Post Reply is there a way to organize animes by rating?
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Posted 2/14/14 , edited 12/26/15
When I'm jumping through genres I am trying to find a way I can organize by more than just the name. I want to find new anime, and usually read the comments to find one, but it'd be a hell of a lot easier on me if well rated shows were able to be ordered near the top, not just the popular column which is dominated by simulcasts. Sometimes i just wanna run through a completed series and not be left on a weekly wait.
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Posted 2/14/14 , edited 2/14/14
There isn't currently anything here which allows you to search CR by local rating.

One external resource to use which allows searching by both genre and ranking is Anime News Network's "encyclopedia", but you do get results that aren't available here. It's easy enough to search or compare back against the alphabetical list, though.

Ratings collected here tend to be not so very useful because they are usually hasty, a by-product of having the episodes out one at a time right after they air. People get excited, "5 stars after only one episode!" or don't bother to watch it all: "This is the worst first episode ever" or "I hate magical girls, I'm giving this a minus 10 just so no one else likes it either!" and I've heard that even though you're supposed to be required to write a review to be able to rank a show, there is (or was) some glitch to get around that, so whatever's been collected here has already been subjected to troll drive-by shootings.

My own personal opinion is that you can't rate a show fairly until you've seen it all (and shouldn't even be allowed to rate until at least a third of the way through the cour), or at least make a separate "dropped" numeric bucket for those who feel compelled to give a summary thumbs down. To me, sites like Rotten Tomatoes (like/dislike) and Hummingbird (in "simple mode" like/meh/dislike) are the way to go because I think ratings should be seen for what they are: opinions presented to others for viewing choices, not for ranking and treating like it's something real. I don't view it as a contest, I just want to see something good that I haven't already (or validate my own feelings about a show).
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Posted 3/15/14 , edited 12/26/15
This is something I'd be interested in as well.

I typically go for completed series as well, and start my selection by season, and then I'd like to go by Popular, or Genre, but those options aren't available.

It'd also be cool to be able to sort by other metrics, or combine some metrics with others. Like using genre+tags. Maybe even exclude some tags or genres, etc.

Is this the right place to put site feature requests?
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