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Bothered by current Fairy Tail manga?
Posted 7/31/14 , edited 7/31/14
The biggest mystery for me was Lucy's mom and Natsu background like his real family. I would like that to be revealed. I mean most arc has something to do with her mom, Layla, or with celestial spirit and Zeref. Also, I guess what's Natsu and gajeel age.

Also, most of the arc only has something to with other characters history and not Natsu; there's hardly something to do with Natsu. Natsu's job was always fighting those bad guys.

There is also the dragon disappearance, also that dragon festival where I guess dragons battle it out with acgnolia or something, I think this will be the final arc, but hope not.

There's also Mavis and Zeref relations. My theory that both these guys have war during the past or something. Or there's more something special between them. Maybe this will be reveal on Fairy Tail Zero.

There's also lumen histoire, one of 3 major magic of fairy tail. At first, I thought it would like they house the dragon who disappear. Lol. Or there's a tailless fairy or something. Hehe. Jk. I'm guessing this lumen thing will be seen soon because of Tartaros arc.

I heard that Mashima's work has romance in it, so I was hoping with that too. (NaLu, btw. Lol. No GraLu, but Gruvia. I guess the rest are obvious: Ezra x Jellal, elfman x ever, gajeel x levy, etc.)

I mean there's too much to cover, so I'm hoping it won't end soon. When the God and Devil slaying magic was introduced, I thought later there will be major god/devil that they will fight.
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Posted 10/29/14 , edited 10/29/14
I dont think why mashima should end the manga . i am sure there are more arcs to come ... there must be an arc where thy defeat zeref . if the manga ends withought zeref's destruction , it will be a total failure i hope mashima knows that ..
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Posted 12/23/15 , edited 12/24/15
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