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Posted 2/14/14 , edited 2/15/14
1.) No Powergaming
- To Clarify: No controlling other player's characters or NPCs that a player has created for their use. See NPC rule.

2.) No Metagaming
- To Clarify: Your character can not know everything or obtain knowledge that they would have had to be in a conversation to get. E.G. John tells Mary his biggest secret, Ben can not know this as he was halfway across the world.

3.) No Godmodding
- To Clarify: No instants kills, constant/perfect evading, or overpowered attacks. This is unacceptable and will result in a mod making your character get injured, or even get killed.

4.) Be Respectful
- To Clarify: Your character may be a cold, hardened veteran, but he shouldn't go around swearing at everyone. Also, respect other players, and you will be treated with respect.

5.) Be Original
- To Clarify: Do not copy something completely, such as a character. E.G. Making a character who is a copy of an anime character, game character, or movie character. Even though this RP uses some ideas from already existing things, it does not use huge copies of them.

- To Clarify: Do not just leave without warning while interacting with another character, this will cause the other character to get stuck and the player will have to await your return.

7.) Do not make affiliations with Player Characters without asking
- To Clarify: If you wish to have your character know someone else's or be in a relationship with someone else's, then please ask that player before doing so.

8.) Keep Romance PG-13
- To Clarify: This should be obvious, no excessive swearing, nothing sexual, and censor yourself when you swear.

10.) Violence Allowed

11.) Swearing Allowed

12.) Do not create a major event without asking an Admin or a Creator
- To Clarify: Do not say "The Fireflies are going to attack the Crimson Valor" and then immediately attack. Ask a mod, and then you must take time to prepare for the attack.

13.) Do not create Major NPCs without permission.
- To Clarify: Side NPCs, like a soldier, scientist, civilian, etc. can be created as needed. Major NPCs, such as a Commander, General, Important Person, etc. should be cleared with a Mod first.

14.) Please do not use emoticons while posting IC
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