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Chap 1

Four years had already passed when the Seigaku won as the champion in the National Tournament, it is also the time when Ryoma left to America. At those times, many things happened. After Ryoma left and never came back, Sakuno never watched the practice of her sempais anymore and only attended her tennis practice seldomly. Tomo and Horio ended up together, while Katsuo and Kato practiced tennis everyday and can already beat some of their sempais with the exception of the regulars. So yes, a lot did happen as time pass by. Unexpectedly, rumors starts to spread into Seigakuen that Sakuno and Fuji became closer and the reason was that they started dating just a week after Ryoma's departure. Everyone didn't know what was the reason how that happened but they kept their mouth shut.

As for Ryoma, US Open ended and he ranked 's quite a big achievement already for a boy in such a young age, add also the fact that he gave honor to his country by representing it. The regulars got so busy in life that they only find quite a few time only to meet and celebrate together, but even so they still update in news about how their ochibi was doing at the opposite part of the world.

IN AMERICA…after ranking as 11th in the US open, Ryoma Echizen had been so busy in life as well. He always had interviews, pictorials, letters to read from his fans and even rematch battles with his opponents. It is an everyday routine for this tennis prodigy, that he can't find time to contact his sempais anymore.

*beep!* *beep!* it was 6:30 in the morning when the alarm in the clock ringed, a small groan was heard under the soft blue blanket. *beep!* *beep!* this time he let his right arm move to reach and press the alarm button and the beeping stop. Finally he can continue his sleep without any disturbance. After 1 minute his phone ringed, Ryoma being Ryoma ignored it first. But after a few ringing, he gave up and answered his phone. "Hello, what is it Eiji sempai?" he asked in a bored tone.

"Ochibi! Hi! We missed you! Nyaa~ how are you doing?" came the happy reply of his sempai on the other line.

"I'm fine sempai, but please don't call me at this time. It's still early here. Let's just talk again sometime, bye" Ryoma said and hunged up the phone with a smirk.

"Wait! Ochibi-," cried the red haired sempai but was cut off when the call ended.

"How is he, Eiji sempai?" asked Momoshiro.

The red haired sempai only sigh, "he hung up. But I'll try calling him again."

"Wait! Sempai, let's call him later. Maybe his still sleeping since it's afternoon here…remember that when it's afternoon here, it's still early morning there."

"Guess you're right," Eiji replied and Momo walk off, and when he was gone Eiji dialed Ryoma's cellphone number again with a grinning face.

*Ring!* *Ring!* came the sound and Ryoma reached it. "Hello, Eiji sempai. I told you not to call me at this time I'm still sleeping" Ryoma answered a bit annoyed.

"Sorry Ochibi, but I just wanted to let you know that the Regulars are having a reunion next week. We will stay in a beautiful place that was reserved for us only, and we will stay there for a week. We hope you could come and join us…so what do you say?" asked Eiji sempai with a smile.

The tennis prodigy ponders it for a while then smirked, "Sure. I'll be glad so."

"So you'll come? Yeah! Thanks Ochibi! You can go back sleeping again, nyaa~ bye" eiji said with a happy tone and Ryoma answered, "Bye" then ended the call.

After that, Ryoma decided to rest but thanks to the calls of his sempai that he didn't seem to feel sleepy anymore. He tried covering his head with a blanket but it didn't work. He tried other solutions, but all failed. Ryoma sigh, he give up, not that he wants to, but he felt tired already. Suddenly Karupin jumped onto him out of nowhere and surprised the tennis prince, Ryoma smiled as his companion was now here. He played with Karupin for a few minutes then started packing his things for the reunion, he then called Mr. Yamada and informed him that he will be on vacation for a week. The manager panicked upon hearing it but later agreed as part of their deal, he will let Ryoma leave America for a week but the tennis prince have to follow his manager and do what Mr. Yamada planned in his schedule. So that week, the tennis prince was busy doing the interviews and others. Saturday came and it is time for him to leave, dressed in a simple blue polo shirt and gray cargo pants paired with white tennis shoes, Ryoma walk inside the plane at a cold night.

BACK TO JAPAN…"Ne, when will Ochibi come? The reunion will be tomorrow. Nyaa~" the red haired sempai said as he looked at Momoshiro with pouting lips.

Momo smiled, "Don't worry, Eiji sempai. I'm sure Echizen will be here for sure, besides since when did he ever skips get-together with us?"

Eiji smiled, "You're right! Ochibi always comes when we're all together."

It was noontime when the regulars practiced in the Seigakuen tennis court, even though all of them aren't going there anymore, they decided to meet and visit their old school. Coach Ryusaki was walking around, then as she passed by the tennis court. She was surprised to find that all the regulars with the exception of Ryoma playing tennis, she smiled and went inside the court. "Well look what we have here…even though you're not students from here anymore, it seems you're still the regulars of this school," Coach Ryuzaki said and everyone stopped to look at her. Even four years had passed, she still had that same face they last saw with that long auburn hair always tied in a ponytail.

"Well, ehehe…it won't hurt to play here today, right Coach?" Momoshiro said smiling slightly to their Coach as he scratched the back of his neck.

The auburn haired Coach simply smiled at them, "Sure! You can practice as long as you want but be sure to clean the place when you leave." The regulars nodded and then resumed playing.

Coach Ryuzaki smiled slightly, "these kids are still the same." She then turn and walk off. Suddenly her phone rang, she picked it up to see who it was, it was Ryoma's father. "Now, now, what could be this stupid man wants?" she murmured and answered the phone. "Hello. Nanjiroh, what is it? It's been 4 years since our last meeting, you didn't even contacted me afterwards."

