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Continued Crashing

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Posted 4/29/14 , edited 4/29/14
I was a past crunchyroll user that jumped back on board as soon as they had the ps3 app. Always been some lag issues as others have said. Often it happens every other episode or so when watching in a row and the only thing for it is exiting to ps3 menu and back in.

However I've only noticed it crashing on me as others are complaining within the last few weeks. Completely freezes the ps3 so you have to hold down power to turn it off. I find it weird that it's a more recent problem for me. It seems everyone else says it's random and I agree, but I think the only times it does it to me (or at least the most often) is when I'm browsing episodes of a series.

I guess I'm lucky otherwise anime seems to play all right but it definitely is frustrating. So I'll join in everyone else who's waiting for an update or patch.
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