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My name is Santiago but i go by the name "stgzlg" around here. I found this section of the forum by pure accident and was really amused to see all the people writing stuff here. I'm not really a writer but sometimes, just to release all the stress and get thoughts out of my head i write whatever comes to my head. It is a bit philosophical full of my own believes, how i see people and how i see the world. I, myself, don't know what it is that i am writing. It certainly is not a tale or a manga story but it fills the paper and it means something to me. I've been looking for places where i could share my stories to see what people think. I think i have around maybe 10 stories of that size and they usually come out of nowhere though they change a lot depending on my mood and what has been going on in my life.
So here i'll put two of the little 'stories' i came up with:

The Boy

There was once a boy, a normal boy with dreams like any other. Dreams so big he could touch the sky with the palm of his hand and still stand on the solid ground of a mysterious earth. The boy grew to meet more people. Time passed, people around him became older and so did he, but his spirit was still that of little boy that once dreamed of the impossible. Time passed and he saw people walking around, people without purpose and he got tired of just seeing souls riding cars at a speed of 120 MPH but being as dead as the darkness that goes beyond the universe we can understand. After seeing this, he concluded that there must be something else than just a world driven by greed, lust and envy. This boy went on a journey that only he could understand; a journey that no one could either accept of understand but him. He decided to reach for places where no human could ever reach. That is his journey to the end of the world and the beginning of everything.

The Garbage man

"There is that moment when reality hits you so hard, that you just want to run away from it. I know I still can do it, but it is going to be the hardest thing to ever accomplish. So this is the story of not the garbage man."

Tell the garbage man: “there is no garbage today”.
Tell the tax collector: “there is no money left”.
Tell my mom: “I ran away”.
Tell the world: “I’ll maybe see you again”, but don’t tell my friends that I am ok.
I went to visit the most remote place on the earth. I went to see how the world was doing and I just wanted to ask him why he would go so lonely and stay so beautiful while there are many people who would like to see that beauty as close as possible. The world said: “people don’t know how to love yet”.
So for the meanwhile, I’ll be hiding here are the ones who can understand the nature of love will find me. Also, the one who is ready to know what love is, I will find him. But don’t think that love only resides inside me, there is love all around you, and there is love inside of you. There is love up in the air; there is love down in the deep sea. There is love everywhere you look and even the places you can’t or you won’t look. But don’t be fooled, not every kind of love is good. For love is having compassion, for love is being patient, for love is caring and showing that in a passionate way. But there is also love for the evil, love for the hate. The same way that some can hate loving, or love hating and that is the other face of the world. Some people will get completely taken over by this wicked love, but it is what drives them. So be patient when you love and let go when you love. The world looked at me and saw something I hadn’t seen yet. That gives me hope. So I left the most remote place in the world and I looked for the most chaotic energetic place on earth, a place where the business man greed onto each other and the woman lust and envy on another. Where the poor struggles to survive and where the love is not so high. Not high because there was a low amount of love-no- on the contrary love was everywhere. But love was abundant on the people who stayed love. Because the world wanted to show me again that not everything is what it looks like. I then understood that love can really be found everywhere and so my journey kept on, with world, right next to me.
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