Nanjiroh on the other line just grinned, "Oh sorry about that, old hag. I just called to tell you that Ryoma is on his way there. Could you fetch him in the airport?"

the auburn haired Coach after hearing the news was surprised, but later then smiled. "Sure, is that all? And by the way…STOP CALLING ME OLD HAG!"

"Yeah, sure" and the call ended. Coach Ryuzaki sigh, she then went back to the tennis court. "Alright! Gather around, everyone," she commanded and the regulars-correction ex regulars followed. "Today Ryoma's father called…,"she started with a serious tone.

"Eh? Could it be that something happened to our Ochibi?" Eiji asked as he looked at the others. Everyone began talking except Fuji and Tezuka.

"It's not like that, actually he called to bring good new…" she continued and everyone listened intently. "Nanjiroh, just informed me that Ryoma's coming back today from America, he is on his way here now and we will meet him at the airport. Im sure you've missed him a lot so you can come with me to fetch him."

With that everyone rejoiced. "Really? That's great! Echizen can be with us tomorrow!" Momo exclaimed. 'Geez, these kids really didn't change a bit. You're lucky to have them as you friend Ryoma' she thought as she smiled at them. "Alright! That's enough. We should go now to the airport," Coach Ryuzaki said and went off as the rest followed.

As they all left, they didn't notice a pair of eyes watching them behind the bushes, the person smiled and run off. She quickly dialed a number from her cell, finally after a few ring the phone was answered. "Hello? Tomo-chan…what is it?", asked the person from the other line.

"Ah! Sakuno! Guess what," exclaimed her friend Tomoka, while the timid girl from the other line moved her phone a bit away from her ear.

Finally when her friend stop shouting, she answered, "What is it, Tomo-chan?" Tomoka chuckled, "I've heard from your grandma that Ryoma –sama is coming back!..." Upon hearing this, the auburn girl's eyes widened. Could it be? Her long time crush is coming back! She didn't know what to do, she felt her heart beat raced faster upon hearing the news. A small tear escaped from her eye then it was followed by another until tears flowed from her cheeks, she's really happy to know Ryoma's coming back. After 4 years, he's finally back. Happiness was overflowing to Sakuno now, but then she remembered something and her smile was quickly replaced by a frown, she began listening again to her friend.

"…He's on his way here already! And the regulars went to the airport to see him Sakuno! Looks like Ryoma-sama will go to the reunion tomorrow, I'm really excited to see him."

"Im glad to hear that, Tomo-chan! Let's wait for them…Let's meet at the school gate. Bye," Sakuno said and finally ended the call. She looked at the sky outside her window and smiled, "Ryoma, you came back!"

BACK TO THE AIRPORT…the regulars upon arriving at the airport hurriedly went to the gate where Ryoma was supposed to arrive, Coach Ryuzaki followed. Momo watched the schedule of the plane where Ryoma was and saw that it finally arrive. Upon arriving to Japan, Ryoma woke up from his sleep and went out the plane. The moment he arrive on the arrival section, happy voices greeted him. He lift his gaze a bit just to see who greeted him, he smiled afterwards. He began walking away from them as if he didn't see them but the red haired sempai of his grabbed and hugged him, "You're so mean, nyaa~ how could you pretend you didn't see us. Welcome back Ochibi!"

the tennis prodigy lowered his cap a bit then spoke, "Thank you…sempai."

"Well, are we just gonna stand here or what? Let's go already Echizen!" Momo said as he dragged the tennis prodigy by his hand.

As they ride a mini van, Everyone started questioning Ryoma of how was life in America. He coolly told them small details about his daily routine and Eiji hugged him in a protective way after hearing it. "They're so mean! Ochibi shouldn't be treated like that nyaa~", the red haired sempai said with a pouting face. Meanwhile Fuji tried calling Sakuno but she wasn't answering her phone,

Momo noticed it and asked, "Who are you calling, Fuji-sempai? Is it your girlfriend…hehe" Upon hearing Momo, everyone looked at Fuji who was seated behind Ryoma.

The tennis genius simply smiled and ended the call, "It's nothing really…by the way Echizen, you've grown quite a bit." After that statement, everyone stared at the tennis prodigy. They noticed that he really have matured physically but with the same face of their ochibi before. For a 16 year old, he sure is still the same.

Ryoma felt uncomfortable for the stares his sempais were giving, so he lowered his cap, "Please stop staring at me…sempais." Everyone smiled even Tezuka and hugged the tennis prodigy which excludes Tezuka and Kaidoh.

"How cute Echizen!" the tennis prodigy simply put on a deadpan expression but sigh afterwards. Oishi then asked looking at their coach, "By the way, sensei. Where are we going?"

the auburn haired coach only smirked, "You'll soon find out." An hour passed and the minivan stopped, an hour of sitting was really tiring.

The regulars were exhausted when they arrive on their destination, they all stopped and stared at the building standing in front of them. The place was surrounded by trees and nothing more. Coach Ryuzaki spoke, "Well enjoy eating today, afterwards will go again." The regulars smiled widely as some of them have their saliva dripping out of their mouth, as soon as they finished imagining the delicious foods they wanted to eat, they run on the restaurant while Tezuka and Coach Ryuzaki followed. The moment they entered, they immediately ordered foods. They eat until their stomach is full, it taked them another hour and a half to finish eating. Coach Ryuzaki then stood up, "it seems you're all full already…let's go to the last destination." The regulars only stared at her and followed.

