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Posted 2/16/14 , edited 2/16/14

Welcome, weary travelers, to the Palace of Mirrors.
The Palace of Mirrors, is indeed located on the very east of Calessi Island.
Please come and stay, for there is a room enough for everyone.
But be warned, that once you step in here, you will never be allowed to go free from this place.
Be reminded, that only those who know not where to go, will end up here.
So why not find out what your true place to be is, while here?
Under special permission, then will you be able to leave the Palace of Mirrors.
But be reminded, you will never be free, for it will stay like a curse to you.
But if you still don't have a character, please create one here
Create your own legend, and let us discover the many mysteries of the Palace of Mirrors.

Please, when you register your character here place your code at the bottom of your first entry.
You will not need this code after the first post. Everyone's code is different, you will have one once your character is approved.
Please, have fun and enjoy this pleasurable Palace of Mirrors. Oh, and do not quote this.
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