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Posted 2/10/14 , edited 2/11/14
So this might be a little hard to explain.

My story is about a secret government branch that is conducting expirements on ordinary people. They would get one subject to run through mazes and obstacle runs. When that subject dies they take the mind and put it in another persons body. their is now two people in the same body. they make those two run the same maze that the first subject went through but they change it up a little bit. So the second subject has to use his brain and figure out the puzzles. so when that subject dies they get planted into a third subject. When that one goes into the maze, they use the same mazes that they used on subjects one and two and combine the two. so now the third subject has to rely on the first and second subjects memories to get him out of there. The twist is that there is a certain limit of minds that can be in the same body(3)

One day a subject by the name of John or W1M43 is tired of being used for research and comes up with a plan. Since the memories of the subjects are transferred into a new host, all he needs to do is attempt to escape, and when he fails he will tell the next subject where the traps are and how to get past them. once they do this for a number of times they should be able to escape the prison they are being held in.

Kind of hard to explain.
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Posted 7/21/14 , edited 7/22/14
I'm not sure if I'm the first person to respond (if you even want responses?) or if all the others are deleted or something :/ but anyway~

I like it. Its interesting and I could see myself reading it. I don't think I've actually read a story with a plot like this before, though if I did I probably forgot by now D:

Is this a fantasy story? Or something of that sort? Sorry if that sounds dense, its just the whole memory transfer and the brain implantation..? I believe that's what it is, right? Maybe a sci-fi fantasy thing..? I'm sorry I have no idea about genre labels that all :/

I'm not sure what the secret government's goal is with doing these experiments. Is there a war of some sort and this is a new tactic?

I think its a good idea but it could be developed further for there seems to be some plot holes, from my perspective anyway.

Again, I like the idea and would read it if continued, but you might wanna look into developing certain aspects of it further to make it more comprehendable for those reading and such~
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Posted 10/21/14 , edited 10/21/14
I think that there should be a huge plot twist near the end, where the guy(s) find out that they actually haven't been getting tested on. Instead they have been testing on other people that are weak (like the sick or homeless or something?). The guy(s) could actually be schitzo and are wanted by federal agents, but they keep each other "safe". They keep things tight knitted and underground, so the federals don't know who is is taking these people.
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