BACK TO SEIGAKUEN…it was a hot afternoon that day, Sakuno was leaning on the school gate. Dressed in a white t-shirt with a cute logo imprinted in it, fuchsia mini skirt and paired with white flat shoes. The auburn haired girl waited for her friend to arrive, she glanced at her clock. It's already 1 in the afternoon and Tomo hasn't arrive yet, she was feeling nervous. What if the Regulars would suddenly arrive and would caught her standing in front of the gate? What if Ryoma would see her, and if he would, what will she say? She sigh, "Tomo-chan, where are you?" she asked in her usual timid voice. After 30 minutes, "Sakuno!" came a familiar voice, upon knowing who it belong, Sakuno looked at the direction where the voice was coming. She smiled at her friend as Tomoka was approaching her, the auburn girl's face was glimmering with happiness as the sun glowed on her. "Sakuno! I'm so sorry for making you wait, did you wait too long?" Tomoka asked, dressed in a pink strapped spaghetti with a white knee length jeans and paired with white sandal.

Sakuno shook her head, "Not really, Tomo-chan. I've just arrive a minute before you."

Tomoka suddenly hugged the auburn haired girl and the latter got surprised, "That's great! Sakuno. I promise I won't be late again. let's go to the tennis court, maybe they will go there when they arrive here." Sakuno nodded with a smile and followed her friend.

BACK TO THE REGULARS…"Ne, Ryuzaki sensei. Where are we going?" Momoshiro asked and their coach didn't answer. "Fine, we'll just wait and find it out ourselves…" Momo added and glanced at the window of the car. Outside, the sky was clear and he could see few clouds slowly moving. Almost all people were holding their umbrella as they protect their selves from the hot rays of the sun. Finally the car went on a stop, upon noticing that, everyone got out of the car.

Coach Ryuzaki went in front of a wooden gate, "Everyone. Welcome to my house, you'll all be staying here for tonight. I already called one of your relatives and inform them, they already brought the bags you'll be bringing tomorrow and added clothes you'll be changing for this night. Let's all go inside and rest." The regulars(with exception of Tezuka, and Fuji) had their mouths dropped upon hearing their coach's words, but they didn't protest and just followed. Upon entering, the regulars were assigned to two rooms. The ones who will be staying at their Coach's room were Tezuka, Fuji, Oishi, Tanaka and Inui. While the ones who will be staying at the guest room were Ryoma, Momoshiro, Eiji and Kaidoh. "So all of you go already to your rooms, I will be staying at Sakuno. As for the people staying at my room, be careful and don't touch my things or you'll be punished…understood?" the auburn haired coach asked and everyone nodded. The regulars arranged their rooms and rested, while Coach Ryuzaki went outside.

BACK TO SEIGAKUEN…the sun was already setting, yet the regulars didn't show up. Sakuno became worried. Her friend Tomo glanced on her watch, "Ne Sakuno, it's already 6. I have to go home and prepare dinner for my brothers…shall we go now?" the auburn haired girl only lowered her head and nodded. Tomoka smiled, "Let's go then." As they both walk to Tomoka's house, Tomoka noticed the quietness of her friend. Although she was always like this, Tomoka couldn't help but feel that something was wrong with Sakuno, so she talked. "Ne, Sakuno. Now that Ryoma-sama is back, what shall we prepare to him? Oh wait! I know! How about a welcome banner? And wait! Let's give him a gift…so what do you think?" Tomoka asked and faced Sakuno but her friend was still looking downward but nodded on what she suggested. Tomoka sigh, "Sakuno…I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have told you about Ryoma-sama's arrival. You were ok when he left and now…you're back to your old self when Ryoma was here. Quiet, and doesn't say her problems to me…so please forgive me for making you wait for someone who couldn't show up."

The auburn haired girl upon hearing that, slowly lifted her gaze and stared at her friend, she then smiled saying, "I'm sorry too, Tomo-chan. For always making you worried about me and for not telling you my problems. But just so you know, it's not your fault that we didn't see Ryoma-kun and me being quiet today. I just have a lot of things going on my mind."

Tomoka suddenly hugged Sakuno, "Oh Sakuno! Is your freaky boyfriend making you sad? Tell me who he is and I'll punch him in the face for you."

Upon hearing that Sakuno sweatdropped, "It's fine,Tomo-chan. It isn't his fault. Well looks like we are now at your house. Bye, Tomo-chan! And thanks for being with me today."

Tomoka nodded, "Bye to you too, Sakuno! Take care and cheer up will you?"

When Tomoka already bid goodbye to Sakuno and went inside their house, Sakuno was left alone. She looked at the sky, "Ryoma-kun…where are you?" upon saying it, she didn't notice that she was already crying. She just noticed it when a drop of tear fell to her foot, she wiped her tears and began walking home. She didn't know that a big surprise awaits her. As she arrive at her house, she opened the gate and went inside. As she opened the door, looking down, she bumped into someone. She lift her head to see who she bumped to, "I'm so sorry, good e-" she was cut off when she saw it was Fuji holding a camera. As her sempai saw her, he immediately click the camera and captured the surprised girl, afterwards Fuji simply smiled at her. The auburn haired girl as surprised on what just happened and as well as why is Fuji in her house, immediately blushed. "Fuji sempai…wha-what are you doing here?" good evening to you!" she said as she bowed her head in front of the tennis genius.

Fuji still smiled, "Good evening to you too, Sakuno-chan. But I'm not the only one who came." Sakuno was confused, as Fuji's words registered on her mind, she looked around and saw Momo holding a pizza while Kaidoh tries to get it, Eiji eating pizza, Inui recording something on his data book and Tezuka reading a book. The auburn haired girl's eyes widened, the regulars are all in her house! That means Ryoma must be here too. Although some where not at the living room, Sakuno knew they were all present.

She smiled and bowed to them, "Good evening to all of you, sempais."

The regulars smiled and replied, "Good evening too, Sakuno."

to be continued…
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Halloween special..

