999 and Virtue's Last Reward sequel future uncertain
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Posted 2/18/14 , edited 2/19/14
Just last week creator of the zero escape series Kotaro Uchikoshi sent out several ominous tweets late last week telling us the fans that the future was not too bright regarding the development of the third and final game in this series.


...but ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST! After the outcry of the fans, days later Uchikoshi tweeted this:


The fans are getting through, but we need to keep pushing. There is a fan campaign through facebook called Operation Bluebird that is gaining steam. This may wind up leading into a kickstarter.


Please if you are a fan of the series, or games like Danganronpa, or Phoenix Wright series or just a fan of visual novels in general please like this page and show some support. If you know others that are fans please spread the word. We need more games like Zero Escape.
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Posted 2/19/14 , edited 2/19/14
I've already liked the FB page, and I've introduced one of my friends to the games. Hopefully I can get some more people addicted to this great series.
Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/22/14
This is bad news for all Zero Escape fans. I really enjoyed both 999 and VLR so much and the way that VLR ended, it was obvious that a sequel was bound to come. The story can't just end there and I'm not okay with cliffhangers! I'll support this Operation Bluebird and if there is any KickStarter, I'll back it in a heartbeat.

From what I've heard, the Zero Escape series isn't that popular in Japan but it's catching on in the West.
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Posted 2/23/14 , edited 2/24/14
Zero Escape and 999 were good but I honestly don't think I could stand another game with
in it. I hate her constant manipulation of Junpei. Of course if Clover and Alice or Hazuki (Lotus) were in it, I could deal with my hatred for her.
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Posted 12/25/15 , edited 12/25/15
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