Post your FAVORITE Fighting Game/RPG/Beat-em-Up Moves
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Posted 2/17/14 , edited 3/1/14
Every character in every fighting game/RPG/beat-em-up has a vast array of moves in his/her arsenal, many of which define his/her fighting style or even personality. Therefore, they become iconic in the gaming universe and are mimicked by other characters as well.

Furthermore, many of these moves are typically based on real life martial arts, but with a twist. Ever been enamored by how influential Ryu's Hadoken is? How about the over-the-top moves many RPG characters execute?

Feel free to share your favorite ones!

Mines are:
-Jin Saotome's Drill Kick in MVC 1 & 2
-Cable's Gun Shot in MVC 2
-Daigo's Backfist in Rival Schools

-Kyosuke's "Lightning Upper" in Rival Schools
-Scorpion's "Spear" in MK (GET OVER HERE!!!!)
-Sub Zero's "Freeze" in MK
-Jin Saotome's "Saotome Dynamite" in MVC 1 & 2
-Sagat's "Tiger Blow" in SF
-Kurow's "Yasha Guruma" in Project Justice
-Daigo's "Musou Zuki" in Rival Schools
-Zaki's "Lonesome Pride" in Project Justice
-Cable's "Viper Beam" in MVC2
-Terry's "Burning Knuckle" in KOF
-Cody's "Criminal Upper" in SFA 3
-K's "Ein Trigger" in KOF
-Zero's "Ryuenjin" in MMX4

-Terry's "Buster Wolf" in Garou MOTW
-Iori's "Maiden Masher" in KOF
-K's "Chain Drive" in KOF
-Shin Akuma's "Shun Goku Satsu" in CVS 2
-Cable's "Hyper Viper Beam" in MVC 2
-Daigo's "Phoenix Fury" in Rival Schools
-Hyo's "Ankoku Shippuzan" in Project Justice
-Kurow's "Kinki Chirasui" in Project Justice
-Shoma's "Home Run Hitter" in Rival Schools
-Hayato's "Burning Push Ups" in Rival Schools
-Urien's "Aegis Reflector" in SFIII: Third Strike
-Jin Saotome's "Bloodia Vulcan" in MVC 1 & 2
-Sol Badguy's "Tyrant Rave" in GGX
-Oswald's "Joker" in KOF XI
-Tron's "Lunch Rush" in MVC 2
-Cody's "Final Destruction" in SFA 3
-Rock's "Neo Deadly Rave" in Garou MOTW
-Yamazaki's "Drill" in KOF
-Auron's "Banishing Blade" in FFX
-Tidus's "Slice and Dice" in FFX
-Anima's "Oblivion" in FFX
-Masamune's "Six Claws" in Sengoku Basara 3
-Mitsunari's "Reverence" in Sengoku Basara 3
-Megaman X's "Nova Strike" in MMX Command Mission
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Posted 2/17/14 , edited 2/17/14
Oh man.... there's so many good moves and finishers in fighting games.
I won't give you a full detailed list but these are my current favorites.

Geese Howard "Raging Storm" in KoF
Ky Kiske "Ride the Lighting" in Guilty Gear
I-no "Last will and testament" Instant Kill in Guilty Gear
Slayer "Wings of Eternity" in Guilty Gear
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing "Sturm Wolf " and "König Flug" in BlazBlue

Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/22/14
Streets of Rage: GRAND UPPAAAA

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Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/22/14
The only fighting game series I play is Street Fighter so I'll just list my favorite Ultras from the most recent iteration (Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition)

Makoto's Seichusen Godanzuki -

Ibuki's Yoroitoshi -

Dudley's Rolling Thunder -

Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken -

Evil Ryu's Messatsu Gou Shoryu -

Gouki's Wrath of the Raging Demon -

For action games / beat 'em ups, my favorites are the Ninja Gaiden series and Bayonetta.

Ninja Gaiden II Ultimate / Obliteration Techniques -

Bayonetta Combo Exhibition -
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Posted 2/27/14 , edited 2/28/14
- Joker's Meter Burn Crowbar and Let's Get Serious
- Zod's Meter Burn Phantom Strike and Meter Burn Zod Charge
- Martian Manhunter's Meter Burn Mental Push
- Flash's Speed Zone
- Superman's Kryptonian Smash
- Sinestro's Might

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
- Super Skrull's Tenderizer and Death Penalty
- Wesker's Lost in Nightmares
- Dormammu's Dark Dimension
- Spider-Man's Maximum Spider
- Deadpool's Fourth Wall Crisis
- Phoenix Wright's Ace Attorney
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Posted 2/28/14 , edited 3/2/14
One of my new fav's would definitely have to be Spinal's Ultra Combo from teh new KI on X1, I didn't expect to like him at all.
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Posted 4/27/14 , edited 4/27/14
She-Hulk's drop kick triple combo mvc3
Eddy/Christie's spin kick double back flip low kick ttt2
Honda and Ganryu's 1000 hand slap
Bruce Irvin, Bryan Fury, and Sagat's high/body kicks
Link+Luigi's upward spinning attacks
Raven's ghost kick
Zafina's crab walk kicks
All Ryu/Ken/Sakura/Dan/Akuma/chun-li moves
Marduk's power punches
Fei Long's flaming kick
Law's 5-punch fury
All Justus from naruto storm games

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Posted 4/28/14 , edited 4/28/14
Tales of series (these spells appear in multiple games) Stalagmite, Indignation, Judgement, and Violent Pain.
Tales of Vesperia: Savage Wolf Fury (Yuri Lowell)
Tales of the Abyss: Raising Phoenix ( Guy Cecil)
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Posted 4/29/14 , edited 4/29/14
Stinger: Dante - Devil May Cry 1-4 (DmC doesn't exist)
Infernal Divider: Ragna the Bloodedge - Blazblue
Gust of Wind Dance: Lavits/Albert - Legend of Dragoon. (Can't handle these many buttons?!)
Demon Fang/Fist: Various characters in the 'Tales of-' series.
Ranger Takedown: The Courier and various NCR Rangers - Fallout: New Vegas
Gestalt Drive: Lightning - Final Fantasy 13 & Dissidia012: Duodecim
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Posted 5/4/14 , edited 5/5/14
I've never thought of this before but now that I am the obvious answer would be Jiraiya's flaming Rasengan. The man set fire to the rain, I mean seriously...
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Posted 5/8/14 , edited 5/8/14
Hmm .... the only fighting game i played before is FF : Dissidia

HP Attack : Omnislash v5
EX Burst : Gabranth's Quickening. ( Firing lazer, then punching enemy so hard then the dimension shattered then stabbing them with a bunch of flaming sword and send them into a black hole never looked so cool )

RPG Ultimate Move: Blanc/ White Heart's Hard Break. ( Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory )

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