It was a silent but cold night when the regulars were sleeping. Well not really all, since most of them are wide awake. The trees swayed as a wind blew upon it, the leaves rustled with it as well. Then as the wind increased, one of its branches scratched the window of the guest room. As it did, Momo's body shivered like that of a cat. He then sat up from the place where he's sleeping, "Argh! What the heck! I couldn't sleep at all with the wind scaring us like that, add those trees that makes it more scarier" he said in a hushed tone.

Suddenly Eiji sat as well and spoke with a pouting mouth, "You're right Momo! I couldn't sleep as well…the trees as well as the wind is making me scared nyaa~"

"Hey, Eiji-sempai. I wonder if Kai…waah!" Momoshiro immediately fell off his bed as he saw Kaidoh's face with just inches away from his. "I'm sorry Kaidoh, I'm not doing anything! Go back to your sleep-," he added but was cut off when he saw Kaidoh sleeping again. Eiji who was now under his bed after Momo surprised him, looked at Momoshiro and both sighed afterwards.

"Geez! We should really stop scaring ourselves, Eiji-sempai" Momo said and the red haired sempai nodded in agreement, "Let's get back to sleeping, Momo". But before they could, they heard a sound coming beside them. It was Ryoma, probably dreaming of something related to Tennis.

The two sempais ignored it and was about to sleep when…"Stop doing that chichiue…I'm gonna defeat you…Halloween…you can't scare me…" the two sempais suddenly looked at each other with a big grin on their face, then afterwards their gaze fell on the sleeping tennis prodigy. Ryoma don't know that the next day would be a day he'll never forget.

Next day…the day went well for the regulars, they did some tennis practice then went to buy some things they need for the week. It is Halloween and people usually buy things in this day since next day after it is the day for the souls. All of the stores are closed on that day, that's why shopping of the things they need is a must in this day.

Night arrived and the regulars were brushing their teeth. Ryoma had just finished and was about to go straight to their room when Momo called his attention, "Ne Echizen, don't sleep yet alright. We still have something to do tonight." The tennis prodigy just nodded and went straight to the guest room, as soon as he was out, Momo called the attention of the other regulars and discussed what are the things they should do that night.

After minutes of discussing…"What?" everyone exclaimed except Tezuka and Fuji, "Why should we do that to Echizen, Momo?" Tanaka asked with a worried expression.

Momoshiro only grinned, "Don't worry sempai, Ryoma's strong. He can survive this day without being scared. Besides, if something would really happen towards him, it would be my responsibility as well as Eiji-sempai…right sempai?" he asked as he stared towards the red haired sempai.

Eiji upon hearing his name being called looked at Momo for a second and then got surprised, "What? Uh…yeah, it would be our responsibility nyaa~haha" the other regulars looked at each other.

Fuji noticed that Momo and Eiji planned something good for sure to Ryoma, and so he agreed with them first. "I'm okay with that…Echizen's pretty strong, so whatever Momo and Eiji planned…I'm sure it's safe," Fuji said in his usual calm voice with a smile. The others upon hearing it, agreed afterwards.

Back to Ryoma…the tennis prince sat on his bed playing with Karupin when suddenly a lightning flashed and the lights went off. Ryoma was startled for a bit but then continued to play with Karupin, unfortunately, Karupin got scared of the lightning flashing in the dark gray sky and so Ryoma was left with sitting on his bed and waiting for his sempais to return.

After a few minutes, the door to the guest room opened and Coach Ryuzaki went in with a candle on her hand. "You okay there, Echizen?" she asked in a worried expression. The tennis prince nodded, Coach Ryuzaki then smiled. "By the way, Momo left you with a note. He said I should give this to you now, they left afterwards without saying to me their destination."

Ryoma was then strucked by uneasiness, but then he hide it and got the note. Coach Ryuzaki then left after ryoma got the note. The tennis prodigy sigh, looking at the folded note of his sempai that he felt was planned, he opened and read it.


Go out of the room and then find the coffin, afterwards wait there for your next clue.


After reading it, Ryoma kept it inside his pocket and followed the note. The tennis prince opened the door leading to the hallway. As soon as he did, he was welcomed by pumpkins with scary appearance, glowing and looking at him. They were the only ones lighting the house. Ryoma got surprised, but only for a short time. He then walked downstairs, ignoring the pumpkins.

When he left the room, 2 pair of eyes watched him then grinned afterwards, "the bait is going to the spot already…hehe, call the person who'll guide him there" said the first over the walkie-talkie and afterwards ended the call, both persons then vanished into the shadows.

While back to Ryoma, when he arrive at the first floor of the house, he saw more pumpkins placed everywhere as well at the outside. There were also cobwebs placed at some corners of the house, a coffin near a tree, a cauldron boiling at the kitchen with bones floating on it and glowing skulls placed on bamboo sticks tracing the path that leads to the house. Ryoma sigh, "Where are they? If they are trying to scare me, this wouldn't work." Although he is saying it, the tennis prince is a bit creped out already by the things he saw.

Ryoma decided that he would wait outside, he already found the coffin but couldn't see the next clue. The tennis prodigy was now sitting above the coffin, 'Maybe the sempais went outside to buy some food, hmmm…they should've just told me' Ryoma thought. The lightning flashed again and Ryoma was starting to feel uneasy, not that he was scared of all of this but it might rain.

Suddenly as he was busy thinking other reasons, a hand touched his shoulders. When Ryoma felt it, he jumped and fell off the ground. He then looked at where the hand came from and as soon as he saw who it belonged, he immediately composed himself. The hand moved out of the shadow and revealed to be Sakuno. The auburn haired girl looked at Ryoma with a worried expression, "Ano, Ryoma-kun…are you alright? I'm so sorry if I surprised you…"

the tennis prince stood up wiping off his pants. He then looked at Sakuno with is usual expression, "It's nothing. I'm fine."

