like their looking to a bottomless endless pit that they cannot get out off.

SDR abilities, There 13 teams, all of them use their owned weapon, The different with the teams, his that they have their own styles and are different and their weapons are too, including their armor and equipment,

the story is going to be in today time, but I also I gonna use to tell story about his past and tragic ones too, and how his sister save his life, and how she keep him sane.

she is going to fall in love with him, and him too with her, and how it going to happened.

I all so want to make like spice and wolf and c control when it comes to economics, for example,
the two of them are going to get paid to deal with dangerous animals and supernatural animal and other things, and I want to concentrate how the deals works and what does the people that paid that get out it the same for them, and how this affect every them.

I am trying to create a big universe because I want to create more than 10 book or more about this story.

does any person know any agent that take works similar to this one ? any recommendation of what agent should I consider will be appreciated.

if any person is asking why I pick Japan his because incest is legal in japan , I don't want to hide their relationship.

I realize that get thing a book out there am done your way mean that you got go and prove yourself first, I am going to make Yaoi light novel, and all ready know how I want to do it, so I can prove I know how to writhe a books, please keep any hate to your ugly self, any good constructive criticism will appreciate, and please take in account this his a work in progress.So if you got and idea how to make this better it will be appreciate.
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I believe that the whole point of the psychological theme to an any creative creation needs to have an literal neurological reasoning and the study of mind, perception, thoughts, memories need to apply since psychology is a study of human behavior after all. My recommendation is to get a psychological text book at least to get the basic idea first. I got mine at my high school,(they had some left overs).

Writing an psychological book is not an easy tasks since imagination doesn't really play too much role, but it's up to writer's ability how much he knows about the psychology. Also, going back to multiple studies and philosophers like Plato and Aristotle.

I will give you an example anon, maybe you can use the emotional progression between the main character and that girl you are talking about. Then psychology adds a question if the incest is good if the emotions are tells us so because in psychology emotions are like a guide line that tells us whether this is good or that's bad, according to the study shown years and years ago, this guy lost his emotion and went through two divorces.

To that example, incest will be a matter of question whether it's cultural or perfectly "normal".

See that? Just like philosophy human behavior are applied by psychology.

And the economic part you are talking about, I can't give you any idea.

Good luck, but seriously, my advice is you have to study psychology first, internet? I wouldn't recommend it since it's not in routine.

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Psychological thriller, for example, really means it focuses on the unstable emotional states and psychology of its characters. You can have some real fun with a thriller when you make some of the characters mentally unstable.

Now, I will say this as nicely and bluntly as possible. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are tools you need to use. People tend not to like reading stories that have poor grammar, improper punctuation, and bad spelling. I am saying this as a fellow writer. Utilize these things. You'll need them.
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I know sorry about that is that I am writing with out stopping and I kind of forgot, and thanks
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You know what song just ran through my head? Super Psycho Love - Simon Curtis . I don't know why .________.
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