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Posted 2/10/14 , edited 2/10/14
Hi guys!

I'm Mat, from Canada.
My main language is french, but I'm trying to be more fluent in english.
I usually write in french, but here's a little something I wrote in english few weeks ago.
It's called Mirror! Enjoy~

I once dreamt about you. You were standing there, right in front of me, and you kept smiling. You told me that you found what you were looking for, that you were finally able to know what happiness feels like. You lived strangely, I must say. You were trying to hide from something, and i've tried to look for you so many times. When I thought that I was finally able to see you, you kept running away from me. You ran for miles, but I was still able to hear you crying. I understand that you wanted to be alone, that it was the only way for you to feel at ease. But, even though I knew you wouldn't appreciate even seeing my shadow, I had to protect you. It was only a dream, but I was able to feel it. I was able to feel the worries, the pain, the shouts caught in your throat. Everyone thinks that they are strong, it's an illness. They think that strength is something common. Being strong is surviving alone. Getting through everything all by yourself, even though you know you will not be able to survive for long. When everyone's eyes are on you, it's not because they need you, or because they want to help you, they are just looking at you, uneasy as they are. But I am different. Like you, I've tried to run away from everyone and from everything. I tried to suppress my feelings, my memories, my friends, my own family. I thought they weren't good for me. But i kept seeing you in my dreams, you were in my sight for just few seconds, but I knew what it was to be strong, what you need to at least pretend to be. In my dream, we looked at each other, and I told you that I now understand what happiness feels like. I saw myself. I keep looking at myself. Being alone isn't being strong. Smiling while looking at my reflection in spite of the cold freezing my soul is being strong.
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