"Are you sure? I'm very sor-", Sakuno was cut off when Ryoma spoke, "I said I'm fine." The auburn haired girl at first just stared widely at Ryoma, she then nodded looked down. Ryoma on the other hand felt guilty, even though he might not see Sakuno's face, he knew that he hurt Sakuno's feelings and that she will cry anytime. The tennis prince sigh and came closer to Sakuno, he then placed his right hand slowly at Sakuno's head then patted it softly. Sakuno on the other hand saw Ryoma's feet and knew he was close to her, she wished he wasn't for she felt her eyes becoming blurry with tears and that she would burst off crying anytime. Suddenly, Sakuno felt a hand on her head, patting her softly. The auburn haired girl's eyes widened, could it be? Ryoma is actually comforting her? She then heard Ryoma speak, "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings…I didn't mean to, anyway it's not your fault…Sakuno."

Upon hearing her first name being mentioned, she immediately lifted her gaze and looked at Ryoma. The tennis prince saw her eyes' reddening and he immediately averted his gaze. He couldn't stand to see Sakuno sad, he didn't know why. But then, maybe he didn't want to ruin the appearance of Sakuno, she's really beautiful. She was dressed in a black with a white ribbon at the center, the dress just fall above her knees. Paired with black boots that is just 3 inches above her ankles, a black knee length cape, and her hair were tied in a ponytail that curls at the end with a black witch hat placed on her head.

Sakuno noticed Ryoma shifted his gaze upon seeing her, she then spoke, "Ano…Ryoma-kun, that was the first time you ever called me by my first name…I'm really…" she paused at first then looked at the tennis prince, upon doing so her face reddened seeing that Ryoma was now looking at her. "…I'm really…oh! I forgot! I'm your guide for today, Ryoma-kun. Let's go to next place," Sakuno added and the tennis prodigy just followed her with a "Hnn" for an answer.

After walking for a bit, they arrived at a tree where there were many skulls placed on bamboo surrounding it. Sakuno then spoke, "Ryoma-kun. In order for you to get the next clue, you need to find a firefly and bring it here."

After hearing it, Ryoma turned around and began walking back inside the house, "sorry but I'm not into that kind of game. I'm tired."

The auburn haired girl after hearing Ryoma's reply panicked, she then said, "you need to find it. If not…you will never see Karupin again!" upon mentioning Karupin's name Ryoma looked at Sakuno in a serious and scary glare she hasn't seen him doing.

"Don't get Karupin involved in this," the tennis prince remarked in a cold voice.

Sakuno was beginning to feel afraid, but she has to do what her sempais told her to do, "But it's too late…Karupin is already involved. Look up the tree." Ryoma did what he was told and his eyes widened, up the tree surrounded by the skulls is Karupin. Sleeping comfortably in a stranger's lap that seemed familiar to Ryoma. The stranger grinned and stroked Karupin's fur, Ryoma upon seeing that flashed with anger and he looked at Sakuno.

"I'll do what you told me, just take good care of Karupin and don't let others touched him, Ryuzaki." The auburn haired girl nodded and the tennis prodigy walked off.

After 15 minutes, Ryoma returned. His right hand was glowing even if it is closed. Sakuno took a cage, "please give it to me Ryoma-kun."

The tennis prince followed, "Is there anything else you want me to find?" he asked.

Sakuno shrugged, "But we have to go to the next place, I promise Karupin is taken good care of." Ryoma looked up the tree and didn't see the stranger along with Karupin, he sigh then followed Sakuno.

Both of them then entered the kitchen, the auburn haired girl got a bowl and scoop the food being cooked at the cauldron, she then placed the bowl at the table. "For your next clue, you shall eat this food." Ryoma looked at the food, it was red as blood, he then felt suddenly sick. He decided that he would just give up, but then he remembered Karupin, so he continued. He got a spoonful of the blood like food and got it into his mouth, when the food was now at his mouth he could feel the stickiness of the food with an awful taste. He didn't think of it and again eat a spoonful of the food until it was finished, afterwards Ryoma could feel that he was about to puke but tried his best not to. Sakuno smiled, "Good job, ryoma-kun. Now let's get back to the coffin."

As they arrived, the coffin suddenly opened and out came a mummy. Ryoma was still feeling sick of the food so he couldn't actually feel scared at that moment, the mummy was going towards him. But when the mummy was near him, it stepped on one of the bandages of his and fell on the ground. "Ouch! That hurts…," the mummy said and when Ryoma heard it, he looked at it with suspicion.

Sakuno on the other hand sweatdropped, things didn't go well in plan. So Sakuno tried to distract Ryoma but the tennis prince was just too focused on the mummy that he shoved Sakuno and she fell on the ground too. The tennis prodigy was so curious of the mummy, but after hearing Sakuno react in pain when she fell off Ryoma looked at her then help her stood.

"I'm sorry, Ryuzaki. I didn't mean it," he said in his usual tone but without knowing that the tennis prince is actually worried and was caring for her at that time.

Sakuno only smiled, "I'm fine, ryoma-kun. Anyway we couldn't really scare you so I guess it's time to give up."

Ryoma was speechless but stared at Sakuno with a raised brow, "Scare me?"

the mummy sigh, "Yeah, we are trying to scare you Echizen."

Both Ryoma and Sakuno looked at the mummy as it was getting the bandages off his body. Afterwards Ryoma's eyes widened, "Momo-sempai?"

Momo grinned, "Yo!"

Afterwards Fuji dressed in a vampire outfit came out of the shadow and soon the others followed. Fuji came towards Ryoma and gave Karupin to him, "Here Echizen, sorry if we involved Karupin to this game. We didn't mean to, anyway hope you'll forgive us for that" Ryoma only stared at him but then replied "you're all forgiven", then Fuji went close to Sakuno, "You did your best Sakuno! Good job." The auburn haired girl blushed but then looked away and Ryoma didn't notice it since he was busy stroking Karupin's fur.

