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29 / M / Charlotte, NC
Posted 1/29/08 , edited 1/29/08
Well I decided to organize my poetry so it easy for everyone too keep track.
Thanks to Julia_hotcocao. I take her advise

Lost Without You

A darkened feeling rose upon my heart
A voice deep within calls upon my name
The brightest light shows me a path to start
An image of you tells me where I am
A greenest color starts to paint the room
Filled with the images of you and me
An old scenary shows a broken broom
Far away from the room As I can see
An empty picture frame hangs on the wall
An image of you came into my mind
Wondering inside I hear your voice call
Open up my eyes, seeing the light shine
Looking beside me, but theres nothing there
Saying I miss you, wishing you were here

Connecting to---

Last Though

When darkness took me in
You always seem to be there with me
Even if I can't feel your tenderness
Your smile kepted me warm
Your Image were the only thing left in me
As my last word to you...
Good... Night

When light shine through me
I wake up with only one though
The though of you that I always wounder
As I glance the pillow next to me
Your image seem to be
It a blur from those memory
That once you were here beside me
That Illusion fated away
slowly, I said...
Good... Morning

Even when I know
That my day woundn't be good
But I still have to kept it going
Cause then time will pass me by
Then only...
I hope to see you

Connecting to---

Wish To Dream

What is there to dream?
When I couldn't see you in one
Each night I would ask myself
If I could only dream of you somehow
And endless time I woke up with out a image of you

As my temperture kepted me warm throught out the night
I could only wished you would felt that warmness too
Maybe if I wish hard enought
I would see you one day
Untill then...
I just have to keep on waiting
Cause without your love
What is there left of me?

I alway know that
My heart would love you forever
It would never forget you
As every second time passed me
It could only love you more
It seem to be endless
Cause I will alway love you

There is it my next piece. All this kinda connect to each other if you think about it.
But hey! all my poems do connect to each other... Which lead to...? (secert.. hehe )
Guess you have to figure out who and why and how when each of them connect they make a story.

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29 / M
Posted 1/29/08 , edited 1/29/08
It seemed sorta sad but determined at the end. I like the voice you accomplished.

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29 / M / Charlotte, NC
Posted 1/29/08 , edited 1/29/08
Well... Yeah it sad... But that how I write, sad love poems.

And Thanks for the Comment
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23 / F / On chair, decidin...
Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/17/08
O . o It's a wonderful and well written poem...........but so sad...............i wish i could write like that..........
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