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Posted 2/15/14 , edited 2/16/14
I'm reading the first volume of Love Theory right now, and am running into some serious issues:

What is happening here? This panel is probably the most egregious I've seen so far, but it's far from the only example. There are numerous pages with Japanese text that hasn't been removed, rendering the English placed in the same position completely unreadable. The page spacing also needs correction, as none of the double-page spreads I have encountered while reading the first volume display correctly (with the pages facing eachother in two-page viewing mode)

This is an unacceptable level of quality and I sincerely hope to see this concern addressed, particularly the text issue.
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Posted 2/18/14 , edited 2/20/14

I think they fixed it, at least for me it was all clean and easy to read.

The problem now is in ch. 5 page 130, it gets stuck on loading. In ch. 7 too, pages 165 and 166 (and ch. 9 page 1) are supposed to be empty? if those 2 pages are supposed to be blank, I think adding a symbol or something in a corner is not a bad idea, for example a small arrow like "←" or maybe the page number, otherwise people might think it's a bug in the reader or something like that.


Chapter 12, after page 76 it jumps directly to page 79, is that right?
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