"Alright everyone, let's eat!" Coach Ryuzaki shouted from out of nowhere and everyone nodded.

The sky was clear and cloudless, the moon was full and shines brightly, the wind was blowing nicely and everyone can feel the chill it brings towards their skin, the trees were swaying with the wind and the pumpkins and skulls were lighting the place. Everything was perfect. Everyone was dressed in a scary costume and they were eating delicious Halloween foods outside the house. It was a beautiful night, with wonderful memories.

After eating, Ryoma came to Sakuno as she was sitting on the coffin. "You aren't scared to be alone in here?" Ryoma asked, Sakuno shrugged, "Not really. The place is lighted with pumpkins and skulls, besides Halloween is only celebrated once a year so I better enjoy it." The tennis prince smiled a bit, "I know I did." Sakuno looked at him with a questioning look, "What did you say, ryoma-kun?" the tennis prince got startled, "It's nothing Ryuzaki. Anyway thanks for you and the sempais effort…Happy Halloween." The auburn haired girl smiled at Ryoma, "No problem, and ryoma-kun…Happy Halloween too!" Both of them then looked at the sky, "And a Happy Halloween to all of you there."
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Chap 2

"Sakuno, its already late at night. Please sleep already," a gentle voice said and Sakuno looked at her smiling face.

When she saw her, she smiled too and hugged her saying, "But why Mom? I still wanted to play with you." The lady giggled and ruffled Sakuno's hair, as she did, some of her auburn hair touched Sakuno's cheek.

"Let's continue playing tomorrow, alright Sakuno? Besides, you need to sleep so that you'll grow taller," Sakuno's mom said and Sakuno pouted, "Alright mom, goodnight! I love you!" Sakuno's mom kissed her daughter's forehead and said, "Goodnight too, Sweetheart. I love you too."

Mom, Sakuno thought. She was now crying but she didn't notice it. Finally she opened her eyes. "It was only a dream," Sakuno whispered to herself as she sat up on her bed looking at the full moon during that silent night.

She glanced at her clock, it read 12:05 in the morning. She looked at her bed and saw that her grandma was sleeping beside her, upon seeing her grandma she smiled. She yawned as she slowly got out of her bed and into the kitchen, she smiled as she got there without being notice.

Upon entering the kitchen, she shouted and jumped in fear and immediately grabbed a pan that was near her. "Wh-who are you?" she asked with a shaking voice, she slowly walk towards the person that was searching food in the refrigerator. Upon hearing Sakuno's voice, the person turn around and looked at her.

"Ryuzaki?" he asked as he slowly stood up and close the refrigerator holding a bottle of milk and a glass.

Sakuno's eyes widened, "Ry-ryoma-kun."

The tennis prodigy sigh as he saw Sakuno holding a pan, "You've mistaken me as a burglar, didn't you? Sorry for scaring you."

The auburn haired girl flinched and looked at Ryoma confused, "Burglar?" she then looked at her hand and saw that she was holding a pan, when she did, she immediately hid it behind her back. "Im sorry too Ryoma-kun. It was just for self defense, but you should turn on the lights when you're in a room you know" she manage to say as she felt embarrass of her action a while ago.

The tennis prince smirked, he then went to the switch and turned on the lights. "By the way Ryuzaki, what are you doing here still awake at the middle of the night?" Ryoma asked with his face as serious as before.

Sakuno smiled weakly, "Just getting some water." She went for the cabin and got a glass then pour some water in it, she then drank it in one move.

Ryoma watched her then asked her looking at his glass of milk, "Got a bad dream?"

Upon saying that, Sakuno looked at Ryoma with surprise, she then smiled saying, "Not really a bad dream."

The tennis prince looked at the auburn haired girl, "Want to talk about it?" "…" Ryoma sigh, "Well, it's fine if you don't want to share it."

After saying those words ryoma put his glass on the sink then slowly walked out of the kitchen, Sakuno bit her lower lip then suddenly run towards Ryoma and grabbed his left hand. Ryoma got surprise with Sakuno's sudden action but kept it to himself, he then turn towards the auburn haired girl and found her crying. Ryoma couldn't stand the scene, he didn't want to see her crying, seeing a girl cry in front of him is something that he hated.

The tennis prince sighed and walk towards the kitchen, dragging with him the crying girl. He stopped and leaned on a wall, "So what is it about?" Sakuno stopped crying after hearing Ryoma's words, she wiped off her tears and looked at him smiling weakly.

"A dream about my mom," she said then after that her smile vanished and she looked down at the floor.

Ryoma eyed her, "I don't know if your dream with your mom is bad or good but, you need to think that a dream is just a dream and would never come true."

Sakuno looked at him, "I know. I just missed…her, that's all." The tennis prince didn't want to ask her more questions because he was feeling sleepy already and this has nothing to do with him, but since he was the one who brought up the topic and he felt curious about Sakuno's mom, he asked.

"Where is she now?" Ryoma regretted saying those words afterwards as he saw Sakuno frown and was about to cry again.

"She's gone…along with dad during the plane crash that happened when I was still small," she said in a hushed tone.

The tennis prince couldn't believe that Sakuno has experienced something so tragic at a young age, he felt hugging her tightly but he couldn't because it isn't the right thing to do. "Well just think that wherever your mom and dad is, they are always watching you and protecting you from danger," Ryoma said and the auburn haired girl faced him with a smile, "Yeah. Anyway thanks for the comfort Ryoma-kun, sorry for making you stay late." The tennis prince smiled, "it's nothing. Glad to help. Goodnight Ryuzaki."

The auburn haired girl replied, "Goodnight too Ryoma-kun." after that, both of them dressed in pajamas of blue and pink went towards their respective rooms and slept without others knowing what just happened in that silent night.

(to be continued…)
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Chap 3

The wind was blowing just enough for the grass to sway with it, the sun is hiding behind the clouds. Ryoma was walking around the place, waiting for someone.

Suddenly a voice called his name, "It's been a long time when I last saw you, Ryoma."

The tennis prince turned around to see who it was and saw a lady with long hair tied with a red ribbon to keep it in place, the person smiled at him. Ryoma couldn't stop thinking that the person seems familiar to him, her voice and smile as well. But how can he say so when he had just met this lady for the first time?

The lady talked again, "It looks like you are excited to meet your new opponent Ryoma." The tennis prince just stared at her and suddenly a small boy peeped behind the lady, clinging to her legs and looking at Ryoma with the same intensity in his eyes.

"Wh-who are you?" Ryoma asked as he began walking towards the lady and the child. But as he was near them, the lady and the child began walking farther and farther away from Ryoma. "Wait! Tell me who you are," Ryoma said as he tried to catch the two.

The lady smiled again, "Don't worry Ryoma, when the right time comes you'll know who we are. Until then, enjoy your time with your friends. Until we meet again."

"No! Wait! Wait! Hey," Ryoma shouted as he sat on his bed. The tennis prince was sweating and was panting heavily, he looked around the room to see that his senpais had already woken up. "It was just a dream…" he whispered as he got out of the bed and went to take a shower.

Ryoma got out of the room dressed in his usual black short and white with red shirt, his mind was focused on tennis again.

He went down the stairs to eat breakfast, just as he was entering the kitchen to get a plate he bumped into someone. When the person was just a meter from falling, Ryoma caught her body. Feeling a strong hold upon her waist, Sakuno opened her eyes to see Ryoma's face staring at her.

"Ry-ryoma kun!" Sakuno said as she scrambled to get away from his hold.

"Ryuzaki, are you alright?" the tennis prince asked with a raised brow. The auburn haired girl stood and nodded. "Very well, watch where you're going next time to avoid accidents like these again," Ryoma said as he began to walk pass her and get a plate.

Sakuno frowned, she stumbled again not just with anybody but with Ryoma himself. She felt like crying as she embarrassed herself in front of her long time crush, so Sakuno decided to walkout of the room. But before she could do so, Ryoma called her.

"Ryuzaki, do you have anything to do today?" he asked as Sakuno's back was facing him, the auburn haired girl shook her head. "Then, can you stay here for a while as I eat?" Sakuno's eyes widened with surprise upon hearing those words, did Ryoma just requested her to be with him in breakfast? Sakuno thought it was just one of her dreams, so she pinched her cheek. Upon doing so she felt the pain in it,So I'm really not dreaming,she thought then turn to Ryoma with a questioning look. Ryoma was looking at the refrigerator to avoid Sakuno's gaze.

"Why ryoma-kun?" Sakuno asked and the tennis prince replied, "If you don't want its fine." After that he walked out of the kitchen and sat at the dining table, while the auburn haired girl sighed and followed him. Sakuno sat in front of Ryoma and watched him eat, the tennis prince then said "You know that it is uncomfortable for a person to eat when people looked at him/her."

The auburn haired girl sigh, "I'm sorry…I won't look again, by the way Ryoma-kun. Momo-sempai said that after you eat, you need to get ready for the reunion." Ryoma didn't answer and just continued eating, 5 minutes passed by and Ryoma finished eating. He stood and began walking to the kitchen, Sakuno suddenly hold his plate then said "It's fine Ryoma-kun. I'll take this to the sink, you should go change your clothes now."

The tennis prince nodded and muttered "Thank you" as he walk upstairs. Upon entering the room, Ryoma began packing the things he needed for the whole week vacation with his sempais. "I wish Karupin is here, I missed him already,"Ryoma whispered.

After packing he left the room and carried his bag downstairs, Sakuno saw him and asked "Are you done Ryoma-kun?" the tennis prince nodded and put the bag to the couch and sat, "By the way, where did Momo-sempai and the others went?" Sakuno smiled as she wiped the dining table, "They just went to buy some foods for the vacation. And Ryoma-kun, grandma forgot to give something to you." Ryoma got confused and looked at the auburn haired girl, Sakuno simply smiled and went outside while muttering "Wait here and I'll get it."

It was not long when Sakuno returned holding a Himalayas cat in her hands, Ryoma's face brightened "Karupin!" the Himalayas cat meowed at him and Ryoma got Karupin from Sakuno's hands, the Himalayas cat snuggled at Ryoma's arms.

"It seems to me that you really liked him Ryoma-kun," the auburn haired girl said and the tennis prince looked at her then smiled. Upon seeing him smile, Sakuno couldn't help but feel her face beginning to turn hot. Ryoma just smiled! It is very rare of him to smile, Sakuno felt like she would faint anytime after seeing Ryoma's smile.

"I do like him. Karupin is like a brother to me," the tennis prince answered and began playing with Karupin.

The auburn haired girl tried to regain back her strength, she walked away from the two while saying "Very well Ryoma-kun. I'll let you play with him for a while."

"Ryuzaki…" she heard her name being called, Sakuno turn back and looked at Ryoma, "Y-yes?" the tennis prince looked at her with a serious expression, "please don't tell this to others…about Karupin that is." The auburn haired girl nodded.

It was not so long when they heard the buzzer ring, "It must be them" Sakuno said and run outside to open the gate. The regulars with grocery bags on their hands walked in and saw Ryoma sitting while Karupin was sleeping on his lap, "Took you long enough to get home" Ryoma muttered.

The tennis prince suddenly received a soft hit in the head as Momo hugged Ryoma closer to him, "Ryoma don't say that again, you should think first that you are sleeping nicely while we undergo hell."

"Undergo Hell?" Ryoma asked and Momo sigh, "Coach Ryuzaki woke us early. At the mall, she let us hold the heavy grocery bags and commanding us to get her this and that. You should have seen it." Ryoma sweatdropped, "Momo-sempai…"

"Anyway, are you ready now Echizen?" Fuji asked and the tennis prince replied "Yes."

The regulars were now sitting inside the mini van, Sakuno seating in front with her grandma. "Are we waiting for someone Coach?" Oishi asked.

Just then voices were heard, "Wait for us!" the regulars looked at the back and saw Tomoka, Horio, Katsuo and Kato running towards them. The four persons got in the mini van, Tomoka sitting beside Sakuno while the three boys squeezing in the back with the regulars.

3 hours passed and they arrived at their destined place, it was a covered with woods as gate and only the trees could be seen outside. The regulars, along with Coach Ryuzaki, Sakuno, Tomoka, and the trio went inside. "Woah…" was all they said except Coach Ryuzaki and Tezuka, while Fuji only smiled. The place was surrounded by trees, and there is a small pond on the right of the wooden house.

"Let's go inside," Coach Ryuzaki said and the others followed her. As they enter the place, they were greeted by the hostess.

"Welcome" the hostess said as she flashed a smile to them and bowed. "Let me show you to the rooms you've reserved, please follow me" she added and began walking while the regulars, coach Ryuzaki, Sakuno, Tomoka and the trio trail behind. "These are your rooms, and these are the keys. You are free to choose what room you want but the persons allowed in the room to stay are two only. The hot spring is just on the back of this house, feel free to ask me or any of the assistants here where it is. If you have any questions or request, feel free to ask it with us. There are comfort rooms already in each room, also there is a place near the hot spring where you can play freely," the hostess explained and added, "If there's no more questions for today, I'll leave already. Enjoy your vacation here."

When the hostess left, Coach Ryuzaki spoke, "I have already planned who will be sleeping with whom. So there would be no objection to this."

Everyone was so tensed up when Coach Ryuzaki started saying the names along with who they will be paired.

"First, Katsuo and Kato" the two boys smiled at each other.

"Second, Momoshiro and Kaidoh" upon hearing their name the two looked at each other and yelled, "what?" "Why would I be paired to this annoying viper?" Momo asked as he looked away while Kaidoh replied, "No one wants to sleep with a loser like you." The two then looked at each other with fire on their eyes, "Why yo-" both were cut off when they received a pinch in the ear, "I said no complaining right?" Coach Ryuzaki asked with a dark aura surrounding her. "Y-yes! We're sorry!" Momo and Kaidoh said and both their ears were released.

"Let's continue. Third, Fuji and Tezuka" the two merely nodded.

"Fourth, Eiji and Oishi" the golden pair smiled and Eiji hugged Oishi, "Yey! I'm paired with Oishi."

"Fifth, Tomoka and Horio" the two widened their eyes, "No way!" and sigh after seeing Coach Ryuzaki's death glare.

"Sixth, Inui and…" upon hearing this, Sakuno prayed that she will be paired up with her grandma. But she isn't really feeling that tensed because she knew her grandma would never let her sleep with any of the guys. "…Me, and Kawamura too" Coach Ryuzaki said and Sakuno shouted, "what?" the others smiled, "So Coach is with Inui that means…Sakuno-chan would be paired up with…Ochibi! hehe" Eiji said.

After hearing that, Sakuno's faced reddened, "Me? In a room with Ryoma-kun?" she asked and looked at Ryoma as the tennis prince looked at his sempai with a serious face. Fuji smiled as well but not known to the others he was a bit not happy from the pairing of the rooms.

"Choose now your rooms…and Ryoma, I put my granddaughter to you because I trust you to not make any move that will make me skin you alive," Coach Ryuzaki said with her dark aura. The tennis prince sweatdropped, "I promise."

After that, all have choosen their rooms. Ryoma and Sakuno being in the right of coach Ryuzaki and Inui's room, while Fuji and Tezuka next to Ryoma's room. Next to them were Eiji and Oishi's room. While on the other side of the house is Horio and Tomoka's room, next to them is Kato and Katsuo. And lastly were Kaidoh and Momo's room. They all entered their respective rooms.

As Sakuno entered their room, she choosed to sleep in the bed near the door and Ryoma didn't object. "Ryoma-kun, just say to me when I'm disturbing you," Sakuno said and Ryoma answered with "Hnn" as he removed his tennis shoes and socks. He then put Karupin in his bed and lay there as well, not so long he fell asleep.

Sakuno watched Ryoma's sleeping face, he's really cute when his sleeping, Sakuno thought and smiled. "I'd better take a look on the place," she said then went out.

Evening came and Ryoma's eyes stirred upon feeling Karupin's tail on his nose, "Karupin…stop that." The cat continued playing his tail on Ryoma's nose, finally the tennis prince woke up. "Karupin, don't do that again," he said.

"Finally you're awake Ryoma-kun" Sakuno said and Ryoma looked at her sitting on her bed. The girl was wearing a pink night gown and her hair was not tied in pigtails, she looked beautiful and different.

For a moment Ryoma was stunned by her, she's beautiful, he thought. "Ryoma-kun?" asked the auburn haired girl and Ryoma snapped out of his reverie.

"Sorry, what time is it?" the tennis prince asked and Sakuno replied, "7:30, come on. Grandma said it's time for dinner." Ryoma nodded and stood as he followed Sakuno leaving their room. This would be a long vacation,Ryoma thought and sigh. He didn't expect to see Sakuno that way and he reacted on it in a way which he didn't expect himself to do, he didn't know that unexpected things would happen in that one week vacation. And that this vacation might be the one he will never forget.

To be continued…
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